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  1. Welcome back gamers, veterans, supporters and readers! Thanks for stopping by and reading this edition of 20 Questions here at the New Front Towards Gamer! This round of 20 Questions will be with RobocoxTV (RC) Active Army and Community Director at Front Toward Gamer. 1) We all had that first video game experience that hooked us in one way or another, what was your first video game moment? (RC) Have to say that my first real gaming experience that got me HOOKED, would have to be when I played counter strike on an old like big tube desktop computer. This was back when we had mouse-wheels still lol, and like AOL dial up, and some people may remember the 6 disk installation CD that you had to use for counter strike - ahh i love those times. 2) What was your first online game? did that change everything for you? (RC) Counter strike was my first online game, and yea, it changed everything haha, got me hooked! 3) What do you do in the army? (RC) I am a 13 Series, Artillery. I currently work in Recruiting for the time being though - but that time is soon to be over. 4) Why did you join OSD? (RC) I joined OSD because it seemed like a great organization to be a part of. They constantly had moving parts which were moving in the right direction towards helping others and I love that. 5) What are you most proud of so far in life sir? (RC) My daughter - 100% I am excited to see where she goes in life and what she wants to do. 6) If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why? (RC) Shit, I would have to say...Green Lantern - not that I like the story or anything, just because he can think of things and then they appear. I guess if he loses that ring or whatever than it’s all for naught. 7) What does the current you tell a 16 year old you? (RC) Invest in Facebook, and, there is a cop shooting radar on Rt. 40 when you are like 18 (save myself a few bucks) 8) What was your last job? (RC) I worked as a forklift operator. 9) How many times did you crash or drop something on the forklift, we won’t tell, it will be between you and me? (RC) For legal purposes, and I don’t know what the statute of limitations is on something like this, but let’s just say there was this place I worked that, if you crashed and damaged a product, you would be given 3 days absence and a drug test, if you pass the drug test, you get paid for those 3 days. SO, I may or may not have crashed once or twice on purpose and gotten 3 free paid days off. I was a terrible person. 10) Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? (RC) Duck Sized Horses, because, I can imagine myself running through them kicking frantically. Hell, I could even tape a few of them to the bottom of my shoes like little horseduck rollerblades. 11) What would you do if you won the lottery? what is that first 24 hours like? (RC) Ok, so if I won the lottery I would travel, 100% all over the world, mainly the Buddhist culture area’s like Thailand and stuff like that. I LOVE those places. But the first 24 hours, I would hire a security team to watch my family and myself and immediately make sure I get all my legal stuff in order to collect properly. 12) Best movie you saw in last few years? and the top 5 all time? (RC) Best movie in last 5 years, I believe it has to be….The Accountant. I love that the movie was just action packed, it left my wife and I with a cool feeling at the end. Top 5 of all time though, Shawshank Redemption, Green Street Hooligans, Godfather 2, American History X, I can’t think of another one lol, I don’t even think those are my top 5 because I just LOVE so many movies but those are the best ones that came to mind. 13) What is the weirdest item I find in your refrigerator right now? 14) If you could trade places with any other person for a month, famous or not, living or dead, with whom would it be? and why? (RC) Well obviously not dead because that would be shitty, trade with them and just, be dead for a month =P. I think I would trade with my wife, because then I would be able to experience the awesomeness that is being married to me. 15) What has been your favorite video game Easter egg over the years? (RC) World of Warcraft used to have this glitch to get into certain areas of Orgrimmar (Horde Main City) and it would lead you to this secret area with an NPC named after one of the developers that had passed away in real life. It was cool and a bit somber to see that. 16) What was your first video game Easter egg? (RC) I think Counter Strike - they let you go through the walls and everything in private lobbies - sometimes you get deep enough into the level and you find some little cool poster on the wall explaining the developers names and contact info and stuff. 17) What was your first job every? how long did you last? (RC) Pilot Gas Station - I worked as a maintenance man through high school - I think I was there for like 3 years. I got fired for walking around with a Mop on my head while the boss was away - turns out he watches the security videos...dick. 18) What is the weirdest item within arms reach right now sir? 19) What was your first tattoo? and last one? (Images of both please) (RC) First tattoo was this little Chinese symbol for COURAGE, it was on my shoulder and it hurt like hell lol, we used to call it the “Running man” because of how it looks, it is since covered up. My latest tattoo is the Bod hi Tree (The tree where Buddha found enlightenment) on the front of my leg (shin). 20) In your opinion what shooter changed everything for FPS in video games? (RC) Counter Strike - 100%, that game has stood the test of time with the same maps, same guns, same feel, FOR YEARS! 21) Mash up map, if you could merge two BF maps which two would you merge? (RC) Golmund Railway and Rogue Transmission - so much snipes. 22) What is your favorite map and game mode from a video game? (RC) Favorite map would be - Slums - and game mode would be 1v1 Gamebattle Search and Destroy on Black Ops 2, Good times, good times. 23) What was the last game you played? (RC) Last night I stayed up stupid late playing Wildlands, I actually saw you online but was deep in a heated battle playing against some purple guys with a car that does wheelies. Wtf. 24) What was the last song you song? (RC) I’m in love with the shape of you - that ed sheeran song, I sang it to my buddy at work here when we went across the street to starbucks cause it was awkward and people were around us so I made it even more weird. 24) What 2 things within arms reach will you take with you if you are going to be deserted on a island? has to be within arms reach and no phones (no signal out there) We had a great time chatting with RobocoxTV for this round of 20 Questions. What two items would you bring with you? Share with us below in the comments.
  2. Thanks for checking out another Team Phoenix event! On Sunday March 4th OSD Team Phoenix teamed up with VR Junkies AZ to bring Mandatory VR fun to our Veterans, Active Duty and their families. What is VR Junkies? VR Junkies AZ is a Virtual Reality Arcade. Travel the world, fight zombies or aliens, create 3-D art and more! What is Virtual Reality? the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors. The team was about 50/50 on who has played and has not played before, so we took turns on the arcade games before diving in to the Zombie shooter. After some practice, we all started playing Arizona Sunshine, the Zombie shooter on 4 person coop. This was the funniest game and so realistic folks jumped and screamed more then once. Everyone had such a fun time playing the Virtual Reality games. To see some of our team members play virtual reality for the first time was fantastic. Tammy was jumping around like popcorn. We also had a few highly functioning autistic children out, and it was beyond amazing fun for them to play. They picked it up right away and went crazy with it, we had to make them take a break. Big thanks to VR Junkies AZ, Drew, Sky, you all ROCK! Thanks for reading, as always we here in Team Phoenix look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.
  3. Welcome back gamers, veterans, supporters and readers! Thanks for reading this edition of 20 Questions here at the New Front Towards Gamer! This round of 20 Questions will be with Zach Mumbach [ZM] aka @Zachulon Multiplayer Producer on Battlefield Hardline Without any further delay, here we go with the self proclaimed #1Wheelman in Battlefield Hardline, Zach Mumbach 1) Please pick one of the two.. Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? [ZM] Street Fighter, loved both as a kid but I still play Street Fighter to this day. Ryu and Bison are the guys I like to play most for those wondering. 2) What are your thoughts on video game movies? if you could make one and pick the director and 3 cast mates which and who would you pick? [ZM] They are different mediums that don’t translate well all the time. Honestly I wouldn’t want to work on any movie based on a video game, I’d prefer just to make games. If I had to though I’d make a Dead Space movie starring The Rock cause why not. 3) What was your first video game? and online one? [ZM] First game I ever owned was Galaga for the NES. First online game I ever played was the first Warcraft game. 4) How did video games effect you at that time? [ZM] I thought video games were amazing growing up. We had a computer lab at school and I would play Oregon Trail and these other old games as much as I could. I just thought video games were so much better than watching TV or Movies. I was pretty obsessed. 5) Rainbow 6 Three changed gaming forever for me, how did (first online video game) change you? [ZM] Well, the first time I played online was Warcraft and I just remember being amazed that it was possible. I remember thinking, “How can a video game go through a phone line!?!?” and just being amazed. After that I started playing Quake, which I sucked at, so a lot of my online sessions were just me getting whupped on. 6) what comes first transporters or warp drives ? [ZM] Warp drives I guess. I don’t think transporting people will ever be possible, sadly. I sure wouldn’t trust it. How do I know that’s the real me coming out on the other end and not some clone? 7) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? [ZM] Maui because when I am there I am the happiest version of myself. 8) Is Hotwire your favorite mode from Battlefield Hardline? [ZM] Yeah, Hotwire is easily my favorite. I can’t get enough of that mode. 9) What was your favorite project to work on ? [ZM] Battlefield Hardline. I know it’s the most recent one and that makes the answer kinda cheesy but it really was my favorite. Awesome high-profile franchise and just a great combination of people making up the team. I’m actually sad in a way that its done because it was so much fun to work on. 10) In another life in the old west who are you and what do you do? [ZM] I don’t think I’d survive long in the old west. I got a big mouth. Maybe a farmer outside of some little prairie town. Just tending my crops and enjoying life. 11) What do you miss about working at EA Maxis? [ZM] The people. I worked with some really amazing people at Maxis and sadly, the way this industry works, it’s hard to stay in touch with people once you move. 12) Pick your favorite multiplayer map of all time from any video game? why is it your favorite [ZM] 2Fort from Team Fortress Classic. It was the first map in any MP game that I completely memorized, I knew every corner of that map. Lots of good memories playing 2Fort. 13) Who plays the best James Bond? [ZM] Pierce Brosnan no doubt. 14) With how far gaming has come in last 20 years, the next 20 will be extremely promising, imagine your a game maker in 20 years, tell me about your game. [ZM] I think VR is going to come up a lot. I don’t think it takes over 100% but it will be a thing. In 20 years I am making a VR Skate game or some kind of VR Mech fighting game. 15) Mash up map, if you could merge two BF maps which two would you merge? [ZM] I’m going with Caspian Border with Metro running below ground. Some other great answers we have received.. [DanSheridan] Tricky one – Damavand Peak from Battlefield 3, I love the jump off the edge of the cliff, a great use of the parachutes. At the bottom of the cliff I would put Valparaiso from Battlefield Bad Company 2, for an epic Rush battle. [BobbyMiller] Hainan resort and Zavod 311, they’re my two favorite vanilla maps! [Matt Kelly] Siege of Shanghai’s levolution meets Downtown/High Tension from Hardline. I like the idea of cops C4ing an office block to stop criminals reaching the heli-pad. The net loss to the city over a bag of money would be amazing. [Crunch] Noshahr canals and Wave Breaker. Just imagine how that would come out! [P4D] Mine would be Davad Peak on top of metro match B to B. 16) Social media is shaping the way we play and interact with games, what do you see as biggest advantages and disadvantages may be? [ZM] Well the big advantage from my viewpoint is fast direct feedback from the fans. Social Media really helped us make Hardline. Disadvantage is as developers we can’t always answer every question on there. Some things are just not announced or we can’t talk about and some fans can get upset about that. 17) Do you think that game makers have a right to police users on social media? [ZM] Nah, I think you let people say what they want. Take the good with the bad and if someone is really bugging you on there, it’s easy enough to just ignore them or block them. 18) You are going to be stranded on an island, only have a few seconds, name the three item you will bring? [ZM] I’m going to bring a Nintendo DS, a copy of Link Between Worlds and a Helicopter. I’ll be the first person to beat that game on a deserted island then I’ll fly home. 19) Do you have a preference between XBOX and PS? [ZM] Nope, I have both and I just play on whatever system I have more friends playing on at the moment. They are both great systems. 20) What was your first job in video games? [ZM] QA Tester on James Bond: The World is not Enough for the Playstation 1. 21) Name the weirdest item within arms reach right now? Everything on my desk is pretty much work/game related. Weirdest thing is probably a copy of Dr Dre’s Chronic album. It’s good to listen to while playing Hardline. 22) What historical game do you think changed the way we play games forever? [ZM] I don’t have a good answer for this one, ha ha ha. For me it was Wolfenstein 3D because of this hidden rooms. That game made me think about what else might be hidden away in other games. 23) What would you tell yourself if you could send back a message to the 16 year old you? Nothing. If I told 16 year old me something I might set in to motion a series of events that would lead me somewhere else. I’m really happy with where I am no both professionally and personally so I wouldn’t want to mess anything up. 24) If you could ask one person from history 3 questions, what would you ask and who? [ZM] I would ask Andre the Giant. Question 1. How tall are you really? Question 2. Can you lift me above your head? Question 3. Can you put me back down now please? 25) What was your first and favorite Easter Egg in video games? Megladon, Phantom, Yeti, or from previous years or different game? [ZM] In Duke Nukem 3D there was this room you could sneak into and it was Homer’s desk from the Simpsons. Blew my mind as a kid. It was fantastic speaking with Zach Mumbach in this edition of 20 Questions. What was your WOW moment in Video Games? Share with us in the comments section below.
  4. Welcome back gamers, veterans, supporters and readers! Thanks for stopping in and reading the new 20 Questions here at Front Towards Gamer! This round of 20 Questions will be with Chris aka Battle(non)sense [BN] @BattleNonSense Battlefield News, Design Concepts, and Easy Explanations of complex game mechanics. My name is Chris, I am 35. I am happily married for the last 10 years and we have 2 kids. For the last 17 years I have been working full time as an electrical engineer. My area of expertise is home and facility automation, project planing and project management as well as designing solutions that fix problems that our customers need to have resolved, or improve existing work flows. 1) What was your first video game? And online one? [BN] My first contact with Video games was with the C64 which still used a tape drive. The first system that I owned was the NES followed by the Amiga 500 and the Amiga 1200 before I got my first PC in 1995 which was a Intel Pentium running at amazing 133MHz. The first video game that I played was Super Mario Bros on the original NES in 1986. I am not sure about what my first online game was. We played a lot of DOOM, Quake and UT on the LAN back at school. The first online game I remember playing was Operation Flash-point in 2001 2) Playing Rainbow 6 Three changed gaming forever for me, how did (first online video game) change you? [BN] Playing Operation Flashpoint online brought an entirely new scale of gaming to me. It was incredible to feel that you are part of a bigger team, And how working together decided if you would win or loose. 3) What was that first experience on (first video game) like to you? [BN] Addictive 4) If you were a Star Trek® or Star Wars® character, which one would it be? [BN] Easy one. Captain James Tiberius Kirk 5) If you were an animal, which one would you want to be? [BN] Eagle 6) Over the years what is the one vehicle thats your go to when its time to mob with a group online? [BN] Attack Helicopters 7) Mash up map, if you could merge two BF maps which two would you merge? [BN] Hmm.... I can't think of any of the old Battlefield maps that I would like to merge, so I will choose two BF3 maps. Take Metro, expand the subway part with a LOT more corridors, and hidden paths so that you can actually flank properly and not have those silly choke points. On top of that you place Seine Crossing which should be make about 2 times of the current size with a lot more alternative routes that you can take + multiple entry points for the subway. xpray4deathx Metro and Damavand Peak, B on top of B. ZehGreek That’s a very cool question.. I’d say; Oasis and Final Ignition. Please DICE. Make it happen. dan_mitre Oh, that’s a good one. Propaganda on top with a subterranean Operation Locker. ThisIsactionman Tricky one – Damavand Peak from Battlefield 3, I love the jump off the edge of the cliff, a great use of the parachutes. At the bottom of the cliff I would put Valparaiso from Battlefield Bad Company 2, for an epic Rush battle. Unitool I’d jam Karkand (BF2 version) onto Wake Island (BF3 version) and see how that works. Or maybe Karkand and Return to Karkand, in order to create Super Karkand: Epic Edition – Now with More Karkand Than Ever Before. WDA_Punisher Hmm, Hard question. One that popped into my head was Strike at Karkand and Arica Harbor. Both were epic infantry maps. UPSLynx Hainan resort and Zavod 311, they’re my two favorite vanilla maps! Driezzz Valparaiso from Bad Company 2 and Suez Canal from Battlefield 2142, don’t forget those Titans! 8) What has been your favorite video game Easter egg over the years? [BN] The elevator rave in Crysis 2 9) What is the weirdest item I find in your refrigerator right now? [BN] There are no weird items in there. 10) What do you see as the biggest drawback in BF4 was? [BN] Oh boy. That could result in a short novel. But if I would have to boil it down to 2 things then this would be the legacy code that is still present there, which is holding back the game and causes a lot of the issues that we see today (especially the netcode), and that the game is designed with a too strong focus on casuals and this waters down the gameplay a lot. 11) Did you see BF4 as an improvement over BF3 or other way around and why? [BN] A few things BF4 is doing better, others it does worse.Overall both games are disappointing because you clearly see the lack of time and thought that has been put into these. 12) You are going to be stranded on an island, only have a few seconds, name the three items you will bring? [BN] toothbrush knife cloth 13) What do you think about the HoloLens and its possible in video games? [BN] A lot is possible, but I see its application to be more valuable in other industries. 14) Robert Bowling Jason West and Vince Zampella have done fantastic jobs listening to the community and applying it to a game/system for use with its users, should other companies be studying/applying this to their projects? [BN] I think that DICE LA is also doing a great job these days when it comes to listening to the community. Even DICE Stockholm did a good job there back in the days of Battlefield 2. But for about 7 years they did an absolutely horrible job at communication and listening to their customers - just like EA.So I am curious to see how this will develop. 15) What is your favorite old school video game map to play online? (pre COD/BF) [BN] Quake 3 The Longest Yard 16) What are your thoughts on BF Hardline? [BN] Hardline has a lot of potential, but is still hold back by the baggage for the Battelfield 4 code as it sadly just copied a lot of the existing functions instead of overhauling and improving them. 17) We have came a long way in the last 15 years, tell us something surprising about the next 15 years? [BN] Consoles as we know them today will cease to exist. 18) Name the weirdest item within arms reach right now? [BN] Lipgloss my coworker left on my desk 19) Best BF to date is _____ [BN] Hands down Battlefield 2. Despite its issues it provided the best overall Battlefield game and experience so far. 20) What changed FPS forever? [BN] 3d FX VooDoo which brought us 3D acceleration. Thanks for reading, It has been great chatting with Chris in this round of 20 Questions, Cant wait to see your next project! If you could be any animal what would it be? Share with us in the comments section below.
  5. until
    Come join me Friday as I play through the DLC for Outlast, and try not to have a heartache
  6. Europa Universalis IV (EU4) is a game that I endlessly come back to – I broke the 4 digit club (1000+ hours) over a year ago, but I still keep coming back to it. Paradox’s continuous release of expansions, patches and DLCs means that there is always something fresh for me to return to. This is both a good and bad thing. On the one hand, I get to experience a game I love and enjoy somewhat new each time, enjoying new features and changed mechanics. On the other, it feeds an addiction that sees me going to bed at 1 in the morning, despite previous obligations. Paradox Interactive, one might say, is the most friendly Swedish drug dealer I know. Europa Universalis IV’s most recent expansion, ‘Rights of Man’, focuses on increasing the control you have over both your subjects and your leaders. Paradox love to alter the game mechanics of their games quite drastically with new expansions and ‘Rights of Man’ is no different. To start, numerous nations have updated government forms, as well as increasingly interesting Dynamic Historical Events, particularly focusing on Prussia and Ethiopia. There’s a lot of really interesting changes to Prussia’s government, for example, that makes them more of an Army with a State, rather than a State with an Army. If that makes sense. The meat and bones of this expansion however is the addition of Traits. Now, both leaders and rulers can gain traits that affect their stats that they bring to the table, as well as how they govern. Maybe your ruler is greedy and gets more tax revenue; he could also be Loose Lipped, so you can expect that he’ll spill the beans to other nations about his plans to attack that tasty neighbouring minor nation. These traits are gained over time and really help to build a sense of identity and character for each of your leaders. The most significant change I experience in the game is the change to technology. Previously, all nations existed within technology groups – these groups dictated the cost of going up a technology level, thus providing access to better buildings, different army types and a myriad of other benefits. You existed within those technology groups based on where your nation started – it makes sense as after all, a Native American nation is clearly not going to progress at the same rate technologically as a European nation, right? Now however, all nations start on the same footing – they progress and purchase new technologies at the same base cost. However, we now have a lovely new feature called Institutions. These essentially represent an idealism, a way of thinking or great change in the manner in which life is lived. Most nations start with Feudalism already in existence (not all nations, though! Tribal nations understandably do not!). The Renaissance is next, followed by the outbreak of colonialism. These Institutions spread across the world through provinces, getting more and more accepted each month – a nation can pay to have it accepted nation wide, with a diminishing gold cost associated with the amount of provinces that have been ‘converted’ to that Institution. Alongside cheaper tech, you also get access to a few mild benefits – for example, having Feudalism means you can enjoy an extra Military leader on your staff. This is all really interesting, but it comes with a few problems. Firstly, Institutions appear in a random province when they do appear. Basically giving that nation those benefits for free straight away. Nations that don’t have that Institution receive a yearly 1% tech penalty, up to 50%! Problem is, even if you’re playing Prussia in Northern Germany, you might have to wait about 50 years to get the Institution to take effect in your nation, essentially giving you a massive malus to your technology in comparison to some other nation that was lucky enough to get it first. It just takes waaaaay too long for it to spread. Another problem it brings is the dependence on gold – because you can pay gold (dependant on the amount of your provinces so far converted) to convert your whole nation, gold becomes even more insanely important to a game of EU4. Countries with the most cash can now essentially buy cheaper tech in comparison to others. So, money improvement is now fantastically the most important aspect to EU4. I’ve actually declared a pretty major war in Europe, simply so that I can nick some of that other nation’s cash to pay for the institution, so as to get a tech lead on those around me. While it adds a really nice layer of strategic depth, the irritation of needing to manage technology maluses to a far worse extent than previously, coupled with an excessive focus on gold generation, means that ‘Rights of Man’ is less about Thomas Paine’s treatise on the innate rights of his fellow man, and more about living in a rich man’s world. You can see Aldrahill’s YouTube channel right here, where he’s currently playing Ethiopia in EU4, doing some achievement hunting.
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    Every Friday on my own channel I feature a segment called friday night drinking and gaming, where I let users decide which game I play, and what I drink. This week in honor of Arnold Palmer, I will be drinking alcoholic Arnold Palmers and playing Rory McIlroy's PGA tour. Should lead to an interesting night of throwing virtual clubs.
  8. Crusader Kings 2: The Reaper’s Due is the latests expansion for the incredibly engrossing incest-and-murder simulator that is Crusader Kings 2. The general aim behind this expansion was to… expand… thoroughly on the mechanic of illness within the game. Previously, characters can become ill somewhat randomly; they would gain the trait “Ill” and it might become worse, or get better – nothing you do really affects it. Now, with the (perhaps slightly expensive price of $10) purchase of The Reaper’s Due, characters can contract a wide variety of illnesses, including developing specific symptoms with their own associated effects. Alongside this, you gain the ability to appoint a Court Physician, whose job it is to ensure the people within your realm don’t die horribly of food poisoning. However, when hunting for new Court Physicians, if you refuse one who is interested in the job, they just… die. They “disappear without trace”. It makes me feel like an arbitrary mad king; so… powerful: “Won’t someone rid me of this troublesome Doctor?” This of course comes with an expansion of plague – this is the Middle Ages, there are epidemics aplenty; to bring the game even closer to historical accuracy, you can now catch a variety of serious ailments, including: Black Death, Slow Fever, Dysentery and many more. The total amount of enjoyment and fun added by this expansion? It’s tricky to say; adding more content into a grand historical strategy game like this usually creates either more difficulty, or more layers of depth within the game. The latter can generally be seen as superior to the former – mindless difficulty is almost always boring, whereas increased depth can usually be enjoyable. The Reaper’s Due causes you to need to deal with making sure your characters don’t die horribly from a random affliction of cancer. There are a variety of events added to create further flavor, including the ability to dictate how your physician treats you. So, it certainly adds an additional layer of depth not originally present. It is, however, rather frustrating that characters get a variety of illnesses and die more often. Sure, it’s historical and correct, but the increase in managing your family’s ailments can get a little tedious. Having more characters dying from ailments can feel pretty random at some points. Sure, it makes sense – people get sick and die! But, having your best kid (genius, with awesome military traits) die from a cough and then suddenly your wife has cancer and your physician is useless. I’ve certainly laughed quite a lot at random deaths, but I’ve also become very irritated at losing people when it was inconvenient. Such is Crusader Kings 2, however…
  9. Thanks for checking out another Team Phoenix event! Answering the call for support from Capt Hayek and Marine Core Air Station in Yuma to enhance a pool party they are holding for the Marine Aviation Weapon and Tactics Squadron one or MAWTS-1. We gathered up our troops to support this Poolparty which included, the Arizona Avengers, the AZ Deadpool Corps, AZ Elite Integration and many more. The Poolparty caravan had 9 cars with over 25 supporters! We all meet up across the street from the base, the 15 cosplayers, 2 cameraman, and 3 helpers. Some of us had lunch while others prepared our costumes. Arriving at the location on base we built up our raffle and giveaway table while the cosplayers prepared for the photo shoot. The pool was really nice with 2 story slides and a water fun area that included spray guns and dump buckets. We had a huge lawn area with lots of canopies to block the setting sun for what little time it had left. Set up like a true party there was over 60 feet of Subway sandwiches, 10+ coolers with everything to drink you could think of from juice to beer for those who are old enough. With some "new marines" around (as the Capt called them) we did not have to lift much as they were assigned to us. They later posed for some funny pictures.. As the kids swam, the cosplayes took pictures with everyone, Mattie handed out raffle tickets, MAWTS-1 enjoyed the party. We did some walk arounds in costume to draw more kids over to our cosplayers, but it was 110 out and we had weapons.. so ya.. that did not last long till a base police truck came up to us. We thought for sure we were about to get in trouble, nope they just wanted to check us out. Of course we took some time to sunbathe too, cosplayers need some sun too! As the party came to an end we raffled everything off the left table and gave the Col. Wellons the right tables contents and about 3 boxes filled with Krontrol Freeks, consoles, games, shirts, lootcrates and much more. Was great to see the Col Wellons pose for pictures with us and watch his entire unit enjoy it all. Everyone at the pool party got a lootcrate and a prize. Some got signed comic books, video games, some got consoles. At the end of the day everyone had a great time, enjoyed some funny pictures, and left with goodies. Capt Campbell and Col Wellons could not stop saying how impressed they are with the support. Operations Supply Drop Team Phx could not have done it without the Arizona Avengers, the AZ Deadpool Corps, Elite Integration, George Gifford, Pryat, Rona, Chris and Mattie. Thank you all for the support! Thanks for reading, as always we here in Team Phoenix look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.
  10. We're reaching out to you, the FTG and OSD community! We want you to join our little group of merry people and play games with us! All you have to do is click right here (assuming you have Steam) and you'll be in the mix! Civilian or Veteran, we don't care! Don't have any idea who plays Offworld Trading Company? Want to play some Arma III and don't know who to play with? Taking a break from Pokemon Go? Well, with this handy-dandy group, not only will you be able to see who all is playing what, but you'll also be keyed in on special events we will be doing on Steam only! So, what are you waiting for? CLICK THIS!
  11. Welcome back gamers, veterans, supporters and readers! Thanks for stopping in and reading the new 20 Questions here at the new Front Towards Gamer! This round of 20 Questions will be with Crunch [CR] Battlefield Content Creator 1) We all had that first video game experience that hooked us in one way or another, what was your first video game moment? [CR] My first video game moment was playing Tomb Raider on Playstation 1, trying to figure out all the clues and battle the bosses. 2) Why did you start making videos for others? [CR] I started making videos because I wanted to see where it would take me. I have such a fun time editing, creating and finding new ways to make my videos better but I wanted to meet people who had the same passion. 3) We currently have been asking this question with some interesting responses, BF map mash up, what two maps would you "mash" together? [CR] noshahr canals and Wave Breaker. Just imagine how that would come out! Here are some answers from others on same question.. [ZachMumbach]I’m going with Caspian Border with Metro running below ground. [DanSheridan] Tricky one – Damavand Peak from Battlefield 3, I love the jump off the edge of the cliff, a great use of the parachutes. At the bottom of the cliff I would put Valparaiso from Battlefield Bad Company 2, for an epic Rush battle. [BobbyMiller] Hainan resort and Zavod 311, they’re my two favorite vanilla maps! [DanMitre] Oh, that’s a good one. Propaganda on top with a subterranean OP Locker. [P4D] Mine would be Damavand Peak on top of OP Metro match B to B. 4) How often do you get a chance to play Hardline? What is your favorite mode so far?and map? [CR] I don't get a lot of time to play Hardline because I have been focused on school as well as making videos. My favorite map would be Growhouse and my favorite mode would be Blood Money. 5) Last movie you watched was? Last new movie? Top all time for you? [CR] The last movie I watched was Tomorrowland starring George Clooney. My top movie of all time is The Warriors. Great movie! 6)What game do you think changed the way we play games forever? [CR] Good question. I would say FPS games have changed the way we played games. I mean there are competitive teams that play for a living. I think that changed the way people play games because they probably play a little bit more competitively now. 7) If you could trade places with any other person for a month, famous or not, living or dead, with whom would it be and why? [CR] Mark Cuban, always admired him, great entrepreneur! I want to know what it feels to do his type of work. 8)You are going to be stranded on an island, only have a few seconds, name the three item you will bring? [CR] Lighter, Fishing Pole, Knife 9) What was your first online game? and on what? (pc, ps, xbox) [CR] I believe my first online game was Warhawk on PS3 10) What do you think about the HoloLens and its possibilities in video games? [CR] It seems like it would be fun for gaming. Your living room just turns into a war zone or a race track. Seems like a great idea, good competitor against the oculus and other VR systems that are coming soon. Just hope I don't put a hole through my wall while playing Mortal Kombat. 11) Over the years what is the one vehicle thats your go to when its time to mob with a group online? [CR] Jeeps or Helicopters. Those are a 10/10 12) What has been your favorite Easter Egg? Megladon, Phantom, Yeti, or from previous years? [CR] Have to go with the Meglaodon, one of the coolest things I've seen in a Battlefield game. 13) If you could make your own Easter egg for a game, what would it be and how would it be triggered ? [CR] A UFO just flying around a map. You have to find the plates to step on to trigger the easter egg. The plates are hidden under sand and you need 2 people to step on the plates to activate it. 14) What is the weirdest item I find in your refrigerator right now? [CR] Pickles from 2013 15) If you were an animal what type and why? [CR] Black Panther. Just an awesome looking animal. 16) Who would win Batman or Spider man, winner gets Superman.. champ is who..? [CR]Spider man has this! He's from NYC and so am I. Spidey knows what he's doing. As for going against Superman...RIP Spider-man. 17) Would you eat a bowl of crickets for 50k? [CR] Yes, honestly I don't think it would be that bad. I would ask for a salt and pepper though also a little bit a cheese wouldn't hurt. 18) Which would be scarier to you in a nightmare.. Gordan Ramsey or Ronda Rousey? [CR] Ronda Rousey, she will f*ck me up! 19) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? [CR] I'm a city boy! New York City is my home and I'm here to stay. 20) What are your thoughts on video game movies? if you could make one and pick the director and 3 cast mates which and who would you pick? [CR]They always come out terrible and I never waste my money to see them. Lets see if Michael Bay can do it with: Robert De Niro, Chazz Palminteri, and Christopher Walken. Many booms. Such wow. So Mafia. 21) What was the last thing you cooked? and sang? [CR] The last thing I cooked was Philly Cheese steak sandwich and I sang was Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene by Hozier Great chatting with Crunch in this round of 20 Questions, Cant wait to see his next video! What two things would you grab if your ship was sinking? Share with us in the comments section below.
  12. Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend UK Games Expo, the UK’s largest board gaming event. Held at the NEC, an absolutely gargantuan convention centre, the event was essentially 500 different board games, several thousand people and the ever present cacophony of dice-rolling. While there, I had the opportunity to play a huge variety of games, both released and still in testing phases. Out of all the games I played over those three days, these are my Top 5 – if they aren’t all published already, they should be! 5. Glimpse a really interesting party game based around colour that is not released yet,. Using glasses that remove your ability to discern colour, a player’s goal is to pick up the correctly coloured blocks without discerning what they actually are. To help you, your team mate will give a hint as to the person the block is resting on; each turn, players get a card with a direction – “What is this person’s favourite music”, perhaps – and the partner of the blind person is forced to flail his arms, dance ridiculously, put on a voice or otherwise be inventive so as to lead towards picking up the correct coloured block. A really interesting design; the developers were telling me that the game started as a Secret Mission-based style of gameplay that just grew into this forced colour-blindness. I can certainly see this as a fantastic drinking game, especially with a few custom cards that make the game far ruder and far more enjoyable. Ultimately, a far more silly and ridiculous Guess Who, but with the potential for adults to actually play it. 4. Game of Blame An interesting experience in the “screw you, take all these cards” sort of card game, Game of Blame sees you forcing other players to pick up cards while trying to discard sufficient cards and attribute blame in a queen’s court to other players. Try and place the blame on other players, or steal their rules so suddenly all your problems are their problems. It certainly had a lot of really interesting potential for gameplay; plenty of deliberate screwing over of players, however due to the mechanic of the turn order going to the person you “Accuse” – that is, force to pick up the entire draw pile – what ends up happening is two players accuse one another back and forth vindictively, something that starts out hilarious but quickly descends into boring spectating. If it were perhaps tweaked in that regard, I can certainly Game of Blame as a fun party game designed to make you hate one another ever so slightly. 3. Statecraft A card-based discard game wherein you’re after picking up political supporters to make your political party the best or... something. I was a little unclear on the specifics of the game world; what’s important is that it was damn fun managing my political advisers, picking up supporters and trying to watch my opponent’s resources. Each supporter that you’re trying to pick up has a requirement for you have certain political leanings. This creates an issue of balancing your Socialism with your Capitalism and Anarchy and such. However, the game had a serious flaw with regard to balance - one card allows you to pick up 3 cards from the draw pile. This means that you could just save it for the end, use the card and then discard all the cards you gained to take supporters from other players, thus taking their win conditions. Essentially, the game became all about who had that card; I was on track to win, but then two of the players had the card, thus one of them won; the complete and total lack of defence was incredibly irritating. Assuming that’s disregarded however, the game itself has really interesting core mechanics; were it not for that balance issue, it would certainly be higher on the list. One more nitpick that just annoyed me personally: they avoided making supporters having accurate political views. Their requirements are randomised on each card, meaning their actual descriptions are meaningless; why don’t the chronically unemployed have high socialist views? It just really irked me... 2. War of 9 Realms From Wotan Games, War of 9 Realms is a deeply strategic skirmishing game wherein you manage factions in a war between Nordic gods – and the Nords themselves! A pretty standard skirmishing format, you battle your different troops on a small map and try to outwit and outmanoeuvre your opponent. What makes this game particularly interesting however is the existence of two unit sets for each faction. Each faction has a card with each of their units’ abilities, but there are both ‘Heroic’ and ‘Epic’ and you choose which you will play with during the game. The ‘Epic’ variant for each of the factions has a number of unique special abilities, many of them about manipulating unit placement or the terrain, overall buffing your allies and weakening your enemies. However, the ‘Heroic’ side has more damage and defence dice available, which means that both sides are entirely viable against one another. Because there are four factions, each with two variations, the opportunity for replayability is pretty huge; when demoing it, I used only the ‘Heroic’ unit set, but I could certainly see the possibility to play an ‘Heroic’ against an ‘Epic’. The fact that there’s an optional layer of deeper strategy available for War of 9 Realms makes this absolutely a top pick for the event. However, I have to say that my favourite game of the entire UK Games Expo was: 1 1. Burger Boss \ This game was a completely separate experience to other games I’d played during the event. In Burger Boss, players run their own burger restaurants, competing against one another for the same pool of rapidly depleting customers with their own individual orders and monetary reward. What seemed at first a fun, silly game quickly turned into one of complex strategy. Competition for burger ingredients, dictated by the roll of the dice, as well as fierce competition for turn order (which changed every turn) meant that the entire time I was playing it I was frantically developing strategies and trying to work out the best, most mathematical method of victory. Burger Boss completely surprised me with its level of complexity, strategic nuance and total level of balance that prompted me to actually buy the game; as a matter of fact, it’s the only game from the Expo that I actually went home with. Going into UK Games Expo, I was unsure of the kind of experience I would have; would it be a quaint, tiny room with a handful of board-game enthusiasts? Or would it be a massive hall filled with empty promises and sellers hawking their wares like an East London market? Thankfully, the experience was a comfortable middle-ground; people everywhere were selling their games (and books and clothes as well!) and there were indeed droves of employees of major board game publishes trying to flag you down to try the newest game, regardless of whether or not it takes 3 hours to play. However, the overwhelming feeling was one of camaraderie and a desire to just look at and try new, awesome games and share them with one another. The inclusion of an incredibly well-stocked Game Library meant that after the show was over, you were able to walk 5 minutes to the Hilton and enter a room with easily a thousand people playing a myriad of games well into the early hours of the morning. There’s nothing quite like drinking beers and playing Catan surrounded by the dice-rolling of a thousand other games. My only hope is I can do the same thing and come next year and get the chance to play all the awesome games I know will be available.
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