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Found 2 results

  1. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: A Review

    If there’s one thing I love about video games, it is the storytelling. Almost all games that I play or have played involve it in some way or another. Whether it is the massive story arches and connectivity of the Mass Effect series, or the small side quests that lead to relatively nothing in the Elder Scrolls, I love the quest for quests. And when given this game, I can tell you, I was excited. A Far Cry style open world FPS-RPG from a sniper’s perspective, what an awesome sounding game! (CI Games) And what an awesome let down. After a 40GB install, I expected the game to load and run smoothly, yet it surprisingly took multiple minutes(close to 7 min. every time) to load. And then, it still wasn’t at full quality I expected of a 2017 release, even at Ultra settings. Disappointing, but they may fix this in future patches. (reddit) The story line of the game is lackluster as well, about an inconceivable mission gone awry when two Marine snipers(who are brothers) are sent to a mission alone(which, as a writer for a military based site-this notion bothered me), and predictably, one brother is kidnapped and made rogue by a terrorist group, from which you must rescue him. Sniping up the terrorist chain of command until you can find him. A saving grace of the game is the customization aspects and their effect on gameplay. Manufacture ammo, and customize your weapons, and see how they change the way you maneuver and where you take your shots. I noticed, with one rifle, I would take much more conservative shots, and with another I’d play a lot more aggressive. It depended on what rifle and attachments I used. (n4g.com) My final opinion of the game is that, as a FPS, this game is pretty good, the sniping mechanics of wind and distance, as well as the ability to customize and manufacture weapons, ammo, and add-ons is very enjoyable. Yet, the story and the graphics could be better. They left too much for my mind to criticize while playing the game. I would recommend this to a person who likes sniping and/or open world games, and doesn’t really care about it being a cookie-cutter story.
  2. My 15 Minutes with Battlefield 1

    There are so many great games this past week at E3 in Los Angeles that for some it may be difficult to pinpoint a moment that stands out beyond all others. For me it was our time with Battlefield 1. Once we were inside the holding area for our 20 vs. 20 on Xbox One we received a briefing with some great information about the game. For beginners to the series this was a great way to get accustomed to the game. We got a glimpse of the tactics that are needed for a successful game of Conquest, how the classes work in the game, and how the Behemoth (read: Zeppelins) work. All of these, with the exception of the Behemoth, are not new to the series. The Behemoth, from my understanding, comes to the aid of the team that is losing the fight. It is capable of using player operated anti-aircaft to take out enemy aircraft as well as the ability to drop artillery on troops below. We were told that destroying this new target should be the focus of our team at that point. It can have a devastating and ultimately game-changing effect if unchallenged. Once we were ushered into the next area where we stood before our consoles we read our information cards to learn about the controls. Watching the timer go down on the screen until our match began I started to think about the first Battlefield game I ever played. Which reminded me that Battlefield 1942 was the first online multiplayer game I ever played. To think that all this time later I would be in LA, one of the first to play this game, hit me like a ton of bricks and I started to get excited beyond words. The timer reached zero. Thrusted into a small village, in the heat of battle in the Great War, I spawned inside of a aircraft. I was ready to defend our crew as the gunner to my last dying breath. In absolute classic Battlefield style our pilot immediately crashed into a tree. I laughed it off and spawned as an assault class troop and started to capture the objectives with my squad. The first thing that I noticed out of the gate was how much this game did not feel like some of the recent Battlefield games. It honestly felt a lot like Battlefield 1942. It felt like that first time I played that game online sitting in my room as a teenager. It has such a wonderful feeling of newness that I felt had been lost on the franchise recently. I was pleasantly surprised at how far EA DICE has come with this new title. Going against the norm and going to an era not generally covered in the video game world. In a market where everything is new and shiny--futurism incarnate. After that 15 minute match was over and our first Battlefield 1 match a victory all I could say where two things. "Wow" and "I need more". Battlefield 1 will be available October 26, 2016 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.
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