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  1. Welcome back gamers, veterans, supporters and readers! Thanks for stopping in and reading 20 Questions here at the new Front Towards Gamer! This edition of 20 Questions will be with Ernesto Rodriguez (ER) Veteran with the Army for 4 tours of duty. After a long hard battle with the "system" and researching online he found a 2012 report by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs stating that an average of 22 veterans committed suicide every day because of mental health issues stemming from PTSD, traumatic brain injury or simply the stress of transitioning from military to civilian life. Surviving suicide twice Ernesto understands what his brothers and sisters face and wanted to assist. After that he picked up his American flag and started walking, with a goal of walking across America. Currently in California, about one month away from finishing. My name is Ernesto Rodriguez, I am a 15 yr Army Combat Veteran. I just got out in March of 2016 and started walking across the country for Post Traumatic Stress within the Veteran community and the 22 average veteran suicides that occur daily. 1) What was your first video game? ER) My first console was the Atari 2600 and i believe the first game i got was Asteroid. I have been hooked on gaming ever since. I have quite a collection of games and consoles and used to frequent arcades when i was younger. My favorite arcade game back in the day was Dragons Lair. 2) Why did you join the military sir? ER) To be honest it was out of boredom in my job before the service. I was in basic training when the towers fell and just like most of America i was angry and my sense of pride for our country tightened, that is why I stayed in so long. My original plan was to stay in long enough to get the GI bill and go to acting school, that obviously wasn’t in the cards. 3) What did you take away from your service sir ? ER) A sense of duty and purpose. to protect those in need and to truly understand the service to others was the most fulfilling thing a person can do with their life. 4) What is Nerdesto22 ? ER) Nerdnesto is just a nickname because of my love for pop culture, Sci-Fi comics video games Etc. the 22 is to symbolize the 22 fallen everyday 5) What is 22 a day, and what does it mean? ER) 22 a day is the average veteran suicide rate. it is based off of a skewed 2012 census that came up with that number. In my opinion it is higher. At this point that number is more of a symbol for people to recognize how high that number has gone and educate those that don’t know. 6) What is the best way to help 22 a day? ER) Be involved with your local veteran community. It is surprising how effective just involving yourself and being proactive in your communities can be. Spend 22 min a week with a veteran just listening and you may save a life that day. 7) How can I get more involved with 22 a day? ER) Visit your VA hospitals or volunteer. go to retirement communities (the suicide rate is higher above the age of 60) or just talk to someone who has served. 8) Where did you stay at night? ER) I have been lucky enough that most nights a hotel will donate a room, but I have also had to sleep under the stars. Rest stops, camp sites, even just on the side of the road. 9) How long did it take you? ER) I started Nov 11 (Veterans Day) and will be done by mid April. 10) What was the hardest part of your walk across America ? ER) The Desert in California was a Beast. Your mind goes to weird places when you are alone for that long. the heat and sun didn’t help either. 11) Did you have doubts about finishing, how did you overcome then? ER) I wake up everyday and want to go home. there was not one moment where I didn’t want to turn back, but a community of people grew from this and all the messages of love and encouragement kept me walking. 12) What was the scariest moment you came across on your trip? ER) Getting Clipped by a Semi on the interstate wasn’t fun. Luckily it was a rainy day and my arm slid right off the container and threw me in to soft muddy dirt. 13) How did people receive you in smaller towns, did you notice a difference vs cities? ER) I would say smaller communities have been a bit more welcoming. it is actually the difference in states that has been the most prominent. Texas was the most friendly. 14) What was your favorite part about your trip? ER) Way to many to name off, but flying in a T6 Texan in Midland Texas sticks out. And shaking Stan Lees Hands. those are my personal ones. when it comes to the community. Helping Homeless veterans and also meeting a world war 2 vet in West Texas that was driven out specifically to meet and sign my ruck sack. 15) Would you do it all over again? ER) I would in a heartbeat. not specifically for the walking but all the connections i have made. 16) What was your first job? ER) I was a Buss Boy at an Italian restaurant when i was 15. 17) How long did you last & What did you learn from the first job? ER) Didn’t last too long and I learned how to clean a table lol 18) Which Bond is your James Bond ? ER) They all have their merits, but I gotta go OG and sat Connery 19) Kirk or Picard? ER) Han Solo! lol 20) If your going to be stranded on an island and can only bring two items you own, what would they be? ER) An Axe and a copy of The Little Prince 21) If you can meet with one person from now or the past and ask three questions, who would it be and what would you ask them? ER) Van Gogh and I wouldn’t ask him anything. I would just sit there and watch him paint and drink. I think his art spoke for itself. 22) Would you rather fight 100 sheep sized bunnies or 1 bunny sized sheep? ER) 1 sheep, they are lazy I think I could take him out pretty fast. 23) What is your favorite weapon to fire? ER) My M4 was great. It was pretty decked out. 24) Do you own any guns currently? What guns? ER) I do not own any. I have nothing against having any, just not really someone that would go shoot often. 25) What is your favorite Disney movie? ER) Star Wars now that its owned by them. Was fantastic speaking with Ernesto Rodriguez in this edition of 20 Questions. Was an honor, and big thanks to Ernesto for taking the time while walking. Please take a minute and reach out to a veteran, active duty or donate to 22 a Day. Thanks for reading folks see you next time! Are you a veteran or concerned about one? Call the Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 or visit veteranscrisisline.net
  2. A closer look at Death Squared

    Death Squared is a Puzzle strategy game on PC, PS4, Xbox 1 made by SMG studios, launched March 13 of this year. Once the main menu is loaded you will notice how easy, smooth and simple it is with 3 options to choose from. Making sure you are going to find what you need. When I picked the story mode it loaded a report on the screen with a voice in the background, a computer voice. It jokes around with you as you ask it to load a game or test routine. With two modes to pick from Story (2 square boxes, 1 or 2 player) and Party (4 Square boxes,1 to 4 player) you can face endless puzzles with hours and hours of fun. You can do a local mulitplayer but sadly no online play as of yet. The idea is simple and basic, you have to move your two square boxes to the matching color circles on the ground. Your left joystick moves the Red Square box and your right joystick moves the Blue Square box. You have obstacles to navigate and edges that you can plummet to your death from. In some rounds moving one of the Squared boxes will move blocks around near the Squared box. Hidden mines, moving walls, lasers, traps, mustaches, and more! The game makers went beyond the basic obstacles when devising ways to stop your progress in this game. As each round loaded I thought I would be able to figure it out easy, but some of them even got me thinking. While I still have not finished it yet, I am sure some of you out there can breeze by all these levels. In round 5 I came across some lasers that would kill your box of opposite color from the laser. You had to use same color box to shield the other box. This was very fun to figure out and try and beat. Well looks like we can carry each other too. You have to use each other to move around and sometimes carry each other. Check out what I came across in the 8th round of play. The party mode allows you to play with 4 Square Boxes. This is even harder as you must use all 4 of the Square Boxes as a team and timing is very key as you will see in this video. You have to do things in a certain order or not everyone can complete the level. Overall it is a fun game with hours of play value, while it does seem to border on repetitive, the voice overs from loading computer and test subject offers great comic relief. The jokes poke fun at your current situation from repeated fails to almost making it to the end of a level. You can make it dance in game and add logos to the little Square box, two more ways to enjoy this far beyond its simple concept. Final verdict great fun puzzle game that can be enjoyed solo or with a group that knows what it is and pokes fun at its simplicity. This would be a great party game and challenge to our thinking outside of the box so to speak.
  3. Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Alarik, the CEO of Grunt Style! (www.GruntStyle.com)! During this interview we were able to ask him some questions about his time in service, his transition into grunt style, and the struggles of getting his company where it is today! We discussed various things throughout our conversation but the one thing you learned quickly about Daniel, he is humble. Daniel has this presence, even through the phone, of someone who does what it takes to achieve their goal and he has a way of projecting that motivation to other people as well. It was honestly a great learning experience for all of us, and we hope that it can assist others transitioning out of the military also! First we just want to give a huge shout out to Grunt Style, Daniel Alarik and Christine for their support along the way and making this happen! It is awesome to be able to provide some insight into the mind of a CEO especially one that transitioned from the military like many of our readers and community members! (The following are the Questions and Answers from our discussion with Daniel Alarik. For the article purposes, RC : Rob Cox - FTG Community Director, DA: Daniel Alarik - CEO, Grunt Style) RC: So what I did was, I asked the community what questions they would like to ask you, and I just got like, a bunch of responses, so I guess I will just go through them, if that’s cool? DA: Alright, Let’s get weird (Laughs) RC: This one is from DBLDeathDealer, he would like to know where you grew up? DA: Alright so originally I was born in Anaheim California but I grew up in right outside the Chicago area suburbs it was still Suburban but had plenty of outdoor area so it was fun. I got to play in the pond as a kid so I used to catch tadpoles when I was a little kid growing up and go fishing down there when I was younger. RC: He also wants to know when and why did you join the military DA: It was 2000 so I just graduated from high school, I didn't want to go to college, my grades sucked, I was a very average student. I think I graduated exactly at 2.5GPA. I just didn't care about school at all I didn't want to go to college specifically because you went to college and you had to go get a job then you have to go to work the next 40-50 years your life for something that didn't really matter. I wanted to go do something that mattered, something that I felt was important, I wanted to do something bigger than myself, and the Army just made sense. RC: Did you transition directly into Grunt Style when you got out or was this something you planned for you were getting out, basically how did Grunt Style become a thing? DA: So I was a drill sergeant out of Fort Benning, Georgia. Brand new wife, brand new baby, I hadn't seen them in nearly two years, my baby probably like nine months. So my wife's like “hey you need to start thinking about getting out” so I'm like okay great. What does an infantry drill sergeant do when he gets home? Probably like Paul Blart Mall Cop or something. I didn't want to leave and I was transitioning in the National Guard in Illinois so I thought how do I take it with me and better yet can I share it with others? The best way to show off your pride is to wear it on your back, so I started making some T-shirts and slept it in my car selling around the country for about two years and now we're here with over 200 employees, we design, produce, and ship our own product! RC: So is there a moment when you were selling things out of your car and stuff and it suddenly took off and you realized that you made it? DA: Not while I was selling out of my car, those years sucked! So what I would do is I would do those and stretches so it wasn't like the entire 3 years living in my car, I would do like scheduled trips and we go to different posts and I would do a route and it would take like 1 to 3 weeks of doing that then I would head back home and work maybe one or two other jobs during that time or something like that so it's very sporadic put it was working the entire time the problem was I really didn't know what I was doing I literally Googled what is business cuz I had no idea what I was doing. But there was a moment in January 2012 that really was the turning point for us and it was down in Las Vegas it was our first trade show and I say us because it was me and my wife she would help me with the work she was like hey it's not working we've been doing this for a few years you need to start thinking about shutting it down and I said well okay I guess you're right we're spinning our Wheels not really doing a whole lot for us and we're just burning money and again I started the whole company for 1200 bucks. We didn't have a lot of money at this point, we were broke but we weren't poor if you understand the difference, so we had our first trade show in Las Vegas and I'm like listen we're going to do this trade show I can't make 6 grand at this one trade show then we're going to shut down our doors for good. So we hop on the plane, we take the free shuttle back to the hotel we walk a mile and half to the grocery store,we buy a jar peanut butter and a loaf of bread and that's all we have for the next two and a half 3 days, My Wife had one Groupon, so we had a hamburger on one night. We would hustle this entire show telling everybody about this great product, what Grunt Style means, what it means to us, what it means to others etc etc, and by the end of the show we hopped back on the plane and we were just exhausted and as I'm tallying up all the receipts and it comes to $6,200, just enough to be depressed about staying in business and I thought damn why is this so hard? So I pulled out a yellow legal pad and drew a line down the middle and on the left side I wrote down everybody that I believed was doing business better than myself and what they were doing better, and I thought to myself okay what can I do that the winners are doing how can I use them to mentor me cause I didn't know them personally, I didn't know anyone that was successful in business, my family didn't have any money, so I didn't know anybody. I started watching them on social media, watching how they operate their stores and slowly but surely I started to pick up a few things! We realized if you can humble yourself enough to realize there are people who are much better than you and if you are able to watch what the winners do you can be successful as well. RC: Could you tell us more about your Beer Guarantee? I just recently used it, and it’s amazing! DA: So, when you're first starting out you don't have a name for yourself people don't know if they're going to take a risk on you right? With our stuff you may be paying a little more than your 3 pack of shirts at Walmart but you're getting the guarantee that it's good for life and that does two things. One, it gives you the confidence that you're getting a great product and two, it forces US to have great products, because I can't afford to have a bajillion returns, I have to keep it under a certain number and we will honor every single one no matter what, we don't quibble, we don't ask questions. When we get these returns, we know this one's coming back because this piece washed out or this thread is messed up and it allows us to identify the problems and fix them and put out better and better products in the future. RC: I can attest to that! I recently used it when I ordered 3 shirts one size too small, and I didn’t have ANY issues getting credit back from Grunt Style and getting my stuff back within 1 week! DA: Well I am glad to hear that it is working! RC: Has there ever been a shirt that you guys had made that just flopped that, just didn't work, wasn't good and just wasn't selling? DA: All the time, all the time. The rule in business is, and this is something I learned the hard way, promote the winners and you kill the losers, so if your team is the average sum of everybody on it and you have laggers or people who can't pass their PT test or they can't shoot BRM. well they still make up the sum of your team. So the faster you can rotate those things out or enhance them, the faster your whole crew will become more effective, and it’s the same thing in the product world as well. I'm not going to try to promote the losers, I'm not going to try to make them better, I'm going to kill it, it's done, get it out. People vote with their wallets, there is no marketing strategy or campaign that's going to significantly help it, all you're doing is throwing good money after bad. The same thing with the team member and I don't mean if you have someone on your team that sucks you should kill them, but the attitude that person really is what makes the most impact so if people want them on the team and they improve the team then yes they're adding value. RC: So just one final question, do you have any words of wisdom to other veterans who are thinking of starting their own business after getting out of the Military? DA: Absolutely! BE HUMBLE! Find someone that is doing better than you and find out what they're doing right. If you're starting a business, you have to spend 80% of your energy in some form of sales, you have to sell your product that's the fastest way to know if you have something that's going to work or not and just because you fail on this product or this business doesn't mean you're going to fail permanently. Business is all about how fast you can fail, if you think about it, it's like Land Nav, you know whats on the map and it made sense to go from here to here, but you happen to just run into some deep gulch or some wait a minute vines that you didn’t see on the map, so now you can change your course and circumvent them and still get to your goal. Once Again we just want to say a huge Thanks! To the Grunt Style Team for giving us this opportunity and we ask that if you haven’t already, head over to www.GruntStyle.com and check out their website and their products! Robert Cox @RobocoxTV Community Director, FrontTowardsGamer.com
  4. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  5. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  6. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  7. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  8. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  9. Moms Gonna Snap Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as Moms Gonna Snap streams for the community to enjoy!
  10. Moms Gonna Snap

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as Moms Gonna Snap streams for the community to enjoy!
  11. Moms Gonna Snap Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as Moms Gonna Snap streams for the community to enjoy!
  12. Djangophett23 Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as Djangophett23 streams for the community to enjoy! Warrior Wednesday (PC) Battlefield 1 Streaming with Djangophett23
  13. shiNjiTV Stream

    Warrior Wednesday's with your boy shiNjiTV! https://www.twitch.tv/operationsupplydrop
  14. Xmas Party with VMFA 211 Avengers

    On Thursday December 1st Operation Supply Drop Team Phoenix teamed up with the Arizona Deadpool Corps to bring some support to the VMFA 211 Avengers Squadron. VMFA-211 is a United States Marine Corps fighter attack squadron, currently consisting of F-35B Lightning II stealth STOVL strike fighter jets. Known as the "Wake Island Avengers" and the "Bastion Defenders", the squadron is based at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona. After arrival in Yuma we checked our ride to make sure everything was ok. The flight crew gave it the once over and said we are good to go! Parked and hanger closed we moved on to setting up for the event. Well most did, some of us could not stay away from the bubble wrap. Who can? With our tables and photo area set up we started to get flooded with people. Everyone enjoyed the Santapools we had along for the ride. We have many more photos if you would like to see them. Link After eating some of the wonderful food that everyone brought to share, we started the raffle. Lets just say folks got a little excited for it! This was a awesome event at Yuma MCAS with the AZ Deadpool Corps supporting VMFA 211 Avengers. Thanks again for reading about the trip to Yuma MCAS and as always we look forward to sharing more of our fantastic experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.
  15. BitRate Podcast

    Our Weekly Podcast Staring RyPheareon Shinjitv SyanideShadow Awpticshock that1gamer141 Robocoxtv Theaddman2315 and Special Guests To speak with us on the podcast join our discord server and we will pull you into the call https://discordapp.com/invite/tVv2bFh Stream to follow Podcast so stay tuned
  16. Mandatory Fun Pokemon Meetup

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out another OSD team Phoenix event. Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon, its everywhere. Pokemon has invaded Team Phoenix too. On Sunday Aug 14th we held a Mandatory Fun Pokemon Meetup at Tempe Beach Park. Even with the sun blazing up the Beach park to over 100 many folks showed up before sunset. Soon as the sun set it was walking time, and boy did we. Walking around our marked off .5k we meet many new friends and a few Veterans and Active Duty members of our armed forces. Was great to see everyone out having a good time! Over the next 2 hours everyone tried to throw a little ball at some sort of creature on a phone trying to catch the most Pokemon for some Dback tickets.. but eventually the winner caught over 125 Pokemons!! wow As the Catching Contest ended, we counted up the totals announced the winner and then we started the raffle for Dback tickets, a Super Nintendo and a Nintendo. Everyone had a blast playing Pokemon at the park, we even got in a little trouble..Someone was getting thrown in the water one way or another. With the volunteers we had helping out, we had the numbers to be able to run the event and take the time to speak with some of our Active Duty and Veterans. Wanted to thank Rona, Chris, Chris, Kyle, Alicia, Mattie and Jeremy for helping making this event a fantastic fun time! Everyone had such a good time at this event we are doing another next month on Sept 4th. Check out more info here Thanks for reading, as always we here in Team Phoenix look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.
  17. OSD PoolParty with MAWTS-1

    Thanks for checking out another Team Phoenix event! Answering the call for support from Capt Hayek and Marine Core Air Station in Yuma to enhance a pool party they are holding for the Marine Aviation Weapon and Tactics Squadron one or MAWTS-1. We gathered up our troops to support this Poolparty which included, the Arizona Avengers, the AZ Deadpool Corps, AZ Elite Integration and many more. The Poolparty caravan had 9 cars with over 25 supporters! We all meet up across the street from the base, the 15 cosplayers, 2 cameraman, and 3 helpers. Some of us had lunch while others prepared our costumes. Arriving at the location on base we built up our raffle and giveaway table while the cosplayers prepared for the photo shoot. The pool was really nice with 2 story slides and a water fun area that included spray guns and dump buckets. We had a huge lawn area with lots of canopies to block the setting sun for what little time it had left. Set up like a true party there was over 60 feet of Subway sandwiches, 10+ coolers with everything to drink you could think of from juice to beer for those who are old enough. With some "new marines" around (as the Capt called them) we did not have to lift much as they were assigned to us. They later posed for some funny pictures.. As the kids swam, the cosplayes took pictures with everyone, Mattie handed out raffle tickets, MAWTS-1 enjoyed the party. We did some walk arounds in costume to draw more kids over to our cosplayers, but it was 110 out and we had weapons.. so ya.. that did not last long till a base police truck came up to us. We thought for sure we were about to get in trouble, nope they just wanted to check us out. Of course we took some time to sunbathe too, cosplayers need some sun too! As the party came to an end we raffled everything off the left table and gave the Col. Wellons the right tables contents and about 3 boxes filled with Krontrol Freeks, consoles, games, shirts, lootcrates and much more. Was great to see the Col Wellons pose for pictures with us and watch his entire unit enjoy it all. Everyone at the pool party got a lootcrate and a prize. Some got signed comic books, video games, some got consoles. At the end of the day everyone had a great time, enjoyed some funny pictures, and left with goodies. Capt Campbell and Col Wellons could not stop saying how impressed they are with the support. Operations Supply Drop Team Phx could not have done it without the Arizona Avengers, the AZ Deadpool Corps, Elite Integration, George Gifford, Pryat, Rona, Chris and Mattie. Thank you all for the support! Thanks for reading, as always we here in Team Phoenix look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.
  18. Welcome back gamers, veterans, supporters and readers! Thanks for stopping in and reading 20 Questions here at the new Front Towards Gamer! This edition of 20 Questions will be with Glenn Banton [GB] CEO of Operation Supply Drop @OpSupplydrop 1) We all had that first video game experience that hooked us in one way or another, what was your first video game moment? [GB] While I'd played plenty of games prior, the first moment was beating Super Mario Bros on NES. I even remember the friend's house I was at in Austin, Texas and have showed my kids. It was not however a fulfilling experience. As you may know, beating the game, isn't "beating the game" it simply starts over on Hard Mode. I can remember clearly how my excitement changed to immediate frustration when this happened. I guess you can say that was the beginning of my overly critical point of view on gaming. Aside from this moment, I remember saving my money for those tiger hand held games, Bo Jackson Football/Baseball in particular. Back then earning 20$ was difficult, that could be a weekend of collecting cans for recycling at a nickel a pop. 2) If you could trade places with any other person for a month, famous or not, living or dead, with whom would it be and why? [GB] Odd question. Am I trading places because of their circumstances in which I then make the decisions or because I simply become them and then live out their life for a month? If the former, I have no ideas because my changing stupid policy in the past may harm irreversibly where we all are now. For the latter, I'd pick Teddy Roosevelt either while in Cuba for the Spanish-American war, during his safari in Africa or on his excursion to the "wild west". 3) We currently have been asking this question with some interesting responses, BF map mash up, what two maps would you "mash" together? [GB] Operation Locker with Shanghai literally combining them so that there is more playable space on the surface and 6 spots for domination. The make it 64v64. Madness ensures. 4) How often do you get a chance to play BF Hardline? What is your favorite mode so far? [GB] Not a lot. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the whole cops & robbers theme and it being called "Battlefield" The few times I have turned it on for multi-player I play a map then turn on BF4. I have played some of the campaign, the story is solid, the voice acting is good, the flow make sense, but even so, it's a bit of a tedious game. I just feel BF4 still has legs. I need my military theme, tanks and destruction. 5) What has been your favorite map in BF Hardline? [GB] No opinion, though any with a city theme make the most sense. 6) What game do you think changed the way we play games forever? [GB] I don't believe this is a single game, it's more certain games, even series change and the hardware itself that changes thing. The games that changed how I viewed gaming over the years were GTA (starting with the first), Fable 2, World of Warcraft and the Battlefield 3. 7) What was your first online game? and on what? (pc, ps, xbox) [GB] World of Warcraft PC. I'd never considered playing online and couldn't figure the draw, WoW changed my perspective. 8) If you were an animal what type and why? [GB] Hmmm. A wolf. Because they are awesome. On a different question about animals, I want to ride a rhinoceros, that's on my bucket list. Sadly I'll likely kick said bucket before that happens. 9) What is the weirdest item I find in your refrigerator right now? [GB] Carbonated cold-brewed Coffee is probably the weirdest. It's still there because I'm a bit uncertain of wanting to actually drink it. 10) If you could make your own Easter egg for a game, what would it be and how would it be triggered ? [GB] Some sort of weird super glitch where the gravity turns off and all the other players launch to the sky, but glitch style where they may get caught on polygons somewhere. I love a good glitch, even writing this has me chuckling. 11) What has been your favorite Easter Egg? Megladon, Phantom, Yeti, or from previous years? [GB] There is an Easter egg in Undead Labs game Lifeline that is a supply room representing Operation Supply Drop - can't get better than that. 12) What is your favorite gun to shoot sir? [GB] Any gun that is in my hand. I'm an equal opportunity trigger puller... though I'm partial to my own AR since it mine (with ACOG and suppressor)... there are many like it, but this one is mine. 13) If you could shoot any gun what gun would you pick? and why? [GB] I'd love to shoot a Mark 19 Grenade launcher or M240... why? Because guns. 14) What one thing sticks out as the biggest thing the serving in the military has taught you sir? [GB] I personally did not serve, I serve those that do or have. I can still answer that these individuals have taught me a lot about sacrifice and loyalty which I've then applied to my own life as much as possible. They serve naturally as the inspiration for everything I do with OSD. 15) What is Operation Supply Drop? [GB] OSD is the most generational relevant troops support organization in the world. We serve US and NATO troops, both active-duty and prior-service, using gaming as a catalyst to develop community. We are a 501(c)(3) as classified by the IRS. Link 16) How does it work ? [GB] We have a number of different programs that span from active-duty through prior service including supply drops, thank you deployments, vet-owned business mentor-ship, and our newest program The Teams. We strive to connect both the military community with itself as well as the civilian supporters to change the culture of how we all collectively support our troops. 17) How is this helpful to the Veterans and Military troops? [GB] There are many benefits of each of these programs depending on where a troops is in their life. These range from providing a safe distraction and fun while downrange, to empowerment to our vets wanting to start a business, to actually saving lives within the context of our program, The Teams. This is a community, first and foremost. There is no "home" for this generation, we will provide this much needed hub for those that have sacrificed so much. 18) What one super power would you want and why? [GB] Ability to clone myself. I love what I do and wish I could accomplish even more, faster. 19) What does OSD need the help with the most right now? [GB] On equal footing is both fund raising and program evangelism. We need funding to continue to support and grow our services, but we also need to continue to find the people who need this type of community. 20) How do we help out? [GB] In line with the above question, I recommend looking at the local chapters of our program, The Teams which is for active-duty, vets and civvies. On a monthly basis the members get together for what we call "Mandatory fun" which spans from picnics to paint ball to sporting events to just hanging out. 21) This last spot was saved just as thank you from myself for your service to the Military and their families! Thank you for everything you do sir! [GB] Thank YOU for the opportunity to participate. Was fantastic speaking with Glen Banton in this edition of 20 Questions. Looking forward to see what OSD brings to its troops next! What do you want to do on your bucket list? Tell us below in the comments.
  19. The Division DLC "Underground"

    The "Underground" DLC released on 6/28 for Xbox one and PC. Playstation gamers will have to wait at least a week longer. For me the underground was a test run. If massive and Ubisoft can deliver a unique, fresh, fun yet challenging experience I would get a season pass. As a gamer playing every first person shooter since before we had them. Wolfenstein created a genre in 1992, which lead to the ever classic Doom. With Half Life and Half Life 2 in the shadow of Doom, known as Doom clones the release of the Half-Life mod Counter Strike and Nintendo's Golden-Eye really put the First Person Shooter genre on the radar for millions of gamers and non gamers alike. We have come a very long way from open leaning to drop shots, texting locations, skyping, vehicles, air vehicles, fan built maps, community maps, and so on. The folks at massive and Ubisoft have been fantastic with the Division. Listening to the feedback the community offers, fixing bugs in a timely manner, battling cheaters and exploiters with ever increasing measures. All steps to ensure our enjoyment of their game is not influenced by outside measures, Bugs, cheaters, and un intended glitches. The DLC "Underground" has a few parts to it, the Underground, the game update, and Dragons Nest. First we will talk about the game update. With this update Massive/Ubisoft addressed over 50 bugs and issues while adding a plethora of new features and weapons. Some of the highlights include.. 5 New Gear Sets. New social place to fast travel to. Ability to re roll weapon talents. Added a new DarkZone for gear scores of 231+. Increased the stash size to 70. You can no longer kick players when you are in a boss fight. Sentrys Call and Strikers Battlegear Gear sets bonuses changed. They have made changes to Shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, and Assault rifles. (complete list of changes linked at bottom) The new Gear Sets AlphaBridge (Solo/Survival) Reclaimer (Support) B.L.I.N.D. (Hybrid/Darkness) DeadEYE (Sniper) FireCrest (DPS/Offensive) Secondly lets talk about "Dragons Nest" the new incursion. This incursion is longer then Falcon Lost and Clear Sky and as such will reward you with more loot. It has multiple checkpoints that may come in very handy. Fighting cleaners that pack some sneaky tricks lick RC cars with fire bombs on them. Battling against the four horsemen just to get to the end is crazy. This is far better than the previous two incursions I have played. Teamwork and coordination is something you can not survive without in this newest incursion. Be prepared for anything and lots of fires! Finally lets talk about the "Underground". With the underground Massive wanted to bring us a new content that stays fresh and is different each time you play it. They have succeeded in my eyes. When you enter the new terminal as pictured at top of article you have vendors, HVT Targets, a crafting table and matchmaking hub. There is a staircase at the back that leads you to the TOC Tactical Operations Center in the "Underground" There you can set up your operation with Random Objectives, Enemies, and Hazards. Each time you start an Operation you will face one of the four factions Rioters, Cleaners, Rikers or LMBs. The objective for each operation is randomly selected, it can range from killing a Named NPC, saving a JTF soldier, or get supplies. Sometimes it will have a timer forcing the action. Now the enemies can use a Zone Alarm that will keep allowing new enemies to spawn if activated. You can turn the alarm off by interacting with it or just shoot it to destroy it. You will also have new random hazards ranging from environmental to traps. One of my favorites is a Skill Jammer. As the name suggests it jams the use of all your skills until it is disabled. (shooting it) Here it is in action. Overall this update 1.3 "Underground" is solid all the way around. Enjoying every minute that I have played it and very impressed with the depths of the "Underground" from the looks of it to the various hazards, its fantastic. They have fixed issues in the game, improved our game play experience, and added a plethora of new stuff for us to hunt, craft and combine to build the best Agents with! Thanks for reading my take on the "Underground" DLC for the Division. Here is the complete list of changes and additions made with the 1.3 game update.
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