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  1. FTG is happy to announce its first of many gaming tournaments benefiting Operation Supply Drop! This will be a 16-man, single elimination Brawlhalla tournament. The awesome people over at Blue Mammoth Games have always shown great support towards Operation Supply Drop and their mission. On several occasions they have donated all proceeds from their salute emote directly to the cause. We'd like to build upon that relationship by hosting our own tournament where we will be raffling off salute emotes to the viewers in OSD Twitch chat! As the gaming community for OSD, our goal is to host regular tournaments to bring awareness to the cause: helping active duty and veterans. This tournament is not meant to be MLG level, but bring your A-game! First and second place will received prizes and we'll be doing other random giveaways throughout the length of the tournament so be sure to stick around! For tournament rules and to sign up click here. *Note* You must be registered for FrontTowardsGamer.com in order to sign up. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more events, gaming and veteran news, and community updates!
  2. Welcome back gamers, veterans, supporters and readers! Thanks for stopping in and reading 20 Questions here at the new Front Towards Gamer! This edition of 20 Questions will be with Ernesto Rodriguez (ER) Veteran with the Army for 4 tours of duty. After a long hard battle with the "system" and researching online he found a 2012 report by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs stating that an average of 22 veterans committed suicide every day because of mental health issues stemming from PTSD, traumatic brain injury or simply the stress of transitioning from military to civilian life. Surviving suicide twice Ernesto understands what his brothers and sisters face and wanted to assist. After that he picked up his American flag and started walking, with a goal of walking across America. Currently in California, about one month away from finishing. My name is Ernesto Rodriguez, I am a 15 yr Army Combat Veteran. I just got out in March of 2016 and started walking across the country for Post Traumatic Stress within the Veteran community and the 22 average veteran suicides that occur daily. 1) What was your first video game? ER) My first console was the Atari 2600 and i believe the first game i got was Asteroid. I have been hooked on gaming ever since. I have quite a collection of games and consoles and used to frequent arcades when i was younger. My favorite arcade game back in the day was Dragons Lair. 2) Why did you join the military sir? ER) To be honest it was out of boredom in my job before the service. I was in basic training when the towers fell and just like most of America i was angry and my sense of pride for our country tightened, that is why I stayed in so long. My original plan was to stay in long enough to get the GI bill and go to acting school, that obviously wasn’t in the cards. 3) What did you take away from your service sir ? ER) A sense of duty and purpose. to protect those in need and to truly understand the service to others was the most fulfilling thing a person can do with their life. 4) What is Nerdesto22 ? ER) Nerdnesto is just a nickname because of my love for pop culture, Sci-Fi comics video games Etc. the 22 is to symbolize the 22 fallen everyday 5) What is 22 a day, and what does it mean? ER) 22 a day is the average veteran suicide rate. it is based off of a skewed 2012 census that came up with that number. In my opinion it is higher. At this point that number is more of a symbol for people to recognize how high that number has gone and educate those that don’t know. 6) What is the best way to help 22 a day? ER) Be involved with your local veteran community. It is surprising how effective just involving yourself and being proactive in your communities can be. Spend 22 min a week with a veteran just listening and you may save a life that day. 7) How can I get more involved with 22 a day? ER) Visit your VA hospitals or volunteer. go to retirement communities (the suicide rate is higher above the age of 60) or just talk to someone who has served. 8) Where did you stay at night? ER) I have been lucky enough that most nights a hotel will donate a room, but I have also had to sleep under the stars. Rest stops, camp sites, even just on the side of the road. 9) How long did it take you? ER) I started Nov 11 (Veterans Day) and will be done by mid April. 10) What was the hardest part of your walk across America ? ER) The Desert in California was a Beast. Your mind goes to weird places when you are alone for that long. the heat and sun didn’t help either. 11) Did you have doubts about finishing, how did you overcome then? ER) I wake up everyday and want to go home. there was not one moment where I didn’t want to turn back, but a community of people grew from this and all the messages of love and encouragement kept me walking. 12) What was the scariest moment you came across on your trip? ER) Getting Clipped by a Semi on the interstate wasn’t fun. Luckily it was a rainy day and my arm slid right off the container and threw me in to soft muddy dirt. 13) How did people receive you in smaller towns, did you notice a difference vs cities? ER) I would say smaller communities have been a bit more welcoming. it is actually the difference in states that has been the most prominent. Texas was the most friendly. 14) What was your favorite part about your trip? ER) Way to many to name off, but flying in a T6 Texan in Midland Texas sticks out. And shaking Stan Lees Hands. those are my personal ones. when it comes to the community. Helping Homeless veterans and also meeting a world war 2 vet in West Texas that was driven out specifically to meet and sign my ruck sack. 15) Would you do it all over again? ER) I would in a heartbeat. not specifically for the walking but all the connections i have made. 16) What was your first job? ER) I was a Buss Boy at an Italian restaurant when i was 15. 17) How long did you last & What did you learn from the first job? ER) Didn’t last too long and I learned how to clean a table lol 18) Which Bond is your James Bond ? ER) They all have their merits, but I gotta go OG and sat Connery 19) Kirk or Picard? ER) Han Solo! lol 20) If your going to be stranded on an island and can only bring two items you own, what would they be? ER) An Axe and a copy of The Little Prince 21) If you can meet with one person from now or the past and ask three questions, who would it be and what would you ask them? ER) Van Gogh and I wouldn’t ask him anything. I would just sit there and watch him paint and drink. I think his art spoke for itself. 22) Would you rather fight 100 sheep sized bunnies or 1 bunny sized sheep? ER) 1 sheep, they are lazy I think I could take him out pretty fast. 23) What is your favorite weapon to fire? ER) My M4 was great. It was pretty decked out. 24) Do you own any guns currently? What guns? ER) I do not own any. I have nothing against having any, just not really someone that would go shoot often. 25) What is your favorite Disney movie? ER) Star Wars now that its owned by them. Was fantastic speaking with Ernesto Rodriguez in this edition of 20 Questions. Was an honor, and big thanks to Ernesto for taking the time while walking. Please take a minute and reach out to a veteran, active duty or donate to 22 a Day. Thanks for reading folks see you next time! Are you a veteran or concerned about one? Call the Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 or visit veteranscrisisline.net
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