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    Bitrate Podcast
  2. until
    Join us for the Podcast about nothing by vets for vets
  3. Join us and let us know if you have any questions.
  4. Join us for our OSD Podcast every thursday at 800pm
  5. until
    Bitrate Podcast
  6. until

    1-26-2017 - This week we will be interviewing the Dev from Cloud Cade and talking about their game Shop Hero. This game is free to download on Android and IOS download and play it and join in during the conversation. RY
  7. until
    This is the Place for your OSD Veteran Podcast put on by Veterans for Veterans, or for anyone who loves games. Come join us for shenanigans, fun & nerd speak. Hope to see you there.
  8. until
    RyPheareon Plays Soma
  9. until
    Happy Hour w/ RyPheareon
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    PC users, the following Twitch channel's will be potentially streaming with us: -latiasfan (Zack Radeka) -NeroZero88 (Terrence "Nero" Ortiz) -dingle_dongleson (Tyler Pociluyko) Xbox One gameplay will be streamed off the Versus Gaming Blog Twitch Page. The players involved will be as follows: -MelaciousMel (Matt "Mel" Elliott) -BigSmelly (Ryan Garrity) -BurnedToast777 (Kevin "Tag" Taggart)
  11. until
    Happy hour with RyPheareon
  12. until
    Come check out our very own TheCrazedMind as he entertains each and every week. Come out and show some love http://twitch.tv/OperationSupplyDrop.
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    Fixed obi thanks good catch
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    Tristin's midnight society
  15. until

    Sure @obiwanshinoobiesend me a friend request we will def get together just send me a message and join me
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