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Found 3 results

  1. Slightly Original Presents: Coop Calamity Surgeon Simulator Gameplay on PlayStation 4 VR. Bossa studios was nice enough to send us some free Surgeon Simulator merchandise in response to our feedback for the initial release of the game. So to show our appreciation we made this video of us playing this extremely fun game! For more information on Surgeon Simulator visit Bossa Studios http://www.surgeonsim.com/ Be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe the channel to show us your support. Or disdain, whatever blows your hair back. Slightly Original stars Scott and PJ and is a video game centered comedy channel. On Slightly Original we provide humorous opinions, facts and news about video games, technology, television and movies. You can see us LIVE every SUNDAY NIGHT 830pm EST on https://www.twitch.tv/slightly_original Stay up to date by following us on Social Media! Twitter: https://twitter.com/SlightOriginal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slightoriginal/ Player.me: https://player.me/slightly_original
  2. The Long, Dark Winter Has Come

    “Sometimes, even to live is an act of courage.” Agents, are you ready to survive the Dark Winter? The Joint Special Forces (JSF) gaming community is dedicated to helping players from all regions, skill-levels, and walks of life to enjoy the online gaming experience, particularly in multiplayer games. The JSF will be Twitch live-streaming their first-impressions, expertise, and impressive mistakes playing the latest expansion for Tom Clancy's The Division, Survival, released Tuesday, 22 November 2016. During the live stream, there will be random giveaways to stream participants and viewers for digital codes/gift cards, as well as announcements of Thank You prizes for members of the JSF community. The Thank You prizes being announced are an Xbox Design Lab Xbox One® Controller, engraved with the JSF initials; a custom Colorware PlayStation® DualShock 4 2016 PS4 Controller engraved with the JSF initials; one Turtle Beach® PX24 PlayStation headset; one Turtle Beach XO ONE Xbox One headset; and the BATTLEGROUND LootCrate. We hope you'll be able to join our live-stream or even to take part! Gameplay of Tom Clancy's The Division will be on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 consoles.
  3. Coming off their PC launch in September 2015, Thunder Lotus games has brought their wildly successful game Jotun to the consoles. Jotun was originally funded by a Kickstarter program back in 2014. This game is a beautiful foray into Nordic Mythology. This game is simply gorgeous. We reviewed the PC version back in September 2015, and have just as much praise about the game as we did then. This game is immersive, intense and entertaining. Most of the game is filled with a signature atmosphere and exploration element that made this experience unique. The stories that are brought up are true to the original creation myths, bringing the stories into our hands. No, Thora isn't part of the mythology, at least not in the way the game puts her across, but she is awesome. Jotun takes a warrior after she died and throws her into a battle to keep the Jotuns at bay. During the battles you traverse 5 realms, defeating a Jotun (boss) and collecting a rune that the rune is linked to. While exploring each realm, and collecting the rune for said realm, you can also find powers from the Gods and Ithunn's apples and gaining health. The maps are huge and have vastly varying mechanics; from icy lakes where Jormangandr, the world serpent, hunts you to swamps to the halls of the mighty Dwarves. Each of these Jotun's worlds set you up for the culminating battle that force you to utilize the power that you just earned in that realm. The battles are intense but keep you wanting to come back for just one more try. Hell, I spent almost a full hour on the Jera Jotun, finally defeating it and I think I woke my wife when I yelled out in elation. The only major downfalls I find are the definite console feel to the game. You have 8 fields of movement, not the full flowing motion that the PC version offers. This isn't completely felt during all of the fights, but you get the feel that it is definitely a port. I can see where some people that aren't interested so much in the stories of the game and more in the battles could get annoyed. There's not much for combat in this game. It's more about figuring out the puzzles of each realm and culminating in a final fight. More combat would have been welcomed, but I enjoyed the game just as it was. Of course, I love the stories anyways, so I may be a touch biased. FTG recommends: YES + Stunning visuals + Intense boss battles + Excellent stories - Difficult gameplay - Minimal combat
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