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  • Hunter's Legacy

    Lienzo has released a new game in the adventure, platformer, Metrovania genre.  Hunter's Legacy is the story of Ikki, the greatest huntress  of Un'amak.  Her village lives in peace and harmony with nature until one day when and evil warlock steals the Fang of Alliance.  This sets your world into turmoil and you must retrieve it.  Armed with your dual swords and bow you must journey through the land in search of your treasure.

      Ikki must battle to find the warlock in hopes of bringing balance back to your world.  As you search for your foe, you will have to fight mini bosses, collect new attacks, upgrade your weapons and health.  Each new attack will allow you to open up new areas to further your adventure.  Power up to destroy once impenaturable obstacles, and jump to new heights.  

      The game follows the basic formula of many adventure games.  Chase the big bad, he escapes and you have to scour the land, battle smaller bosses so you can gather the tools to continue your original chase.  Gameplay is also very typical - even though you are the Worlds Greatest Huntress, you are very unequipped for your battle.  Unfortunately the quest to power up is underwhelming.

      Even though you travel through multiple areas, most feel very similar.  You will encounter the same enemies across several areas.  One of the most interesting areas is the Snowy Volcano.  Here you will encounter ice that you will slide on, and will freeze you if you spend to long on it.  You will not freeze to the point of not beinig able to move, but you will start taking environmental damage.  Not far away you will encounter hot zones that will raise your temp until you start taking heat damage.  You must make sure that you have enough health to traverse these areas and take care of the enemies you encounter.

      Most parts of the game are not that difficult, but these environmental hazards ratchet up the difficulty.  The mini bosses also drastically up the ante, but this isn't because of their attack or health, it's because of game design.  The first mini boss you encounter will briefly hang from the ceiling and you must shoot it's support with your bow.  Once it falls you can temporarily damage it.  The first few attacks are easy because you have a tower to climb that gets you close to the enemy.  Once they are destroyed you must shoot from ground level and this is where things get dicey.  You have to be at the precise angle in order to hit your target, but to do that the enemy is almost entirely off screen.  This makes for an extended battle that really shouldn't be that hard.

      The graphics in the game bring back memories of older adventure games in the genre.  Enemies are well designed and look sharp across the game.  The soundtrack contains whimsical tracks of pan flute music to accompany you on your journey.  There are a few tracks that include a rhymic clicking that made me try and figure out why my clock was so loud.

      Hunter's Legacy is out now for XB1, and can be added to your collection for $6.99.  If you pine for old school MetroidVania games, this is a good title to keep you busy for a few hours.

    Super Run 2017 with "Pop the Classroom"

    Thanks for checking out another Team Phoenix event!
    On January 14th Pop the Classroom held its annual charity Super Run. Dressing up as Super Heros and Villains and doing a fun run around Kiwanis Lake.
    What is Pop the Classroom?
    Pop Goes the Classroom develops and shares curricular resources related to pop culture arts integration as a tool for education.
    What is Super Run?
    The Super Run is a national series of 5k running events that partners with non-profit organizations to put on superhero themed events to help raise funds and awareness for their cause. The Super Run is here to save your day!

    Operation Supply Drop Team Phoenix joined forces with AZ Deadpool Corps to cheer on everyone and hang out for some fantastic fun and excitement.

    The local tv station CW6 had a green screen set on site and was taking pictures with everyone. Here is a few of our deadpools in one of them.

    As we waited for the start of the race we bumped into the 501st Dune Sea Garrison. This was a great time to rock out to some tunes! Well of course get some pictures with them too, its the 501st! 

    As the race was about to start we got lined up to give out some high fives and support!

    The count down.. 3... 2... 1..  Go..   Then it was high fives for days..

    So many high fives we had to take turns.  Even got some 501st high fives, yes he did the whole run in that outfit!

    Teaming up with our local community has been a great experience. This allows our team members to get out and be active, while having fun!
    Thanks for reading, as always we here in Team Phoenix look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.

    Path of Exile coming to XB1

    We learned today that Path of Exile is coming to XBOX one in 2017.  This has to be great news to fans of the series. In a release today, Grinding Gear Games announced the following:
    "Grinding Gear Games announced today that their hit online ARPG, Path of Exile, will be coming exclusively to Xbox One in 2017. The Xbox One version of Path of Exile will contain all five previous expansions and the new content that will be launching for the PC version this year in the upcoming giant 3.0.0 expansion, including the long-awaited Act V. Here is a nice trailer for you as well below!"
    About Path of Exile
    Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is designed around a strong online item economy, deep character customization, and unlimited replayability. Path of Exile is completely free and does not sell items or consumables that provide competitive advantage over other players. Since release in 2013, it has received five large expansions.
    Path of Exile Key Features Include:
    Download and play for free, but never pay-to-win A dark and deep action RPG Unlimited character combinations with the game’s gigantic skill tree Combine skill gems to create unique combat strategies Explore a dark and gritty world rendered from a fixed 3D perspective Explore randomly generated levels for nearly infinite replayability Craft weapons, magic items, and even end-game maps to become more powerful Cooperate or compete with thousands of other Exiles in a persistent online world Ascend online ladders in every game mode

    Resident Evil 7 Details Released

    Capcom has confirmed the details of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s season pass, along with all the other content it will include.
    The title has seen its fair share of leaks lately.  From those leaks, it appears the developer has shuffled around the order of some of the upcoming DLC's.  The full list of content according to the game's Steam listed is shown below:
    Banned Footage Vol. 1
    Nightmare Bedroom Ethan Must Die Banned Footage Vol. 2
    21 Daughters Jack’s 55th Birthday Additional Story Episode
    Resident Evil 7’s season pass will retail on its own for $29.99 on PC, with a deluxe bundle containing both the base game and the pass costing $89.98.
    The title is scheduled to release on January 24th on Xbox One, PS4 (with PSVR support) and PC.

    Siegecraft Commander Review (PC)

    Siegecraft Commander is a casual fantasy real-time/turn-based strategy game built on the Unity engine. In Siegecraft Commander you take control of either the human knight Freemoi or the shamanistic lizard men of the Hurtrad Tribe and seek to dominate the land and vanquish your foes. Siegecraft Commander uses a cartoon like art style that is bright, colorful, and easy on the eyes. Also Siegecraft Commander has somewhat comical story elements that can give you a small chuckle sometimes.


    Structures are connected and follow a hierarchy connection where if you destroy a structure higher in the chain it will destroy everything built after it. This is an interesting mechanic that makes things easier and more challenging because you must protect everything you build efficiently or risk losing  everything. You build structures by shooting them out of other structures which is interesting but makes precision much more difficult and can lead to many of over shot structures and cutting yourself off by mistake. Other then these features it follows the basic RTS style of build things destroy enemy with less reliance on resources even though some structures require crystals which can be harvested by simple throwing an outpost on top of them. Multiplayer also has a nice choice between turn based gameplay and real time gameplay which can appeal to people that would rather take their time to think out a move than have to proceed on the fly throwing caution to the wind.

    You have a choice of 4 different commanders that have their own unique techtrees that vary from increasing damage of certain units to lowering cooldown timers on defensive structures. The techtrees aren't too complicated and tell you exactly what they do and cut out the requirement of having to pay close attention to make sure you go the right route.
    + Isn't over complicated like a lot of RTS and you can pick up and play fairly easily.
    + Visuals are smooth and colorful.
    + Mechanics are solid and easy to understand.
    - Won't appeal to the more hardcore RTS players.
    - Mechanics for building structures can be wonky sometimes, shooting structures the wrong direction all together at times.
    - Single player is fairly short with only eight levels on both sides.
    All in all this game is solid and easy to get into and will run on most modern systems with out any issues. The gameplay is fun, the visuals are nice, and the mechanics are solid all be it wonky sometimes. If you are looking for a casual RTS to relax and enjoy Siegecraft Commander is a good choice and I would recommend it as such.

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