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  1. Operation Supply Drop has been selected to participate in the American Heroes Charity Challenge hosted at Crowdrise! Crowdrise, supported by the Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund, will be giving away bonus dollars to select charities throughout the event if they can meet the various challenges outlined in their bonus challenges section. There is $50,000 worth of bonus cash available for the various organizations to receive. As the gaming community branch of OSD, our hundreds of member can make a significant impact on this competition! Registration is simple! Create an account at Crowdfire.com and join the Operation Supply Drop team and start fundraising! Through simple fundraisers like this we can positively impact hundreds of veterans across the globe!
  2. What a fake!

    Gunna be playing some Rocket League, come join me for amazing flips and tricks and some spectacular own goals.
  3. Fets25 Fundraising Stream

    The legends are back and playing some Siege while raising money for Operation Supply Drop. You can watch the stream at: TBD
  4. Slightly Original Fundraising Event

    Our friends over at Slightly Original will be hosting their annual Military Appreciation Month stream this month. You can visit their channel here: http://twitch.tv/slightly_original
  5. Bitrate Podcast

    Join us for the Podcast about nothing by vets for vets
  6. Xmas Party with VMFA 211 Avengers

    On Thursday December 1st Operation Supply Drop Team Phoenix teamed up with the Arizona Deadpool Corps to bring some support to the VMFA 211 Avengers Squadron. VMFA-211 is a United States Marine Corps fighter attack squadron, currently consisting of F-35B Lightning II stealth STOVL strike fighter jets. Known as the "Wake Island Avengers" and the "Bastion Defenders", the squadron is based at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona. After arrival in Yuma we checked our ride to make sure everything was ok. The flight crew gave it the once over and said we are good to go! Parked and hanger closed we moved on to setting up for the event. Well most did, some of us could not stay away from the bubble wrap. Who can? With our tables and photo area set up we started to get flooded with people. Everyone enjoyed the Santapools we had along for the ride. We have many more photos if you would like to see them. Link After eating some of the wonderful food that everyone brought to share, we started the raffle. Lets just say folks got a little excited for it! This was a awesome event at Yuma MCAS with the AZ Deadpool Corps supporting VMFA 211 Avengers. Thanks again for reading about the trip to Yuma MCAS and as always we look forward to sharing more of our fantastic experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.
  7. BitRate Podcast

    Our Weekly Podcast Staring RyPheareon Shinjitv SyanideShadow Awpticshock that1gamer141 Robocoxtv Theaddman2315 and Special Guests To speak with us on the podcast join our discord server and we will pull you into the call https://discordapp.com/invite/tVv2bFh Stream to follow Podcast so stay tuned
  8. Destiny Rise of Iron

    We will be playing all of the new content for the latest expansion of destiny. It unlocks on the 20th at 5:00 am. We will go live then. and play through all of the new content. If you would like to run the new content with me on PS4 or XB1 let me know We will switch over to my channel from 8-11pm so tristin can stream on osd
  9. Destiny Rise of Iron Raid

    We will be streaming the new raid when it releases. it will prob unlock at 1:00pm. I will update this when we find out more information. if you would like to join me in the new raid on PS4 or XB1 let me know.
  10. OSD PoolParty with MAWTS-1

    Thanks for checking out another Team Phoenix event! Answering the call for support from Capt Hayek and Marine Core Air Station in Yuma to enhance a pool party they are holding for the Marine Aviation Weapon and Tactics Squadron one or MAWTS-1. We gathered up our troops to support this Poolparty which included, the Arizona Avengers, the AZ Deadpool Corps, AZ Elite Integration and many more. The Poolparty caravan had 9 cars with over 25 supporters! We all meet up across the street from the base, the 15 cosplayers, 2 cameraman, and 3 helpers. Some of us had lunch while others prepared our costumes. Arriving at the location on base we built up our raffle and giveaway table while the cosplayers prepared for the photo shoot. The pool was really nice with 2 story slides and a water fun area that included spray guns and dump buckets. We had a huge lawn area with lots of canopies to block the setting sun for what little time it had left. Set up like a true party there was over 60 feet of Subway sandwiches, 10+ coolers with everything to drink you could think of from juice to beer for those who are old enough. With some "new marines" around (as the Capt called them) we did not have to lift much as they were assigned to us. They later posed for some funny pictures.. As the kids swam, the cosplayes took pictures with everyone, Mattie handed out raffle tickets, MAWTS-1 enjoyed the party. We did some walk arounds in costume to draw more kids over to our cosplayers, but it was 110 out and we had weapons.. so ya.. that did not last long till a base police truck came up to us. We thought for sure we were about to get in trouble, nope they just wanted to check us out. Of course we took some time to sunbathe too, cosplayers need some sun too! As the party came to an end we raffled everything off the left table and gave the Col. Wellons the right tables contents and about 3 boxes filled with Krontrol Freeks, consoles, games, shirts, lootcrates and much more. Was great to see the Col Wellons pose for pictures with us and watch his entire unit enjoy it all. Everyone at the pool party got a lootcrate and a prize. Some got signed comic books, video games, some got consoles. At the end of the day everyone had a great time, enjoyed some funny pictures, and left with goodies. Capt Campbell and Col Wellons could not stop saying how impressed they are with the support. Operations Supply Drop Team Phx could not have done it without the Arizona Avengers, the AZ Deadpool Corps, Elite Integration, George Gifford, Pryat, Rona, Chris and Mattie. Thank you all for the support! Thanks for reading, as always we here in Team Phoenix look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info.
  11. Community Update 02 AUG 16

    I know you're trembling with excitement- so here it is! YOUR community update! Game News Check out Rimworld It's a great game with a tragic name! We get down and dirty with it, thanks to @Aldrahill New stuff coming to Diablo III The big guy himself, @DBLDeathDealer shares with us what is going down in the devil's playground FTG News The 2016 GOHAM Rocket League Tournament! The 1v1, single elimination tournament happens THIS SATURDAY! Click here for details, and your chance to win an OSD Tshirt! World of Warships! Next weekend, we play the hit game- World of Warships! It's free to play, and the folks over at Wargaming are huge supporters of OSD. Let's show them some love by turning out for this great event! Click here to sign up! Sponsor and Partner News Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RIPIT4VETS whenever you are streaming! Don't want to play the games we have coming up? Don't own it? Help us out by spreading the word to your friends, Twitter followers, Instagram stalkers, and more! Thank you for all that you do-every little bit helps! Remember to tweet to us @FrontTowardsGmr !
  12. OSD Steam Group now Open!

    We're reaching out to you, the FTG and OSD community! We want you to join our little group of merry people and play games with us! All you have to do is click right here (assuming you have Steam) and you'll be in the mix! Civilian or Veteran, we don't care! Don't have any idea who plays Offworld Trading Company? Want to play some Arma III and don't know who to play with? Taking a break from Pokemon Go? Well, with this handy-dandy group, not only will you be able to see who all is playing what, but you'll also be keyed in on special events we will be doing on Steam only! So, what are you waiting for? CLICK THIS!
  13. GEXCon 2016

    Fredericksburg, Va. — The Gaming and Entertainment Experience Convention (GEXCon) was held this past weekend in Northern Virginia and it was an overwhelming success. When we arrived at the venue on Saturday morning the excitement was palpable. That old familiar feeling of setting up a booth at another Con. The passionate conversation from those who would bask in the warm glow of old CRT TVs rescued from some second hand discount store to play classic consoles. The wonderment of those who would be attending their first con, not knowing what adventures await. All of this is what makes a great convention and GEXCon was full to the brim with it. One of the things about GEXCon that really had me excited was the fact that once the doors opened it would be an all night party. From the time everything started on Saturday to when it all closed down on Sunday night it was non stop gaming awesomeness with arcade cabinets, consoles and LAN space as far as the eye could see. There was always something to do and great people to talk to at all hours of the night. Unfortunately I suffer from being old and broken so I was not able to stay up all night and keep up. However it was great to see people passed out on couches when we came back in the morning. I should have brought a sleeping bag or something! LauraLania, who was the host for the event, was a great personality that helped us with our streaming portion of the event as well as helped hype up the crowds and educate some folks about the OSD mission. The event organizers were also very keen on making sure that everyone made their way towards our booth. So next year, if you are looking for a great convention to go to where you can hook up your computing machine and go ham all night long, GEXCon is where the party is at.
  14. Operation Comfort Drop

    Inspire Change. Together we can Inspire Change within our Communities. Operation Supply Drop Team Phoenix teamed up with Frys Food, Wendys, AZ Deadpool Corps, Rick Norris from Vulture and Lion, Total Baked Cookie Co. and the Tempe Police Dept to bring Operation Comfort Drop to the less fortunate of our community while saying thanks to the Police Dept for their service! Along for Operation Comfort Drop we brought 2 members of the AZ Deadpool Corps, Marine George Gifford from VideoMediaWorks, Navy Veteran Rona, and Officer Bryan O. from the Tempe Police Dept. Operation Comfort Drop all started during a simple conversation with Justin the Asst Manager from Frys Food about Operation Supply Drop. Justin started everything with a donation of 25$ which we decided to get 20 boxes of Granola Bars with as they were on sale too!! Thanks Justin, here he is ringing us up! Stopping by another Frys Food on my way home we chatted with Maddi about Operation Comfort Drop and even joked at matching the other Frys Food donation. She jumped right on board from the start, donating 5 cases of water. Maddi even offered to chill the waters and give us some ice for the trip downtown. As you can see below AZ Deapool Corps did not mind having some ice too. Reaching out to Wendys yielded a fantastic conversation with Evelyn the Asst Manager who was thrilled to be apart of this project and donated 25 cheeseburgers. Reading about the project on Facebook Rick Norris from Vulture and Lion jumped on board too, matching Wendys donation of Cheeseburgers with 25 more. As that brought our Cheeseburger count up to 50, we all were so thrilled. On the day of the event when we went to pick up the Cheeseburgers at Wendys, via drive thru with Hatpool and Ladypool of course.. see below image When we went to pay for the 25 cheeseburgers with Rick Norris, Evelyn let us know that Wendys took care of all 50 cheeseburgers! We were shocked and filled with joy! Rick Norris immediately pledged to fund 50 cheeseburgers for Operation Comfort Drop 2, which was just born early in the day and slated for Saturday Sept 10. After checking with Maddi and Justin, they both have confirmed Donations for Operation Comfort Drop 2 in Sept. For more info or if you would like to Donate to the less fortunate, please click the image below After gathering all the supplies we combined everything and headed downtown. Upon arriving at the location, we pulled right into the park, (benefits of working with PD) and parked. Jumping out and starting to unload when Chuck a Veteran of 2 tours came and asked if we needed a hand. We walked together talking and sharing while handing out the food, water and Ace contact cards (brought by officer Bryan O.) Chuck helped wake those who were sleeping and make sure everyone that needed food and water got it. After giving everything, we spoke more about the issues facing his family and him. Wife and son are out there with him, his first son passed away at age 7. Currently jobless, homeless, waiting on the VA for assistance and a knee replacement, Chuck his wife and son life out in the 100 plus degree heat. Barley able to walk he was the first to assist us during this event. We made some calls and with the help of Scott Mo. OSD was able to provide this Veteran with a Knee Brace that he badly needed. Helping him to walk without pain will allow him to make that big first step. Here is Chuck finding out he got the brace. All and All we handed out 50 bags with 3 waters, 3 granola bars, cookies, Ace Contact Cards, Cheeseburgers, and more! During our visit someone asked for our shirt, and of course we said yes, Hatpool took it off and gave it to him. See image below After everything was handed out we took a minute to thank the Tempe Police dept for their service, and of course brought some Fun for them to enjoy with their families and friends! Below are some images of the event, we kept the video camera at a distance to respect everyone. There is a video being made thanks to George Gifford from VideoMediaWorks, we will share when its done. Thanks for reading and please take a second to say thanks to those who serve and protect us far and away, from the police to the military, please Inspire Change in your communities.
  15. Welcome back gamers, veterans, supporters and readers! Thanks for stopping in and reading 20 Questions here at the new Front Towards Gamer! This edition of 20 Questions will be with Glenn Banton [GB] CEO of Operation Supply Drop @OpSupplydrop 1) We all had that first video game experience that hooked us in one way or another, what was your first video game moment? [GB] While I'd played plenty of games prior, the first moment was beating Super Mario Bros on NES. I even remember the friend's house I was at in Austin, Texas and have showed my kids. It was not however a fulfilling experience. As you may know, beating the game, isn't "beating the game" it simply starts over on Hard Mode. I can remember clearly how my excitement changed to immediate frustration when this happened. I guess you can say that was the beginning of my overly critical point of view on gaming. Aside from this moment, I remember saving my money for those tiger hand held games, Bo Jackson Football/Baseball in particular. Back then earning 20$ was difficult, that could be a weekend of collecting cans for recycling at a nickel a pop. 2) If you could trade places with any other person for a month, famous or not, living or dead, with whom would it be and why? [GB] Odd question. Am I trading places because of their circumstances in which I then make the decisions or because I simply become them and then live out their life for a month? If the former, I have no ideas because my changing stupid policy in the past may harm irreversibly where we all are now. For the latter, I'd pick Teddy Roosevelt either while in Cuba for the Spanish-American war, during his safari in Africa or on his excursion to the "wild west". 3) We currently have been asking this question with some interesting responses, BF map mash up, what two maps would you "mash" together? [GB] Operation Locker with Shanghai literally combining them so that there is more playable space on the surface and 6 spots for domination. The make it 64v64. Madness ensures. 4) How often do you get a chance to play BF Hardline? What is your favorite mode so far? [GB] Not a lot. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the whole cops & robbers theme and it being called "Battlefield" The few times I have turned it on for multi-player I play a map then turn on BF4. I have played some of the campaign, the story is solid, the voice acting is good, the flow make sense, but even so, it's a bit of a tedious game. I just feel BF4 still has legs. I need my military theme, tanks and destruction. 5) What has been your favorite map in BF Hardline? [GB] No opinion, though any with a city theme make the most sense. 6) What game do you think changed the way we play games forever? [GB] I don't believe this is a single game, it's more certain games, even series change and the hardware itself that changes thing. The games that changed how I viewed gaming over the years were GTA (starting with the first), Fable 2, World of Warcraft and the Battlefield 3. 7) What was your first online game? and on what? (pc, ps, xbox) [GB] World of Warcraft PC. I'd never considered playing online and couldn't figure the draw, WoW changed my perspective. 8) If you were an animal what type and why? [GB] Hmmm. A wolf. Because they are awesome. On a different question about animals, I want to ride a rhinoceros, that's on my bucket list. Sadly I'll likely kick said bucket before that happens. 9) What is the weirdest item I find in your refrigerator right now? [GB] Carbonated cold-brewed Coffee is probably the weirdest. It's still there because I'm a bit uncertain of wanting to actually drink it. 10) If you could make your own Easter egg for a game, what would it be and how would it be triggered ? [GB] Some sort of weird super glitch where the gravity turns off and all the other players launch to the sky, but glitch style where they may get caught on polygons somewhere. I love a good glitch, even writing this has me chuckling. 11) What has been your favorite Easter Egg? Megladon, Phantom, Yeti, or from previous years? [GB] There is an Easter egg in Undead Labs game Lifeline that is a supply room representing Operation Supply Drop - can't get better than that. 12) What is your favorite gun to shoot sir? [GB] Any gun that is in my hand. I'm an equal opportunity trigger puller... though I'm partial to my own AR since it mine (with ACOG and suppressor)... there are many like it, but this one is mine. 13) If you could shoot any gun what gun would you pick? and why? [GB] I'd love to shoot a Mark 19 Grenade launcher or M240... why? Because guns. 14) What one thing sticks out as the biggest thing the serving in the military has taught you sir? [GB] I personally did not serve, I serve those that do or have. I can still answer that these individuals have taught me a lot about sacrifice and loyalty which I've then applied to my own life as much as possible. They serve naturally as the inspiration for everything I do with OSD. 15) What is Operation Supply Drop? [GB] OSD is the most generational relevant troops support organization in the world. We serve US and NATO troops, both active-duty and prior-service, using gaming as a catalyst to develop community. We are a 501(c)(3) as classified by the IRS. Link 16) How does it work ? [GB] We have a number of different programs that span from active-duty through prior service including supply drops, thank you deployments, vet-owned business mentor-ship, and our newest program The Teams. We strive to connect both the military community with itself as well as the civilian supporters to change the culture of how we all collectively support our troops. 17) How is this helpful to the Veterans and Military troops? [GB] There are many benefits of each of these programs depending on where a troops is in their life. These range from providing a safe distraction and fun while downrange, to empowerment to our vets wanting to start a business, to actually saving lives within the context of our program, The Teams. This is a community, first and foremost. There is no "home" for this generation, we will provide this much needed hub for those that have sacrificed so much. 18) What one super power would you want and why? [GB] Ability to clone myself. I love what I do and wish I could accomplish even more, faster. 19) What does OSD need the help with the most right now? [GB] On equal footing is both fund raising and program evangelism. We need funding to continue to support and grow our services, but we also need to continue to find the people who need this type of community. 20) How do we help out? [GB] In line with the above question, I recommend looking at the local chapters of our program, The Teams which is for active-duty, vets and civvies. On a monthly basis the members get together for what we call "Mandatory fun" which spans from picnics to paint ball to sporting events to just hanging out. 21) This last spot was saved just as thank you from myself for your service to the Military and their families! Thank you for everything you do sir! [GB] Thank YOU for the opportunity to participate. Was fantastic speaking with Glen Banton in this edition of 20 Questions. Looking forward to see what OSD brings to its troops next! What do you want to do on your bucket list? Tell us below in the comments.
  16. The Division DLC "Underground"

    The "Underground" DLC released on 6/28 for Xbox one and PC. Playstation gamers will have to wait at least a week longer. For me the underground was a test run. If massive and Ubisoft can deliver a unique, fresh, fun yet challenging experience I would get a season pass. As a gamer playing every first person shooter since before we had them. Wolfenstein created a genre in 1992, which lead to the ever classic Doom. With Half Life and Half Life 2 in the shadow of Doom, known as Doom clones the release of the Half-Life mod Counter Strike and Nintendo's Golden-Eye really put the First Person Shooter genre on the radar for millions of gamers and non gamers alike. We have come a very long way from open leaning to drop shots, texting locations, skyping, vehicles, air vehicles, fan built maps, community maps, and so on. The folks at massive and Ubisoft have been fantastic with the Division. Listening to the feedback the community offers, fixing bugs in a timely manner, battling cheaters and exploiters with ever increasing measures. All steps to ensure our enjoyment of their game is not influenced by outside measures, Bugs, cheaters, and un intended glitches. The DLC "Underground" has a few parts to it, the Underground, the game update, and Dragons Nest. First we will talk about the game update. With this update Massive/Ubisoft addressed over 50 bugs and issues while adding a plethora of new features and weapons. Some of the highlights include.. 5 New Gear Sets. New social place to fast travel to. Ability to re roll weapon talents. Added a new DarkZone for gear scores of 231+. Increased the stash size to 70. You can no longer kick players when you are in a boss fight. Sentrys Call and Strikers Battlegear Gear sets bonuses changed. They have made changes to Shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, and Assault rifles. (complete list of changes linked at bottom) The new Gear Sets AlphaBridge (Solo/Survival) Reclaimer (Support) B.L.I.N.D. (Hybrid/Darkness) DeadEYE (Sniper) FireCrest (DPS/Offensive) Secondly lets talk about "Dragons Nest" the new incursion. This incursion is longer then Falcon Lost and Clear Sky and as such will reward you with more loot. It has multiple checkpoints that may come in very handy. Fighting cleaners that pack some sneaky tricks lick RC cars with fire bombs on them. Battling against the four horsemen just to get to the end is crazy. This is far better than the previous two incursions I have played. Teamwork and coordination is something you can not survive without in this newest incursion. Be prepared for anything and lots of fires! Finally lets talk about the "Underground". With the underground Massive wanted to bring us a new content that stays fresh and is different each time you play it. They have succeeded in my eyes. When you enter the new terminal as pictured at top of article you have vendors, HVT Targets, a crafting table and matchmaking hub. There is a staircase at the back that leads you to the TOC Tactical Operations Center in the "Underground" There you can set up your operation with Random Objectives, Enemies, and Hazards. Each time you start an Operation you will face one of the four factions Rioters, Cleaners, Rikers or LMBs. The objective for each operation is randomly selected, it can range from killing a Named NPC, saving a JTF soldier, or get supplies. Sometimes it will have a timer forcing the action. Now the enemies can use a Zone Alarm that will keep allowing new enemies to spawn if activated. You can turn the alarm off by interacting with it or just shoot it to destroy it. You will also have new random hazards ranging from environmental to traps. One of my favorites is a Skill Jammer. As the name suggests it jams the use of all your skills until it is disabled. (shooting it) Here it is in action. Overall this update 1.3 "Underground" is solid all the way around. Enjoying every minute that I have played it and very impressed with the depths of the "Underground" from the looks of it to the various hazards, its fantastic. They have fixed issues in the game, improved our game play experience, and added a plethora of new stuff for us to hunt, craft and combine to build the best Agents with! Thanks for reading my take on the "Underground" DLC for the Division. Here is the complete list of changes and additions made with the 1.3 game update.
  17. Mandatory Fun PHX Comicon

    Thanks for checking out another Team Phoenix Mandatory Fun event! This time around we teamed up with Phoenix Comicon to bring our group of Veterans, Active Duty and their families to the PHX Comicon. Group members Rona, Oscar, Andilynn, Rick, Matt, Derrick, Alex, Rick, Susan and families all had some Mandatory Fun with Operation Supply Drop Team Phoenix at the Phoenix Comicon! The PHX Comicon is now the second biggest Comicon held in the USA. What is a Comicon you ask? Well Phoenix Comicon is a multigenre entertainment and comic book convention held annually in Phoenix. It was founded as the Phoenix Cactus Comicon in June 2002, and originally consisted of a one-day six-hour with 432 people in attendance. PHXCC plays host to comic related panels, programming events, art contests, and autograph signings for all ages. It is now a four-day event (Thursday-Sunday) with over 100k attending this year, 2016! Originally showcasing comic books, science fiction/fantasy and film/television, and related popular arts, the convention has expanded over the years to include a larger range of pop culture elements, such as horror, anime, manga, animation, toys, collectible card games, video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels. The excitement was very palpable as the hours counted down to go time for the PHXCC. As we all meet up at the Hyatt before going off to explore everything the Comicon has to offer it was clear that some of us were more ready then others.. Everyone got some of our fantastic OSD shirts to rock and we went off to meet with some artists and take group photos with the Arizona Avengers. We are honored and privileged to have had the chance to talk to Adam Orndorf, Michael Martin(Veteran), Steven Pulawa(Awesome Guy!), Dan Jurgens, Fugizi Art, and Chad Hardin. They took the time out of their crazy busy tables to speak with our group members, each of them, one by one, even signing their programs and anything else they had with them! Class act gentlemen, Thanks for your support! After meeting with all of these fantastic gentlemen we headed upstairs for some group pictures with the Arizona Avengers. In the Hall of Heros they had whole areas set up for Resident Evil, Star Wars, DC Comics, AZ Avengers, and much more, each area was filled with props, sets, cosplayers and more making the pictures really cool! After meeting the artists and taking the group picture with the Arizona Avengers we parted ways and let them enjoy everything that the Phoenix Comicon has to offer. Every OSD group member in attendance took home a signed program with everyone artist we meet autograph, personal signed work by an artist, an OSD shirt and more! OSDpool took this chance to come out of his hotel room and have some Mandatory Fun talking about OSD to everyone!! Dressing up as something that catches everyones eye and makes them smile is fantastic! More to come very soon, OSDpool will be back.. Mandatory fun at the PHXCC was a fantastic time with Team Phoenix and its supporters! We meet some new people, enjoyed some good laughs and did so with fellow veterans and their families! Thanks for reading, as always we here in Team Phoenix look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you! if you would like to help Operation Supply Drop and its Teams please check out the Link for more info. Up Next is Mandatory Fun with the Dbacks on 7/3, 8/1, 8/15, 8/22 and 9/12! and a Supply Drop PoolParty at MCAS Yuma in July!!
  18. XCOM 2 announced for PS4, Xbox One

    When XCOM 2 was first announced as a PC exclusive, it was met with a fair degree of wailing and gnashing of teeth from console gamers. Especially considering that its predecessor, XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released to a multitude of systems; even smartphones and the PS Vita. Well, we console peasants can rejoice, because Firaxis Games has recently announced that XCOM 2 will be gracing the PS4 and Xbox One this year. The above trailer shows off a few of XCOM 2's accolades, and some snippets of storyline, but no actual gameplay. In a post on PlayStation Blog, Creative Director Jake Solomon and Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis went into more details about the port. They said that they heard the cries and impassioned pleas of console gamers, and that the port is being externally developed by The Workshop. According to the blog post, The Workshop has been working with Firaxis for some time to patch out bugs from XCOM 2. The Workshop has a good track record of projects, having worked with Tango Gameworks on The Evil Within and Gearbox on Borderlands 2 DLC. Further details on XCOM's official website were also released. Unfortunately, despite the delay, the base edition console version won't be bundled with any additional DLC or content. Gamers who pre-order will receive the Resistance Warrior Pack, which has an additional recruit and expanded customization options, and the DLC will be bundled in the Digital Deluxe Edition. XCOM 2 will be launching in North America for PS4 and Xbox One, on September 6th, 2016. The rest of the world (me, in other words) will have to wait until September 9th, 2016. Sources: PlayStation Blog, and XCOM.com.
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