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  1. I used to know people that just would spam XBLA games, even though they have a low overall score, they were easier too 100%
  2. Well, it wasn't a demo, it was a Beta, which means the game is still in testing mode before release. They may still change some things before release, like they did with For Honor
  3. I really like this interview format. Keep it up
  4. There were a few issues I had that hope they work with, like the unlocking of the weapons. I feel like if you pick up an enemy weapon you should be able to modify it. Plus, when you fast travel you lose any looted weapon. I loved the Drone, it was a pretty neat feature with the ability to tag enemies and plan out attacks. I'll probably be playing it when I get back from PAX east
  5. #clickbait lol They went from forging iron to forging hope that destiny 2 isn't going to be just another dlc
  6. until

    i swear to god Ry, you posted a repeating event with the same interview in all of them
  7. looks like a knock off of LIMBO, I enjoyed that game. I might have to check this out
  8. I feel like season passes are just the gaming industry getting you ready to pay $80 for a standard addition. Remember when games came finished in out of the box? Okay rant over
  9. you should pick up aven colony, I agree, this game doesn't look like it will appeal to "hardcore" RTS fans. But, it's worth a play.
  10. nice review man, yeah the transition from pc to xbox can be rough when it comes to controls
  11. That's one of those games that I keep forgetting is still a thing. It's been in production for awhile, but I enjoyed Crackdown 2, so I'm hoping it won't just fall of the face of the earth like it's predecessor did.
  12. until
    Featuring Ninesquirrels from BoomZap with Legends of Callasia
  13. until
    Come join in, hop into a random game, drink and rage. If you are a member of FTG Message me for a free copy of the game, to hop into the fun.
  14. until
    I talk to Pierre from Pehesse and his game Honey Rose
  15. until
    Talking with Paul about Aven Colony
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