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Found 4 results

  1. Transcripted

    No matter where you look, you will see fusion. Strawberry-kiwi lemon aid, Tex-Mex food, sports-utility vehicles, Frisbee golf, and of course Cat-Dog. The world of mash ups has come to video games with the Plug in Digital release of Transcripted – a twin stick shooter / match 3 game. In this game you control a nano probe that is used to combat disease. You can upgrade your probe and weapons to fight ever more powerful pathogens. You defeat the viruses by destroying their DNA-like strands by matching 3 like colors. You will have to do this while evading attacking from defensive cells. Game play is a mix of twin stick shooter, match 3 and it even has RPG elements thrown in. You pilot your probe through different organic samples and try to destroy their building blocks. This is done by grabbing blocks that drop once you destroy some of the defensive cells and trying to match enough pairs of 3. As you progress, you can use research to increase the stats of your nano probe. Boost your speed, fire power, shields, and even the handling. But, if the game is still too challenging, you can lower the difficulty of both the shooter and puzzle aspects independently. As you progress through the game you will meet new and more powerful enemies. Also the “DNA” strands will move faster, so you will either have to have to have quick aim, or shoot blocks into receptors to slow them down temporarily. There are other elements that get introduced that add twists to the completion of levels. The graphics in the game are a little less than optimal. While the colors in the DNA strands are bright, the individual blocks tend to blur. This doesn’t make the game unplayable, but it does detract from the look a bit. There is also a disconnect with the music. It seems like in spots when the game gets frantic the music will take a mellow turn and vice versa. Transcripted is out now and can be added to your collection for about $8. This is an interesting mash up of genres, and the independent difficulty adjustments will make sure that you will get some decent mileage from the title regardless of your skill level. 7/10
  2. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: A Review

    If there’s one thing I love about video games, it is the storytelling. Almost all games that I play or have played involve it in some way or another. Whether it is the massive story arches and connectivity of the Mass Effect series, or the small side quests that lead to relatively nothing in the Elder Scrolls, I love the quest for quests. And when given this game, I can tell you, I was excited. A Far Cry style open world FPS-RPG from a sniper’s perspective, what an awesome sounding game! (CI Games) And what an awesome let down. After a 40GB install, I expected the game to load and run smoothly, yet it surprisingly took multiple minutes(close to 7 min. every time) to load. And then, it still wasn’t at full quality I expected of a 2017 release, even at Ultra settings. Disappointing, but they may fix this in future patches. (reddit) The story line of the game is lackluster as well, about an inconceivable mission gone awry when two Marine snipers(who are brothers) are sent to a mission alone(which, as a writer for a military based site-this notion bothered me), and predictably, one brother is kidnapped and made rogue by a terrorist group, from which you must rescue him. Sniping up the terrorist chain of command until you can find him. A saving grace of the game is the customization aspects and their effect on gameplay. Manufacture ammo, and customize your weapons, and see how they change the way you maneuver and where you take your shots. I noticed, with one rifle, I would take much more conservative shots, and with another I’d play a lot more aggressive. It depended on what rifle and attachments I used. (n4g.com) My final opinion of the game is that, as a FPS, this game is pretty good, the sniping mechanics of wind and distance, as well as the ability to customize and manufacture weapons, ammo, and add-ons is very enjoyable. Yet, the story and the graphics could be better. They left too much for my mind to criticize while playing the game. I would recommend this to a person who likes sniping and/or open world games, and doesn’t really care about it being a cookie-cutter story.
  3. Pixel Heroes - Byte + Magic

    Headup Games has brought The Bit Fathers game Pixel Heroes - Byte and Magic to XB1 players. If you haven't played before, this is a very retro inspired, RPG, with turn based combat and countless hat tips to other games that came previously in the genre. This game transports you back to the early days of computer games, but this trip isn't for the faint of heart. When you first fire up the game you will notice there are three campaigns to pick from, but you must complete one before you have the ability to unlock the next one. The game starts out on Hard difficulty, moves on to Brutal, then finally ends at Insane. Each adventure consists of 8 dungeons, and each dungeon has 8 rooms for you to conquer. There are 7 rooms that minecontain either chests or enemies and the final room will be home for the area boss. Each game starts out in the tavern, where all good adventures begin. You must pick your team of 3 hearty adventurerers from the 6 random patrons that are hanging out. If you are not happy with the crowd, you can re-roll everyone up to 5 times and hope to assemble your dream team. Once your team is set and you have been given the campaign overview you venture out into town. In town you can grab new weapons, spells, potions, and pick 1 of the 2 available quests. More become available as you progress - if you make it that far. As you set out to the dungeon of your choice you will have 2-3 encounters that are very dependant on RNG. No two trips are ever the same. Gameplay is straight forward. Attack the enemy and take them out before they kill you. Once you take out the foes see if any of the loot you snagged can upgrade your party and move onto the next battle. Each hero has 2 skills, some can heal while others have special attacks that they can use once in a while. No matter if you use a skill or attack with a weapon, each party member must rest between uses - this prevents you from stacking great gear on 1 players and having them power through all the fights. If you have a team member go down in battle, it is out until you are able to finish the quest , return to town and are able to have them revived. The graphics are a complete throw back and totally wonderful. As I was playing I was transported back to the days of Nintendo games and some of my first PC RPG games. Further immersing you into this blast from the past is the chip tune music. One thing that does pull you back into the present is all that random encounters I mentioned earlier. You are gloriously treated to references from all over geekdom. Pixel Heroes - Byte and Magic is not for the easily discouraged. It will take a few games to figure out which enemies are most vulnerable to which attacks. Even once you get this down, RNG can still come along and crush your dreams by never giving you health potions, or only dropping armor suitable for a house cat. But have no fear, the developers have you covered. They have added achievements for filling up the graveyard with your less than successful bands of heroes. You will here that familiar sound after your 1st full team death, then 10, 50 and 100 teams. Pixel Heroes - Byte and Magic is now available on XB1, Steam, and iOS. The console and PC version can be added to your collections for $9.99 each, while the mobile versions are a few dollars cheaper.
  4. Let me tell you a story. It is a story of survival; of a lone man, abandoned on an alien planet, fighting off wolves, raiders and... A woman named Beard. Aldrahill was a young, eager explorer. He had a keen passion for growing plants, he was excellent at cooking, caring for animals and just a generally pretty great guy. He was eager to begin making a colony on this strange new world. Bedroom, kitchen, farms and even a little pen for animals. All built by his two hands. He gathered potatoes, he tamed Wild Boars. He lived. Until someone else arrived. That someone was named... Beard. She (yes, a woman named Beard) was formally a Sheriff in her previous town. She was great at fighting; Aldrahill thought, great, someone to fight off raiders and hunt! Maybe help make this colony successful? Wouldn't that be a lovely story? Sadly, this is not that sort of story. Instead Beard was, apparently, incapable of anything other than fighting. She had a burning passion for shooting and hitting things but... Cooking? No. Farming? No. Literally carrying things? No, of course not. Instead, Beard liked to sit in the grass and stare up at the clouds as the colony was built by Aldrahill. She would sit, she would eat and be useless. When there was a fire, she would sit and daydream. Crops to bring in? Daydream. The only time she would actually do anything was when raiders came, then she'd kill them with ease and then... daydream. One day, lightening struck the fields, alighting most of the colony on fire. The food stores were burning, other colonists (for far more useful people had joined since Beard) were dying and Beard... Beard sat. Beard watched on and heard the screams of her fellow colonists and, like the angsty pre-teen-esque Rorschach from Watchmen, she whispered "No". The colony burned down that day and everyone else died. Had Beard helped put out the fires, likely all would have been fine. Instead, Beard ate. And Sat. And daydreamed. Until she was overwhelmed by raiders two days later, thus ending the colony. And ending my current game of Rimworld. For that was both the tragic story of Aldrahillia, a colony burned to the ground by the incompetence of the laziest human in existence, but it was also more accurately the story of Rimworld, a survival RPG / Simulation / Dwarf Fortress- homage that creates stories of your colony naturally using an intelligent AI storyteller. Most of the drama comes from your own incompetent attempts to keep everyone alive. Because it is not a question of whether or not you will die, it is when. Rimworld has been in Alpha for 3 years now, constantly improving. I was sent a preview copy of the game in 2014; I loaded up the game, tried to tame a squirrel and it went mad and promptly bit me to death. I scoffed and uninstalled - a small game, uninteresting and broken. In my arrogance, I was to miss out on one of the best survival-sim games I have ever played. Now, I am sitting on a computer on vacation, wishing fervently that I could play this homicidal rage-inducing game for just 15 minutes more. Lovers of Timber & Stone, lovers of Stonehearth or Gnomoria and of course, those crazy, masochistic lovers of Dwarf Fortress; why aren't you already playing? It also makes wonderful Let's Plays. You can watch Sam's Let's Play of Rimworld right here.
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