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  • Resident Evil 7 Details Released

    Capcom has confirmed the details of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s season pass, along with all the other content it will include.
    The title has seen its fair share of leaks lately.  From those leaks, it appears the developer has shuffled around the order of some of the upcoming DLC's.  The full list of content according to the game's Steam listed is shown below:
    Banned Footage Vol. 1
    Nightmare Bedroom Ethan Must Die Banned Footage Vol. 2
    21 Daughters Jack’s 55th Birthday Additional Story Episode
    Resident Evil 7’s season pass will retail on its own for $29.99 on PC, with a deluxe bundle containing both the base game and the pass costing $89.98.
    The title is scheduled to release on January 24th on Xbox One, PS4 (with PSVR support) and PC.

    Nintendo Switch is coming are you pre-ordering?

    We learned alot about the platform during the official reveal of the Nintendo Switch.  We have included all the facts below for your consumption.  
    Release Date:  March 3, 2017
    Cost:  $300
    Games we expect: Splatoon 2, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblemgame, a second Xenoblade Chronicles, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and so many more it would seem.  Not all out during the launch but suspect more details will come quickly of new titles.
    Below are some videos from the reveal.  Are you getting a Nintendo Switch anytime soon?

    Xmas Party with VMFA 211 Avengers

    On Thursday December 1st Operation Supply Drop Team Phoenix teamed up with the Arizona Deadpool Corps to bring some support to the VMFA 211 Avengers Squadron. VMFA-211 is a United States Marine Corps fighter attack squadron, currently consisting of F-35B Lightning II stealth STOVL strike fighter jets. Known as the "Wake Island Avengers" and the "Bastion Defenders", the squadron is based at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona. 

     After arrival in Yuma we checked our ride to make sure everything was ok. The flight crew gave it the once over and said we are good to go! Parked and hanger closed we moved on to setting up for the event. Well most did, some of us could not stay away from the bubble wrap. Who can?

    With our tables and photo area set up we started to get flooded with people. Everyone enjoyed the Santapools we had along for the ride.

    We have many more photos if you would like to see them. Link
    After eating some of the wonderful food that everyone brought to share, we started the raffle. Lets just say folks got a little excited for it!

    This was a awesome event at Yuma MCAS with the AZ Deadpool Corps supporting VMFA 211 Avengers. Thanks again for reading about the trip to Yuma MCAS and as always we look forward to sharing more of our fantastic experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.

    Luke AFB New Community Center with OSD Game Room!

    A short time ago Operation Supply Drop was asked to help outfit a new community commons game room for our troops and families to enjoy. This was a "of course, how can we help" answer. On Tue Oct 25th Luke AFB opened its new Community Commons. We had the pleasure of being invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony and joining in on the celebration. 

    We got a tour of the new building and all of its great ways to bring entertainment to our troops and their families. In the building it has an OSD outfitted game room, pool tables, air hockey, ping pong, cycling room, Dart room, weight room, health rooms, a Subway restaurant, Barber shop, Food lounge, and much much more. 

    After the ribbon cutting we hung out with the Arizona Cardinals and some of the Luke AFB personal. Big Red is no joke at ping pong. He beat 3 of us in a row! His skills at ping pong and rock scissors paper is no joke. Watch out!

    After getting beat down like that we moved on to some pool with the Arizona Cardinals and cheerleaders. Teaming up to play doubles was a blast and a once in a lifetime experience!

    This was a fantastic fun time!  After playing games with the Arizona Cardinals and the cheerleaders we all posed for some pictures. This facility is filled with ways for someone to enjoy time, have fun, and relax!

    We also made the Arizona Cardinals homepage!! GO #OSDfam

    Thanks again for reading and as always we look forward to sharing more of our fantastic experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.
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