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  1. The 6th Annual 8 Bit Salute: Military Appreciation Month is almost here. The event will begin on May 1, 2017 and run through May 31, 2017. During this event streamers, active-duty military, Veterans and civilian supporters all across the world come together to help raise funds for Operation Supply Drop and our mission of supporting Veterans. This support is through online gaming, community fundraising events and simple donations to help us with our cause. Want to help? Here’s how: 1) Visit our Fundraising page noted below and sign up: Gamers wanting to Fundraise HERE Non-Gamers Fundraise HERE 2) Click on the “Start a Campaign” or “Fundraise” button to create your fundraising page. 3) Choose if you want to create an individual fundraiser (just you) or a Team fundraising page (if you have a community that wants to create their own page under the main team page) 4) If you are a gamer, make sure you fill out this form so we can get your streaming dates on the 8-Bit Salute calendar (we will do this for you along with promotion during your stream from our social accounts): Schedule Date Here Extra Information *Need Images, use ours HERE *Need alerts? If so, let us know by emailing us at info@8bitsalute.org *You can find all gaming streams scheduled for 8-Bit Salute Military Appreciation Month Calendar HERE Final Thoughts *Just want to donate to support the cause? Do that here: http://8bitsalute.org *Use social media? Great make sure you use the hashtag #WeAreOSD during the entire month of May on Facebook and Twitter. Trending is a good thing so we can truly support those we all are here to support If you have other questions, don't be shy to email us or reach out directly to: @obiwanshinoobie @DBLDeathDealer @RobocoxTV or @SgtCactus
  2. Ladies of Seattle Stream

    The ladies of Seattle will be streaming on Facebook to bring awareness to Operation Supply Drop and supporting Veterans. Location: TBD
  3. Today we are happy to announce that Blue Mammoth Games very own Dan Nichols will be taking part in our Thursday night Bitrate Podcast which will be live at 8pm EST on OSD Twitch Channel. Dan a military Veteran is going to discuss a bit about his service, working inside of the gaming industry and some of the amazing things they have going on currently with Brawlhalla. Brawlhalla for those that have not played it is an epic platform fighter for up to 8 players online or locally. It is free to play and has a place for casual players as well as competitive ones. The game offers both public and custom rooms if you are part of a gaming community like Front Towards Gamer. They currently have millions of players enjoying the game, frequent updates, and over twenty-five unique legends to compete with. Each year Blue Mammoth Games takes some time to support military Veterans and this year they are doing this through Operation Supply Drop. Starting today (March 8th) through next Wednesday (March 15th) they will be selling their exclusive Salute taunt with 100% of the proceeds supporting Operation Supply Drop and their mission. Help us promote and share this throughout the weekend as this is a rare taunt. Bitrate Podcast will also be handing out some of the Salute Taunts on their show on Thursday (March 9th). There is so much to share but what is really exciting about the game is the competitive scene continues to grow. If you want to learn more about Brawlhalla visit this link. We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday at the podcast!
  4. BALTIMORE, MD – January 26th, 2017 – Versus Evil, an indie game publishing company, is hosting their first ever Versus Evil Charity Clash (#charityclash) event. Teaming up with four different charities, Gamechanger Charity, 8-Bit Salute | Operation Supply Drop, Save the Children and St Jude's PLAY LIVE, the Versus Evil event will see several different Twitch Streamers representing each charity battling it out to win the $10,000 grand prize donation. During this time they will also be raising money during each livestreamed heat for their specific charity. Streamers will be competing in Antihero, Tim Conkling’s turn-based single and multiplayer strategy game about running a thieves' guild (available in First Access at https://versusevil.itch.io/antihero), and will attempt to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents to become the top master thief in Victorian England. The Charity Clash livestreamed heats, which will take the form of a bracket-style tournament, will take place between now and PAX East (10-12th March), where the finalists will play each other to win the $10,000 donation. During this time, streamers will also be encouraging their fans to donate to the charity they are representing and, as an incentive, fans can also buy the Antihero charity shirt of their favorite streamer’s charity; a portion of shirt proceeds will go directly to charity. Details will be displayed on the charity web page Antihero.tiltify.com The charity team that raises the most money will also win an Alienware Alpha PC, which will be given away to one lucky winner from their own communities. “We’re hoping that this inaugural Versus Evil Charity Clash will be fun for everyone involved and that we can make this a yearly tradition,” commented founder and General Manager of Versus Evil, Steve Escalante. “We’ve always wanted to give back to a worthwhile cause and now’s the perfect time. We hope the gaming community will come together to support their streamers and help raise money for these important causes.” 8-Bit Salute | Operation Supply Drop Streamers include: BriaLeigh Echoics AustenMarie RivalCastMedia ShinjiTV Thantophobia Spaito Gaming OneGunSalute
  5. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  6. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  7. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  8. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  9. FabkZk Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as FabkZk streams for the community to enjoy!
  10. Moms Gonna Snap

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as Moms Gonna Snap streams for the community to enjoy!
  11. Moms Gonna Snap Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as Moms Gonna Snap streams for the community to enjoy!
  12. Djangophett23 Stream

    Come join us on the Operation Supply Drop Twitch channel as Djangophett23 streams for the community to enjoy! Warrior Wednesday (PC) Battlefield 1 Streaming with Djangophett23
  13. shiNjiTV Stream

    Warrior Wednesday's with your boy shiNjiTV! https://www.twitch.tv/operationsupplydrop
  14. until
    Gallant Gamers is coming together with military active-duty and Veterans to host a Military Mayhem day of fundraising for Operation Supply Drop. https://www.twitch.tv/gallantgamerstv
  15. until
    Gallant Gamers is coming together and playing Destiny to support Operation Supply Drop. https://www.twitch.tv/gallantgamerstv
  16. XCOM 2 announced for PS4, Xbox One

    When XCOM 2 was first announced as a PC exclusive, it was met with a fair degree of wailing and gnashing of teeth from console gamers. Especially considering that its predecessor, XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released to a multitude of systems; even smartphones and the PS Vita. Well, we console peasants can rejoice, because Firaxis Games has recently announced that XCOM 2 will be gracing the PS4 and Xbox One this year. The above trailer shows off a few of XCOM 2's accolades, and some snippets of storyline, but no actual gameplay. In a post on PlayStation Blog, Creative Director Jake Solomon and Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis went into more details about the port. They said that they heard the cries and impassioned pleas of console gamers, and that the port is being externally developed by The Workshop. According to the blog post, The Workshop has been working with Firaxis for some time to patch out bugs from XCOM 2. The Workshop has a good track record of projects, having worked with Tango Gameworks on The Evil Within and Gearbox on Borderlands 2 DLC. Further details on XCOM's official website were also released. Unfortunately, despite the delay, the base edition console version won't be bundled with any additional DLC or content. Gamers who pre-order will receive the Resistance Warrior Pack, which has an additional recruit and expanded customization options, and the DLC will be bundled in the Digital Deluxe Edition. XCOM 2 will be launching in North America for PS4 and Xbox One, on September 6th, 2016. The rest of the world (me, in other words) will have to wait until September 9th, 2016. Sources: PlayStation Blog, and XCOM.com.
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