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  1. FTG is happy to announce its first of many gaming tournaments benefiting Operation Supply Drop! This will be a 16-man, single elimination Brawlhalla tournament. The awesome people over at Blue Mammoth Games have always shown great support towards Operation Supply Drop and their mission. On several occasions they have donated all proceeds from their salute emote directly to the cause. We'd like to build upon that relationship by hosting our own tournament where we will be raffling off salute emotes to the viewers in OSD Twitch chat! As the gaming community for OSD, our goal is to host regular tournaments to bring awareness to the cause: helping active duty and veterans. This tournament is not meant to be MLG level, but bring your A-game! First and second place will received prizes and we'll be doing other random giveaways throughout the length of the tournament so be sure to stick around! For tournament rules and to sign up click here. *Note* You must be registered for FrontTowardsGamer.com in order to sign up. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more events, gaming and veteran news, and community updates!
  2. Europa Universalis IV (EU4) is a game that I endlessly come back to – I broke the 4 digit club (1000+ hours) over a year ago, but I still keep coming back to it. Paradox’s continuous release of expansions, patches and DLCs means that there is always something fresh for me to return to. This is both a good and bad thing. On the one hand, I get to experience a game I love and enjoy somewhat new each time, enjoying new features and changed mechanics. On the other, it feeds an addiction that sees me going to bed at 1 in the morning, despite previous obligations. Paradox Interactive, one might say, is the most friendly Swedish drug dealer I know. Europa Universalis IV’s most recent expansion, ‘Rights of Man’, focuses on increasing the control you have over both your subjects and your leaders. Paradox love to alter the game mechanics of their games quite drastically with new expansions and ‘Rights of Man’ is no different. To start, numerous nations have updated government forms, as well as increasingly interesting Dynamic Historical Events, particularly focusing on Prussia and Ethiopia. There’s a lot of really interesting changes to Prussia’s government, for example, that makes them more of an Army with a State, rather than a State with an Army. If that makes sense. The meat and bones of this expansion however is the addition of Traits. Now, both leaders and rulers can gain traits that affect their stats that they bring to the table, as well as how they govern. Maybe your ruler is greedy and gets more tax revenue; he could also be Loose Lipped, so you can expect that he’ll spill the beans to other nations about his plans to attack that tasty neighbouring minor nation. These traits are gained over time and really help to build a sense of identity and character for each of your leaders. The most significant change I experience in the game is the change to technology. Previously, all nations existed within technology groups – these groups dictated the cost of going up a technology level, thus providing access to better buildings, different army types and a myriad of other benefits. You existed within those technology groups based on where your nation started – it makes sense as after all, a Native American nation is clearly not going to progress at the same rate technologically as a European nation, right? Now however, all nations start on the same footing – they progress and purchase new technologies at the same base cost. However, we now have a lovely new feature called Institutions. These essentially represent an idealism, a way of thinking or great change in the manner in which life is lived. Most nations start with Feudalism already in existence (not all nations, though! Tribal nations understandably do not!). The Renaissance is next, followed by the outbreak of colonialism. These Institutions spread across the world through provinces, getting more and more accepted each month – a nation can pay to have it accepted nation wide, with a diminishing gold cost associated with the amount of provinces that have been ‘converted’ to that Institution. Alongside cheaper tech, you also get access to a few mild benefits – for example, having Feudalism means you can enjoy an extra Military leader on your staff. This is all really interesting, but it comes with a few problems. Firstly, Institutions appear in a random province when they do appear. Basically giving that nation those benefits for free straight away. Nations that don’t have that Institution receive a yearly 1% tech penalty, up to 50%! Problem is, even if you’re playing Prussia in Northern Germany, you might have to wait about 50 years to get the Institution to take effect in your nation, essentially giving you a massive malus to your technology in comparison to some other nation that was lucky enough to get it first. It just takes waaaaay too long for it to spread. Another problem it brings is the dependence on gold – because you can pay gold (dependant on the amount of your provinces so far converted) to convert your whole nation, gold becomes even more insanely important to a game of EU4. Countries with the most cash can now essentially buy cheaper tech in comparison to others. So, money improvement is now fantastically the most important aspect to EU4. I’ve actually declared a pretty major war in Europe, simply so that I can nick some of that other nation’s cash to pay for the institution, so as to get a tech lead on those around me. While it adds a really nice layer of strategic depth, the irritation of needing to manage technology maluses to a far worse extent than previously, coupled with an excessive focus on gold generation, means that ‘Rights of Man’ is less about Thomas Paine’s treatise on the innate rights of his fellow man, and more about living in a rich man’s world. You can see Aldrahill’s YouTube channel right here, where he’s currently playing Ethiopia in EU4, doing some achievement hunting.
  3. Crusader Kings 2: The Reaper’s Due is the latests expansion for the incredibly engrossing incest-and-murder simulator that is Crusader Kings 2. The general aim behind this expansion was to… expand… thoroughly on the mechanic of illness within the game. Previously, characters can become ill somewhat randomly; they would gain the trait “Ill” and it might become worse, or get better – nothing you do really affects it. Now, with the (perhaps slightly expensive price of $10) purchase of The Reaper’s Due, characters can contract a wide variety of illnesses, including developing specific symptoms with their own associated effects. Alongside this, you gain the ability to appoint a Court Physician, whose job it is to ensure the people within your realm don’t die horribly of food poisoning. However, when hunting for new Court Physicians, if you refuse one who is interested in the job, they just… die. They “disappear without trace”. It makes me feel like an arbitrary mad king; so… powerful: “Won’t someone rid me of this troublesome Doctor?” This of course comes with an expansion of plague – this is the Middle Ages, there are epidemics aplenty; to bring the game even closer to historical accuracy, you can now catch a variety of serious ailments, including: Black Death, Slow Fever, Dysentery and many more. The total amount of enjoyment and fun added by this expansion? It’s tricky to say; adding more content into a grand historical strategy game like this usually creates either more difficulty, or more layers of depth within the game. The latter can generally be seen as superior to the former – mindless difficulty is almost always boring, whereas increased depth can usually be enjoyable. The Reaper’s Due causes you to need to deal with making sure your characters don’t die horribly from a random affliction of cancer. There are a variety of events added to create further flavor, including the ability to dictate how your physician treats you. So, it certainly adds an additional layer of depth not originally present. It is, however, rather frustrating that characters get a variety of illnesses and die more often. Sure, it’s historical and correct, but the increase in managing your family’s ailments can get a little tedious. Having more characters dying from ailments can feel pretty random at some points. Sure, it makes sense – people get sick and die! But, having your best kid (genius, with awesome military traits) die from a cough and then suddenly your wife has cancer and your physician is useless. I’ve certainly laughed quite a lot at random deaths, but I’ve also become very irritated at losing people when it was inconvenient. Such is Crusader Kings 2, however…
  4. Community Update 23 Aug 16

    Talk about a Pair-of-gones! Ooo, maybe you should read the update this week! Respawn: How Video Games Set the Medical World in Motion Video games have had a small place in the rehab world for quite a while but saw a huge bump in 2005 when the Nintendo Wii hit the market. When the Wii was released, it was going up against two way more powerful systems in the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. Read More Here! 2016 WORLD TOUR SHIRT Be part of the 2016 Veteran Support World Tour with this shirt! This shirt has all the locations for our in-person teams for 2016 and 100% of all proceeds come back to OSD to support the organization. Be the envy of your friends, and make those at cons jealous of your awesomeness! All of that badassery, just by grabbing your shirt here! GEE TEE EH VEE! Join @Idiot Machine this weekend as he plays some GTA V and gets down and dirty on the Xbox-- He may be giving out some hot coffee if you join him! Paragon? For the PC? WHAAA? Oh yeah, we have your hookup! Shoot me a PM Right here! We only have 5 codes for Veterans, so get yours now while you can Next Weekend: Freedom For All! Come and reserve your spot now for the Free For All Weekend! Click here for more info! OSD Hosts Chive Gaming Chapter With special guest Strwbryshrtkate, OSD will be hosting a 24 hour stream from 10am est on the 27th-28th in support of Gamers Outreach. Check it out here! Sponsors Ensure you continue to support RipIt for their support of Veterans by using hashtag #RipIt4Vets- show them the love! Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated- and now REDDIT! VETober is right around the corner- and we are going to need your help! Sign up on Tiltify now by clicking here, and carry the 8-bit Salute throughout the year!
  5. Community Update 09 AUG 16

    Ah yes, a bit of inspiration from ole Gordo. While my bread may be buttered, it is time for the community update! Game News Here are this August's big game releases @Idiot Machine gives us the lowdown on what is coming up! Scandal! Intrigue! No Man's Sky! No Man's Sky will be released soon, but some have already seen it! FTG News The 2016 GOHAM Rocket League Tournament Winner! Let's all give @ambrosious_x a big hand- They won the first ever GOHAM Tournament! World of Warships! This weekend, World of Warships is the game to play. Wargaming has been a huge supporter of OSD, and we'd like to show them some love in return. All you have to do is Click here to sign up! Overwatch! With the new summer games, and the rocket-league style new stuff, it's time to do some overwatching! Click here and sign up! Here's how you are impacting Veterans. It's easy to forget that we actually are doing things that help Veterans. That's why we wanted to show you, via Periscope, what it is that goes on during a supply drop. You even get questions answered by the big boss, Glenn Banton! Click here to check that out! Sponsor and Partner News Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RIPIT4VETS whenever you are streaming! Don't want to play the games we have coming up? Don't own it? Help us out by spreading the word to your friends, Twitter followers, Instagram stalkers, and more! Thank you for all that you do-every little bit helps! Remember to tweet to us @FrontTowardsGmr !
  6. OSD Steam Group now Open!

    We're reaching out to you, the FTG and OSD community! We want you to join our little group of merry people and play games with us! All you have to do is click right here (assuming you have Steam) and you'll be in the mix! Civilian or Veteran, we don't care! Don't have any idea who plays Offworld Trading Company? Want to play some Arma III and don't know who to play with? Taking a break from Pokemon Go? Well, with this handy-dandy group, not only will you be able to see who all is playing what, but you'll also be keyed in on special events we will be doing on Steam only! So, what are you waiting for? CLICK THIS!
  7. Community Update- 6/14/16

    Hi there, and howdy! This is your intrepid reporter OptionDisabled with this week's Community Update! Who's awesome? YOU ARE! This weekend: It's father's day! The Mil-Spec stream team has decided to spend time with their families this weekend, and encourage you to do the same. We'll be back with the Xbox team (see below) next week! A lot has happened in the past week! We had a great turnout to 2 events we did this past weekend, with World of Tanks and Haunted Island: Hero Defense. Thank you to the people who really stepped up- Bted, @Timmeh, Trobsmonkey, Tragic, and the whole WoT Crew, as well as @cuddlsharpkill @Stretch, SoH Paladin and @shiNjiTV for their help with the defending of the Haunted Island! (I remain at the top of the OSD Leaderboard by the way. If you want to try and topple me, shoot me a message!) The boss gets interviewed! The honcho got interviewed by Business Innovator Radio’s Jack Schoenberger. You can check out that awesomeness here. What's coming up: Next Weekend, 6/25, @Idiot Machine and his Xbox crew take on Elite Dangerous, in what is supposed to be an awesome time! Want to be involved? Click here! That's all we have for this week. Thank you for ALL that you are doing to support Veterans. Because of your hard work, we have been able to help over 70,000 Veterans and their families. How soon can we get that number to 100,000? That all depends on YOU!
  8. Community Update 6/7/16

    Thank you for a great Military Appreciation Month! This week, we have a lot on tap! This Weekend, we have our World Of Tanks Event Our American and Allied teams pay respect to those who served at D-Day Next Weekend- Overwatch with our Mil-Spec Stream Team! Canadian Forces Day, celebrating our Allies to the North World of Tanks This weekend, we are playing the free-to-play game, World of Tanks on PC! Naturally, we'll be streaming this on our Twitch channel, but we want you to come out and have fun with us! The games start Friday at 5 PM EST! Show your love by playing the game, or by hanging out in Twitch! We remember D-Day The entrance point of the United States into World War II, Operation Overlord was a brutal battle on the beaches of France. Jim "Pee Wee" Martin, jumped with the 101st Airborne Division into an uncertain fate. Now 93, watch his story here. Mil-Spec Stream Team plays Overwatch The Mil-Spec Stream Team will be playing Overwatch on Saturday, June 18th on Operation Supply Drop's Twitch channel. Come out and support them and possibly even play against them! Canadian Forces Day Similar to the US Armed Forces Day, The Canadians celebrate the service of their active duty troops and say thank you. Make sure and give our teams in Canada some love! Ok, Enough Chatter from me: Thank each and every one of your for your help with Military Appreciation Month. Our community did wonderfully, and it is because of people like you that we are able to continue our mission. Remember, we are here to help! Contact us on Twitter @FrontTowardsGmr , or shoot us an email to enlist@operationsupplydrop.org Gray "Option Disabled" HoganCommunity Manager, 8-Bit SaluteOperation Supply Drop
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