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  • Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Thoughts

    xPray 4 Deathx


    After spending as much time as I could playing Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands, I am proud to say I cant wait for March 7th to get my own full copy.

    We know all the facts about the game, and if you dont here is a quick recap..


    • There are 21 regions each with their own civilian populations
    • 11 eco systems with different climates, plants and animals
    • 26 bosses that you can if you want, track down and elimate
    • Single player,  Coop 4 player online or offline with AI
    • Set in 2019 Bolivia
    • Out March 7th



    The Good-


    • The functional ability that you have over you player in game and out is the best I have seen in a very long time. All games adapt something from other games as we progress down the timeline of game history.


    • When choosing your features for your player you get to pick from options that cover a wide range and offer so many variants that it gives you a great feeling of a personalized player. It took me a half an hour to get the guy right and I wanted to make another. Good thing you have 5 presets to do that with.
    • Joining friends and inviting, teaming up is easy and fluid. Menus are not buggy and give you a clear indication of the use and its functions are crisp and not laggy.
    • Loading times are fairly quick and the wait screen has a set of 90 tips and tricks you can scroll thru while you are waiting. Lets hope games start to put in mini games at wait screens (the patent that was stopping that came up last year) or maybe we are at the point in time that load screens are a thing of yesterday. Does anyone remember the load time for Gran Turismo? Wow.
    • In game I found the views from the peaks to be intoxicating and graphics fantastic. It was a thrill to travel around in the air, the ground and on a boat.  Teaming up with some friends, we finished the missions fairly quick on standard and had to bump up the difficulty. Oh man with that, you cant COD it, this is a tactical game that has to be played as such. Well you dont have to, but get use to that load screen, as you will see it allot if you try and to run and gun.
    • Right now we know of over 40 guns, Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns. Scouring the game world for new weapons and items is a great way find these items.


    • Gunsmithing will allow you to paint your weapon as over time it will get nicked up and worn down.  The best part of Gunsmithing is its selection of attachments. The game offers more than 100 attachments (scopes, magazines, stocks, barrels, and more) that you can use to equip your weapon, allowing you to make YOUR weapon. Over 10,000 combinations are possible.


    The Bad-

    • The car damage model was not accurate and feels like cars from games of 5 years ago
    • Barrel roll for your player should be an option, your guy only barrel rolls when dropping from or falling from a height, and does it automatically.



    All and All I can not wait to get my copy of Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands on March 7th.






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    There were a few issues I had that hope they work with, like the unlocking of the weapons. I feel like if you pick up an enemy weapon you should be able to modify it. Plus, when you fast travel you lose any looted weapon. I loved the Drone, it was a pretty neat feature with the ability to tag enemies and plan out attacks.

    I'll probably be playing it when I get back from PAX east

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    So far I've enjoyed the game play.  It's a bit clunky at times but I think over time that will change.  Certainly appears there will be loads of things to do.

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    I've enjoyed the bit I've played but it certainly seems very poorly optimized at the moment. Here's hoping the proper release fixes the issues!

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    I personally got bored with it. I do still have it preordered, but I think the hype around the game and what was in the demo really has me thinking about the dismay that was The Division. I think Ghost Recon is better played in solo mode or with a squad that is at the same point in the game as you are. I had a buddy that was in the squad that had already completed half of the available missions, and when we went to replay some of the missions he had already done, he knew where everything was, and completed the missions really fast, taking a lot of the joy of figuring out where things were and how to plan out the attack. Just my two cents, but I may cancel my preorder and wait for the price to come down a bit more... Haven't quite made the decision if that is what I will do or not.  I am really considering going with For Honor as that was a really cool beta.

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    Well, it wasn't a demo, it was a Beta, which means the game is still in testing mode before release. They may still change some things before release, like they did with For Honor

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