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    Mandatory Fun Pokemon Meetup

    xPray 4 Deathx


    Thanks for stopping by and checking out another OSD team Phoenix event.  Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon, its everywhere. Pokemon has invaded Team Phoenix too. On Sunday Aug 14th we held a Mandatory Fun Pokemon Meetup at Tempe Beach Park. Even with the sun blazing up the Beach park to over 100 many folks showed up before sunset. Soon as the sun set it was walking time, and boy did we. Walking around our marked off .5k we meet many new friends and a few Veterans and Active Duty members of our armed forces. Was great to see everyone out having a good time!



    Over the next 2 hours everyone tried to throw a little ball at some sort of creature on a phone trying to catch the most Pokemon for some Dback tickets.. but eventually the winner caught over 125 Pokemons!! wow



    As the Catching Contest ended, we counted up the totals  announced the winner and then we started the raffle for Dback tickets, a Super Nintendo and a Nintendo.




    Everyone had a blast playing Pokemon at the park, we even got in a little trouble..Someone was getting thrown in the water one way or another.



    With the volunteers we had helping out, we had the numbers to be able to run the event and take the time to speak with some of our Active Duty and Veterans. Wanted to thank Rona, Chris, Chris, Kyle, Alicia, Mattie and Jeremy for helping making this event a fantastic fun time!



    Everyone had such a good time at this event we are doing another next month on Sept 4th. Check out more info here


    Thanks for reading, as always we here in Team Phoenix look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.

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    5 hours ago, DBLDeathDealer said:

    Looks like you all had a great time! 

    Was funnier then I thought it would be as a non Pokemon player.  Looking forward to next months.


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