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Found 3 results

  1. Paradox Interactive recently released a new, free update for Europa Universalis IV, 1.24 Japan. This update comes just after the release of the most recent DLC, Cradle of Civilization. It would appear that EU4 players are lucky indeed to get new, free updates that not only fix bugs but add new features to new areas of the world, especially so soon after a paid DLC. Patch 1.24 Japan focuses, obviously, on the Japanese and Asian regions and changes game balance in a few subtle ways. Most noticeably, Hordes are now a good deal stronger and Army Professionalism has become massively important with a huge increase of movement speed. Here are the full patch notes! Let us know in the comments what parts excite you the most:
  2. 6 Things About Gaming Your Parents Don't Want You to Know 1. Gaming can Actually Improve Vision and Attention Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Daphne Bavelier studies have shown that Video Games actually affect perception, attention, and cognition. Studies have also shown that video gaming enhances low level vision and attention by increasing the ability to monitor multiple objects at one time. Because of the large amount of activity that gaming puts on the brain and eyes, playing video games after eye surgery or receiving glasses can speed up the process of recovery. So next time your parents say you will go blind staring at that screen, remind them that it may actually help. 2. Gaming can Physically Change your Brain for the Better! Scientists in Berlin conducted a study using a Video Gaming Group (23 Members) and a Control Group that did not play video games. They were asked to play Super Mario 64 (Takin’ it back!) for 30 Minutes a day. Both groups were then given an MRI and the Gaming group showed increases of Gray Matter in the brain, prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum. For those, like myself, that are not neurosurgeons, those are the areas for planning, hand motor skills and memory formation (among others). (Trust me, I had to Google! it) 3. Gaming can make you YOUNG AGAIN! Ok, maybe not physically Research from the University of Iowa has shown from a study of 681 healthy individuals, ages 50 and older (This one is for you, mom and dad), that 19 Hours of strategy and mind teaser games delayed a range of cognitive skills up to 6 years for some individuals, with a minimum improvement of 1.5 years. So, for all of you who don’t have the ability to run and gun in Call of Duty and the likes, just play some brain teaser video games and if you play enough, you might be able to hop back into the FPS world! 4. Gaming makes you more social! With nearly 50% of teens able to say that they played some type of video game “yesterday”. It is easy to say that most didn’t play alone. As a matter of fact, 65% of teens play video games with people in the same room as them, and 27% play with their friends online! This doesn’t mean they always play together, but with the ease of access to online play these days, kids are far more likely to become more social, or at least horrible trolls who know more about my mother than I do. 5. Sports games make you better at sports, or at least try harder. Ok, this may be a stretch, but who are we to argue with the science? Studies by Cheryl Olson of Parents.com led her to believe that players (mainly boys) learn and attempt new moves/sports from things they have tried on video games. This increased interest in improving online has leaked into the real world. I wish I could have said the same about my times playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater, I think i had a good 20 minute manual down. No chance. 6. Video Games can help with Depression. When people play video games, brain scans show the most active parts of the brain are the rewards pathway system, which is associated with motivation and goal orientation, and the hippocampus, which is associated with learning and memory. These are the two main parts of the brain that don’t activate when people are suffering from depression. So long story short! Get on those chairs and play some games! They are good for your health! That is a really biased opinion on my part since I LOVE playing video games, but I hope that I have provided you with enough ammunition to defend your right to slay dragons, and defeat your sworn enemies in the digital world, without being bothered! Thank you all for reading, be sure to sign up as a member on our website and check out our monthly community events that focus around gaming! You can also join us on Discord on our extremely active channel which can be found here: https://discord.gg/0WgmmHOcoEmHGmua and you can find us on Twitch.tv at www.Twitch.tv/OperationSupplyDrop RobO FTG Community Director www.Twitter.com/RobocoxTV References 8 Reasons Video Games Can Improve Your Child. (2017). Parents. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://www.parents.com/kids/development/benefits-of-video-games/?slideId=37208 15 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games. (2017). Mentalfloss.com. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://mentalfloss.com/article/65008/15-surprising-benefits-playing-video-games Lenhart, A., Kahne, J., Middaugh, E., Macgill, A., Evans, C., & Vitak, J. (2017). Teens, Video Games and Civics. Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://www.pewinternet.org/2008/09/16/teens-video-games-and-civics/ Science, L. (2017). Brain Teaser Games May Slow Aging Mind. Live Science. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://www.livescience.com/29246-brain-games-slow-mental-decline.html TEDxCHUV - Daphne Bavelier - Your brains on action games :: News :: University of Rochester. (2017). Rochester.edu. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from https://www.rochester.edu/news/video/bavelier-tedx-2012/ Video Games Improve Vision, Study Says. (2017). News.nationalgeographic.com. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/03/090329-video-game-vision.html Why Playing Video Games Can Actually Be Good for Your Health. (2017). Time.com. Retrieved 27 March 2017, from http://time.com/4051113/why-playing-video-games-can-actually-be-good-for-your-health/
  3. Community Update- 6/14/16

    Hi there, and howdy! This is your intrepid reporter OptionDisabled with this week's Community Update! Who's awesome? YOU ARE! This weekend: It's father's day! The Mil-Spec stream team has decided to spend time with their families this weekend, and encourage you to do the same. We'll be back with the Xbox team (see below) next week! A lot has happened in the past week! We had a great turnout to 2 events we did this past weekend, with World of Tanks and Haunted Island: Hero Defense. Thank you to the people who really stepped up- Bted, @Timmeh, Trobsmonkey, Tragic, and the whole WoT Crew, as well as @cuddlsharpkill @Stretch, SoH Paladin and @shiNjiTV for their help with the defending of the Haunted Island! (I remain at the top of the OSD Leaderboard by the way. If you want to try and topple me, shoot me a message!) The boss gets interviewed! The honcho got interviewed by Business Innovator Radio’s Jack Schoenberger. You can check out that awesomeness here. What's coming up: Next Weekend, 6/25, @Idiot Machine and his Xbox crew take on Elite Dangerous, in what is supposed to be an awesome time! Want to be involved? Click here! That's all we have for this week. Thank you for ALL that you are doing to support Veterans. Because of your hard work, we have been able to help over 70,000 Veterans and their families. How soon can we get that number to 100,000? That all depends on YOU!
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