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    TG AceoHearts

    I have a confession to make, I am not the most graceful person in the world.  In fact, about 15 years ago I shattered BOTH of my ankles chasing after the ice cream man.  This little adventure ended with a plate and 6 screws in one ankle and a one of a kind story.  So, I live out my dreams of flying high and leaping effortlessly through video games.  But, if you ask anyone who has played a game with me that requires precious jumping – my dreams rarely come true.  Recently, Grip Digital s.r.o. released DeadCore on Xbox One and PS4 and I got another shot at living out my dreams.


      DeadCore can best be described as a 1st person shooter, platformer, puzzler, speed runner.  It is a mouth full to say, and a handful to play, but it is a wild ride.  You have fallen endlessly through strong magnetic storms to awaken in a desolate world.  You have no memory, and as you start to explore the world strange message start to appear around you.  A huge tower appears out of the mist and you realize that you must climb it to find answers – you must reach the top.


        The game starts out simple enough, you learn the basics like walking and running.  But, it would be too easy if you were running in the wide open spaces, so you are moving on thin platforms that are suspended in the air.  Once you begin to get comfortable with the basics, jumps and double jumps thrown into the mix.  Soon after you master the art of being a bunny, you are given a rifle to use.  The rifle is not just for show.  You will use the gun to open doors, disable traps, and eventually take out enemies.  You have to be mindful of your aim because you have a limited number of shots.  Another neat feature of the gun is that it tracks your time, so during speed runs you have that information right up front.


      This game is not for the faint of heart or those that are looking for a purely first person shooter experience.  You will need some serious skills to get through this game and beat the time trials.  That being said – everything in game is executed near flawlessly to make sure that you every chance to prove your worth.  The graphics are spot on and the higher you climb on the tower the more dizzying the view gets as you look down into the abyss.


      One you complete the story aspect of the game you are not ready to hang up your shoes.  You can tackle the whole thing over again in speed run mode.  But this time you can mix things up and place the sections in the order that you want.  This porovides you with almost unlimited variety and endless gameplay options.  You can make you playlist as easy or as difficuly as you want.


      DeadCore is out now on XB1 and PS4.  If you are looking for a game that will test you skills, or want to relive the glory days of speed running games where every second counts and precision is key – you need to add this title to you stack.


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