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    Zombie Party

    TG AceoHearts

     There have been a lot of twin stick shooters popping up recently.  Many follow the same formula, run around and shoot everything that moves.  Black Shell Media has released Zombie Party by Peach Pie Productions – a twin stick shooter that has a side scrolling mode, a pet sanctuary, and more enemies that aren’t zombies than are.


      Zombie Party is an RPG with rogue like elements in pure retro rampage form.  The game features 4 actual game modes for you to choose from – Adventure, Dungeon, Arcade and Death Match.  Adventure sees you facing wave after wave of enemies interspersed with bosses until you die.  Dungeon lets you explore an area, kill enemies and descend into the dungeon and kill the bosses.  Arcade is the side scroller which sets you against zombie hordes.  Death Match pits you against AI players or other local players to the end.  Actually, all the modes are better with friends – unfortunately, you can only play local multiplayer.


      One of the cool things about the title is the sheer amount of weaponry that you can find and use.  There is a wide range of melee weapons, firearms, grenades, bombs, runes, potions, and artifacts.  You can even find and rescue pets that will help you in your fight against your enemies.  Some will gather supplies for you while others will attack in your stead.


      The graphics are pure retro gold.  Enemy design is fun and playful.  Colors very depending on the area you are in, but are mostly bright.  Things light up even more when you start firing weapons like the rainbow gun.  The music is a chip tune concert for the heart.  You will find yourself tapping your feet as you lay out your foes.


      Zombie Party is out now on XB1 and Steam.  You can pick it up for $9.99 and get started slaying right away.  As much fun as it is to play solo, grab a friend or three, gather around the tv and just blast away.



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