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    Ghost Blade HD

    TG AceoHearts

      I have to admit something – I love bullet hell games, but I am not that good at them.  Something about the total chaos and imminent death appeals to me.  Even it it sends my frustration level through the roof.  East Asia Soft has recently released Ghost Blade HD by 2Dream and HUCAST, which is a perfect example of this wild ride.


      There is no explanation of what the story is.  Once you pick which ship you are using, you are tossed right into battle.    You will shoot your way through the stage against various enemies until you reach the boss.  Kick his metal butt, tally up your score and move one to the next level.  If you die too many times, not to worry, you are given several continues, so you will a few extra chances.


      The game features 3 difficulty modes, and the way they execute them is kind of interesting.  Game play is almost exactly the same in all modes.  What I mean by this is that there are the same enemies and the same fire rate in all difficulties.  The only thing that is different is which bullets actually kill you.  This can be a bit confusing if you are playing at a lower level – because it may take a few tries to figure out what is lethal.  Also as you go up in difficulty, the game will add a few extra stages.


       Besides the different difficulty levels, you are treated to a training mode, Score Attack mode, and multiplayer mode.  Score Attack allows you to play through the 1st stage to get as high of a score as you can.  The one difference is that you have unlimited lives – but you will have to try and do it with as few as possible to preserve your combo, and rack up the highest score.


      The graphics in the game are vibrant and really pop.  You will be treated to a myriad of different enemies as well as profound bosses.  Each boss will require you to alter you fighting style a bit, as charging them head on will only end with your ship in itty bitty pieces.


      Ghost Blade HD is now available on XB1 and PS4.  You can add it to your collection for $9.99.  This is a really good example of a bullet hell game, with lots of options.




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