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Found 2 results

  1. Spintires : Mudrunner

    Reviewing video games can be hard work. I’m not just talking about long hours playing games from every genre. Some titles are closer to on the job training than actual games. Spintires : Mudrunners from Focus Home Interactive is a perfect example of this. This is a simulation game like none out there. The main object of the game is to load your truck up with logs and carry them to the lumber mill. The main difference is that you have to travel on logging roads that are sometimes nothing more than mud covered ditches, ford rivers, and you can occasionally even drive on a real road to get the job done. You have a garage full of trucks to get the job done – once they are unlocked – but this game is far from play. This game is divided into two main sections – the campaign and challenges. Challenges are single levels that require you to complete a task with the vehicle the game chooses. The campaign will have you transporting logs from the lumber mill to the saw mill. You will get to pick your truck and route – provided the truck is in that level – but beware. Most levels will require you to make multiple trips, and each truck carries a different amount of cargo. You will also have to factor in fuel stops and of course, the mud. Picking the wrong truck can add extra miles to your job. The controls for the game are very good for a driving simulator. You can pick between an automatic or manual transmission depending on your preference. I will admit the manual takes a bit of getting used to (and I can drive a stick) but it is helpful when trying to get through the mud. Controlling your truck in the mud is where things get hairy, especially when you must try and park something with some precision. As good as the controls are, the view tends to be a bit lacking. You have an over the cab view and you can move the camera, but it tends to be a bit of an odd angle most of the time. The camera doesn’t swivel smoothly, so you can miss the angle you need. And face it, if you are playing a sim game you want a behind the wheel perspective. The game offers one, but you have limited side views and no views of your mirrors. This means that you are forced to switch to the other view when backing up, attaching trailers or attaching your winch. There is a lot to do in Spintires : Mudrunners, but you have to have the patience for long levels, iffy camera views, and lots of mud, this is a title for you. The simulation side is spot on, and even offers multiplayer if you have a few good buddies that want to form a convoy. 7/10
  2. Let me tell you a story. It is a story of survival; of a lone man, abandoned on an alien planet, fighting off wolves, raiders and... A woman named Beard. Aldrahill was a young, eager explorer. He had a keen passion for growing plants, he was excellent at cooking, caring for animals and just a generally pretty great guy. He was eager to begin making a colony on this strange new world. Bedroom, kitchen, farms and even a little pen for animals. All built by his two hands. He gathered potatoes, he tamed Wild Boars. He lived. Until someone else arrived. That someone was named... Beard. She (yes, a woman named Beard) was formally a Sheriff in her previous town. She was great at fighting; Aldrahill thought, great, someone to fight off raiders and hunt! Maybe help make this colony successful? Wouldn't that be a lovely story? Sadly, this is not that sort of story. Instead Beard was, apparently, incapable of anything other than fighting. She had a burning passion for shooting and hitting things but... Cooking? No. Farming? No. Literally carrying things? No, of course not. Instead, Beard liked to sit in the grass and stare up at the clouds as the colony was built by Aldrahill. She would sit, she would eat and be useless. When there was a fire, she would sit and daydream. Crops to bring in? Daydream. The only time she would actually do anything was when raiders came, then she'd kill them with ease and then... daydream. One day, lightening struck the fields, alighting most of the colony on fire. The food stores were burning, other colonists (for far more useful people had joined since Beard) were dying and Beard... Beard sat. Beard watched on and heard the screams of her fellow colonists and, like the angsty pre-teen-esque Rorschach from Watchmen, she whispered "No". The colony burned down that day and everyone else died. Had Beard helped put out the fires, likely all would have been fine. Instead, Beard ate. And Sat. And daydreamed. Until she was overwhelmed by raiders two days later, thus ending the colony. And ending my current game of Rimworld. For that was both the tragic story of Aldrahillia, a colony burned to the ground by the incompetence of the laziest human in existence, but it was also more accurately the story of Rimworld, a survival RPG / Simulation / Dwarf Fortress- homage that creates stories of your colony naturally using an intelligent AI storyteller. Most of the drama comes from your own incompetent attempts to keep everyone alive. Because it is not a question of whether or not you will die, it is when. Rimworld has been in Alpha for 3 years now, constantly improving. I was sent a preview copy of the game in 2014; I loaded up the game, tried to tame a squirrel and it went mad and promptly bit me to death. I scoffed and uninstalled - a small game, uninteresting and broken. In my arrogance, I was to miss out on one of the best survival-sim games I have ever played. Now, I am sitting on a computer on vacation, wishing fervently that I could play this homicidal rage-inducing game for just 15 minutes more. Lovers of Timber & Stone, lovers of Stonehearth or Gnomoria and of course, those crazy, masochistic lovers of Dwarf Fortress; why aren't you already playing? It also makes wonderful Let's Plays. You can watch Sam's Let's Play of Rimworld right here.
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