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Found 9 results

  1. Death Squared is a Puzzle strategy game on PC, PS4, Xbox 1 made by SMG studios, launched March 13 of this year. Once the main menu is loaded you will notice how easy, smooth and simple it is with 3 options to choose from. Making sure you are going to find what you need. When I picked the story mode it loaded a report on the screen with a voice in the background, a computer voice. It jokes around with you as you ask it to load a game or test routine. With two modes to pick from Story (2 square boxes, 1 or 2 player) and Party (4 Square boxes,1 to 4 player) you can face endless puzzles with hours and hours of fun. You can do a local mulitplayer but sadly no online play as of yet. The idea is simple and basic, you have to move your two square boxes to the matching color circles on the ground. Your left joystick moves the Red Square box and your right joystick moves the Blue Square box. You have obstacles to navigate and edges that you can plummet to your death from. In some rounds moving one of the Squared boxes will move blocks around near the Squared box. Hidden mines, moving walls, lasers, traps, mustaches, and more! The game makers went beyond the basic obstacles when devising ways to stop your progress in this game. As each round loaded I thought I would be able to figure it out easy, but some of them even got me thinking. While I still have not finished it yet, I am sure some of you out there can breeze by all these levels. In round 5 I came across some lasers that would kill your box of opposite color from the laser. You had to use same color box to shield the other box. This was very fun to figure out and try and beat. Well looks like we can carry each other too. You have to use each other to move around and sometimes carry each other. Check out what I came across in the 8th round of play. The party mode allows you to play with 4 Square Boxes. This is even harder as you must use all 4 of the Square Boxes as a team and timing is very key as you will see in this video. You have to do things in a certain order or not everyone can complete the level. Overall it is a fun game with hours of play value, while it does seem to border on repetitive, the voice overs from loading computer and test subject offers great comic relief. The jokes poke fun at your current situation from repeated fails to almost making it to the end of a level. You can make it dance in game and add logos to the little Square box, two more ways to enjoy this far beyond its simple concept. Final verdict great fun puzzle game that can be enjoyed solo or with a group that knows what it is and pokes fun at its simplicity. This would be a great party game and challenge to our thinking outside of the box so to speak.
  2. Pocket Kingdom is a charmingly retro puzzle-platformer that creates a deep and mystical world concerning sky habitats and slumbering gods, then fills that intriguing world with a variety of frustrating puzzles and lasers. Thanks a lot, slumbering Gods. In any retro-style game, the music is an absolute essential and needs to be considered first. It is obviously in the 8-bit, nostalgia fueled style of so many other games of its kind, but the overall tone is not one of easy-going adventure, but perhaps instead a dark, somewhat confusing journey. There are upbeat moments, crescendos that build towards relief, yet are then quickly replaced by the slightly claustrophobic tones that seem to subtly tell the player that he is trapped. And trapped he is; you are completely shipwrecked on a mysterious island created by a slumbering God. Others have crashed here and given up, seemingly making whatever life for themselves they can. The importance of the people other than as tutorial advice or guides is insignificant at best, but their presence helps to curtail the feeling of loneliness; without them, it’d be you, a strange Mario-man with a bunch of tools and a ubiquitous Wizard who seems to always get to a level before you. The puzzles are inventive; obviously, any game of this genre that wishes to stand out needs to possess this quality. However, they are a cut above other platformer puzzle games I’ve experienced. There’s the standard mechanic of using blocks to block lasers that inhibit your passage, but there’s also a surprising mechanic of using inverted gravity. In one puzzle, I had to reverse my gravity and then the gravity of one of a multitude of boxes, no less than 5 times to be able to solve the puzzle. The main character also possesses a Rocket Launcher to shove blocks and a Hookshot to… hook blocks. This allows you to manipulate the blocks and do some really interesting solutions to the puzzles. The entire experience feels this way, innovative and very interesting, but the limited application of these cool ideas starts to frustrate the player. That’s the key problem with Pocket Kingdom - it is incredibly frustrating. The puzzles are fun and they are engaging but, when the difficulty ramps up, it’s just too hard. I repeated one level about 40 times before I figured out the solution – there was very little satisfaction, only a crushing realization of the last hour wasted. Too many times I would finally discover the solution, yet be left with an incredibly disappointing feeling that the solution I found wasn’t right. It honestly felt like I had broken the game somehow; my solving the puzzle didn’t seem tied to a systematic application of learned knowledge and skills, but more a random variety of actions attempted in desperation until, finally, one of them solves the puzzle and I can get that damn key. The path of the game is also slightly confusing – it is clear that there is an end goal in mind, but the map that allows you to explore and go to each puzzle is quite open – it at first seems as though there are innumerable options and ways to win the game, but time and time again I kept coming up against an arbitrary barrier. “Oh, you need THIS tool to pass, check a few rooms west” or, after working my way through 3 rooms and finding a giant red demon who seems will help me, he says I need to buy him a key. He opens a portal to… the shop… that just has the key lying there. I go to buy it, turns out I need 3 coins. “Coins? What Coins? There’s currency?” I say to myself in confusion. Yup, guess I need to go to the rooms on my map that look… kind of like coins? Oh yeah, look, I did it, I get a coin! Guess I do this two more times until the red demon will open my arbitrary barrier. While I understand the desire to deviate from the ever-present linear puzzle path - solving one puzzle, then on to the next until finally the ending - but this somewhat pseudo-open worldness just seems half-baked. While Pocket Kingdom is absolutely gorgeous, sounds amazing and utilizes some really interesting mechanics, at the end of the day I am left feeling frustrated and confused. + Beautiful sound design and retro feel. + Innovative and interesting game mechanics designed to challenge the player. - Too much frustration, rather than real challenge. - The non-linear world feels forced and confusing.
  3. Siegecraft Commander is a casual fantasy real-time/turn-based strategy game built on the Unity engine. In Siegecraft Commander you take control of either the human knight Freemoi or the shamanistic lizard men of the Hurtrad Tribe and seek to dominate the land and vanquish your foes. Siegecraft Commander uses a cartoon like art style that is bright, colorful, and easy on the eyes. Also Siegecraft Commander has somewhat comical story elements that can give you a small chuckle sometimes. Gameplay: Structures are connected and follow a hierarchy connection where if you destroy a structure higher in the chain it will destroy everything built after it. This is an interesting mechanic that makes things easier and more challenging because you must protect everything you build efficiently or risk losing everything. You build structures by shooting them out of other structures which is interesting but makes precision much more difficult and can lead to many of over shot structures and cutting yourself off by mistake. Other then these features it follows the basic RTS style of build things destroy enemy with less reliance on resources even though some structures require crystals which can be harvested by simple throwing an outpost on top of them. Multiplayer also has a nice choice between turn based gameplay and real time gameplay which can appeal to people that would rather take their time to think out a move than have to proceed on the fly throwing caution to the wind. Techtrees: You have a choice of 4 different commanders that have their own unique techtrees that vary from increasing damage of certain units to lowering cooldown timers on defensive structures. The techtrees aren't too complicated and tell you exactly what they do and cut out the requirement of having to pay close attention to make sure you go the right route. Pros: + Isn't over complicated like a lot of RTS and you can pick up and play fairly easily. + Visuals are smooth and colorful. + Mechanics are solid and easy to understand. Cons: - Won't appeal to the more hardcore RTS players. - Mechanics for building structures can be wonky sometimes, shooting structures the wrong direction all together at times. - Single player is fairly short with only eight levels on both sides. All in all this game is solid and easy to get into and will run on most modern systems with out any issues. The gameplay is fun, the visuals are nice, and the mechanics are solid all be it wonky sometimes. If you are looking for a casual RTS to relax and enjoy Siegecraft Commander is a good choice and I would recommend it as such.
  4. When it comes to advertisement the video game industry seems to be leading in terms of garnering hype for certain AAA titles that are undeserving. In the last few years though there has been a trend where the hype train is so powerful that you are convinced that this game being advertised is the greatest game that has ever been made. I know what you're thinking, how could that be a bad thing? How many times have you gotten that game and played it and felt utterly disappointed? There are a few games that stand out that I won't name *cough* No Man's Sky *cough* that has all the makings of a standout hit. An outstanding reveal at a major video game conference, the backing of a major publisher, stunning visuals (in the demo), and a story that seems to be expertly written. What happens when the game comes out and you play it for the first time? The honeymoon phase is something that we have all experienced when it comes to a hyped game. You get it and you start playing and your excitement for the game overshadows any bugs or problems you initially encounter. You are convinced though everything that you have read about the game that it is the best game you have ever played. Once that wears off you start to nitpick certain things about the game then you come to the realization that this is not what was promised. This is not what was advertised and more importantly you realize that you have been fooled. The problem is that the marketing is so well done, the conference presentations so perfect that we all rush to pre order and line up for midnight releases with the thought that we will get our hands on something incredible. By the time we realize what has happened we have already spent our money and the developers have turned a profit. Sure there have been class action lawsuits in the past but this trend doesn't seem to be slowing down or stopping. Have developers and publishers let us down in order to make money on false promises? Is this something that they willing and intentionally do?
  5. Hey gamers! August 2016 is a little light on releases this month but that doesn't mean you won't have anything to do! There are some really great games coming out this month and here is the list: August 9 - No Man's Sky August 16 - Valentino Rossi: The Game August 23 - Madden NFL 17 August 23 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided August 30 - World of Warcraft: Legion
  6. Good News Everyone! This weekend if you download Elite: Dangerous Arena from Steam or the Frontier store you can get it for free! The best part? Once you download it, its yours forever! This version of Elite: Dangerous features just the CQC Arena portion of the game where you test your skills against other Commanders in space combat. Four agile, combat-honed space ships. Choose from the fast and aggressive Federal and Imperial Fighters, the damage-dealing Eagle or the heavyweight Sidewinder. Multiple tactical options with custom loadouts unlocked by ranking up. Four Arenas: Elevate’s towering view, Cluster Compound’s mining facility, Asteria Point’s cavernous space station and Ice Field’s frozen asteroid belt. Eight-player Free for All, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes. Realistic, agile starship handling powered by Elite Dangerous’ advanced simulation technology.
  7. Attention Rocket League Players! Psyonix has announced that two classic vehicles from the original Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Cars are coming to Rocket League as DLC on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam PC. Aftershock and Marauder will be available as a timed exclusive if you purchase the Rocket League Collector's Edition which will release on June 24 in Europe and July 5 in North America. Both vehicles will have their original look but with updated graphics and will also come with six decals. They will be released for everyone else on July 18. Both cars can be purchased individually for $1.99 USD after that time.
  8. Frontier Developments, the brilliant British behemoth behind Elite: Dangerous, has created the ultimate theme park simulator and they want you to be part of the Alpha! Who wouldn't?! What we have here is the most in-depth, detail and creatively limitless theme park creator ever! Planet Coaster Alpha Video Frontier describes Planet Coaster as the next great leap for creative gaming and coaster park simulation, building on a decade of experience from the studio behind the genre’s benchmark. At launch, Planet Coaster will deliver the most powerful creative tools, the deepest coaster park simulation, the most expressive and believable crowds, and the most comprehensive sharing and community features. All in the world’s most authentic coaster park game. In the first round of Alpha Testing players were able to create some amazing parks with the early build of tools. In the second round of testing players will be given even more tools and freedom to create their dream parks. The new tools allow precision editing of your park as well as being able to shape the earth to build underground and create every detail to your heart’s desire. Planet Coaster’s Early Bird Alpha is available to play now at FrontierStore.net for $74.99. Early Bird Access gets you a copy of the full game at release as well full access to the alpha. The full game will be released Q4 2016 for $49.99 on PC only.
  9. Originally posted: 9/30/15 There has seemed to be a growth in Warhammer games lately, much to Games Workshop fans delight. It is one thing to have your models and paint them to do battle on the tabletop. But another to take those same characters and armies and put them on another virtual tabletop game: Chess. This game is masterfully designed fluidly blending a classic game of chest and turning it with twists that would make the Gods of Chaos to smile. Warhammer 40k: Regicide is played on a standard chess 8x8 board, where you can play the entire game within the normal rules of a chess game, just turned on its head. Not only can you capture and kill the opponent's piece with a normal chess move, but you can use the abilities of the individual units and attack a nearby enemy piece. Yes, that means you can destroy a character if he is close enough to you but can't move in for the kill move. Warhammer 40k: Regicide has two major different game types, Regicide and Classic. The Regicide mode is described as "a new take on one of the most established strategy games of all time, evoking the grim setting of the iconic Warhammer 40k universe and hearkening to the roots of traditional gaming", where killing the king is not always the way to victory. Classic is basically just that, classic chess just using the Warhammer 40k characters and models. I personally loved Regicide in the Campaign. It gave specific objectives to complete and other objectives to avoid. If you're interested in this title and don't mind getting something that is not your normal chess game, search no further. While the gameplay is great, there are a few things that it does lack. For starters the graphics are not the greatest in the world. It hearkens back to 2005 graphics and doesn’t exactly improve throughout the game. You can upgrade the models, adding in different armies, but they cost so much it's almost not even worth it to try to get them. Let's hope that they are upgradable in the near future. I'd love to play the game with my favorite Space Wolves. Warhammer 40k: Regicide takes a classic game and turns it on its head. The game embraces the violence that the series is well known for with exploding enemies and bullet ridden Space Marines, but doesn't make it over the top constant blood and gore. Even with the changes I kept coming back for more, even all the way to 2a.m. FTG RECOMMENDS: YES +Familiar gameplay +Solid rules twists +Easy to learn – Unless you are a die-hard chess player, you will get bored – Some victory conditions were very difficult – Graphics don't look like they belong in games for the last 10 years.
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