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    The Coma : Recut

    TG AceoHearts

      I have always been a fan of horror movies.  I grew up watching Hitchcock movies, then transitioned into slasher flicks – but I really loved the movies that were more about suspense than just pure gore.  It wasn’t until recently that I started to play horror games, because titles have started relying more on immersive storytelling and less on jump scares.  Digeratti has released The Coma : Recut, a new, updated version of the Korean horror game that falls into the former category.


      You play as Youngho, a high school student in the midst of final exams.  After an all-night study session you accidentally over sleep and have to rush to make you finals.  As you arrive you notice an ambulance loading up the body of a fellow student.  Talking to a few friends, you discover that there was an accident overnight and the student mysteriously died.  Since not even death can stop finals, you go to class and prepare for your tests.  As you start to take your exam you realize the folly of staying up all night, and the lack of sleep catches up to you and you start to drift off.


      You awaken in a darkened classroom, alone.  But something is off, more than just being left in the school after hours and nobody bothering to wake you.  As you walk through the dimly lit halls you come across your favorite teacher, Ms. Song, but realize she means to do you serious bodily harm.  You quickly run and hide so that you have a few moments to gather your wits and formulate a plan.


      What follows is kind of like a supernatural game of cat and mouse with Ms. Song in the halls and class rooms of Sehwa High.  You must gather clues to unravel the mystery of the building, what is happening, and try to escape.  Along the way you will run into Seho, a fellow classmate, and a mysterious girl wearing a school uniform that you don’t recognize.  Each will offer you help, in their own way, to try and help you survive and escape.


      The graphics in the game are perfectly eerie.  The darkened, construction riddled hallways are very creepy with the majority of their light coming from your flash light.  Unfortunately, if you use your light too long it may draw some unwanted attention.  Your footsteps echo through the empty halls and the faster you move the louder the get.  Too bad the more noise you make, the easier it is for the killer to find you – noticing a pattern here?


      The Coma : Recut is out now on XB1, PS4, and Steam and you can drop it into your collection for about $15.  It is a chilling game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to uncover the facts, stay alive, and escape.


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