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    Nightmares from the Deep 3 - Davy Jones

    TG AceoHearts

      They say all things must come to an end, and the latest offering from Artifex Mundi proves that point.  It is the 3rd and final installment in the Nightmares from the Deep Series.  Nightmares from the Deep 3 – Davy Jones has finally made its way from PC to consoles so everyone can see the conclusion of the tale.


      You once again take on the role of Mrs. Sara Black, curator of a nautical museum with a fixation on Davy Jones.  She has spent a lot of time researching his myth and the truth behind it.  As Sara and her daughter, Cory, are giving a presentation on Davy at the museum, the legendary pirate shows up to steal the show.  Not one for having his secrets revealed, Davy kidnaps you and Cory and takes you prisoner aboard his ship.  You try to escape but are caught and Cory is forced to make a deal with the infamous pirate to save your life.  So, it is now up to you to save your daughter and discover the truth behind the legend of Davy Jones.


      If you haven’t played any of the previous games, the game play is fairly simple.  You are given a static scene in which you have to find items to complete the puzzles that are there and move the story forward.  Some puzzles will require you to visit multiple locations then back track to finish them.  You will gain items either from just finding them in the environment or from the hidden object scenes.  Along with the hidden object scenes you will have a bunch of mini games to solve.


      Not only do you have a mystery to solve and all these puzzles that need your attention, but you also have to be on the lookout for collectables.  Once again the designers have hidden 3 different types of collectables within the static scenes.  Puzzles pieces, pirate cards, and glowing sea horses – a combined total of 46 items for you to find.  There are also about a dozen animals for you to interact with. 


      The graphics in the game are beautifully done.  Artists went to great lengths to make sure that the collectables were well hidden in most cases.  Hidden objects are well mixed into the scenes so you will have to search for them.  The descriptions can also be a bit tricky, so they will keep you on your toes.  The soundtrack melds well with the theme of the game.


      The 3rd installment features a normal and expert mode like the previous games.  If you are not in the mood to do the hidden object scenes you can choose to play Mahjong instead.  There is also a 2nd story for you to go through.  It is shorter than the main game, but it gives you some backstory - so it is worth your time to play through it.


      Nightmares from the Deep 3 – Davy Jones is out now for XB1, PS4 and Steam.  If you have played the 1st 2 games this is a great finale.  If you missed the other games in the series, you can play this as a standalone title without much issue.  Normal price is around $14.99 depending on platform, but you can grab it cheaper the 1st week it is out.  If you are new to the series, you can grab all 3 games in one bundle for a reduced price.    



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