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  1. Wulverblade

    Like most gamers, I have interests that go beyond controllers, keyboards and a mouse. Long before I was introduced to video games, I loved history and folk lore. So when I saw Wulverblade by Dark Wind Media and Fully Illustrated, my heart skipped a beat and my expectations were high. The year is 120 AD and the Roman army has seized control of southern Britannia, and is marching north. The 9th Legion, 5,000 men strong, is working to raze all the small villages of the north, but the clansmen of the north will not surrender without a fight. Cardoc and his fellow villagers will not give up their land or their freedom while they still have breath in their lungs. Cardoc is a descendent of the mighty Wulver – a wolf that is said to protect the Shetland people, and he will make sure the Romans are driven from his homeland. You play as one of three characters battling against the Roman army in an 8 level campaign that can be played on either easy or normal. You can even switch between the difficulties if need be. You can play the campaign with saves and checkpoints, or play it in Arcade mode where you get 3 lives and 3 continues to prove just how good you are. Then once you complete the campaign you will unlock a new version of the campaign to play. Not in the mood to play the campaign – hop into arena mode and see how many waves of enemies you can slaughter. For added fun, you can have a friend grab a controller and fight by your side. Wulverblade is a classic side scrolling hack and slash that pits you against enemies that grow in difficulty. At first you are facing traitorous clansmen, but soon you will be battling against Roman soldiers. At the end of each campaign level you will have to face a boss. Most of the time you will be armed with just your sword, but you can pick up special heavy weapons that you can use temporarily. One of the great things is that you can pick up the weapons of some of your defeated foes. This means that you can grab knives, swords, and spears to throw and other enemies to do some quick damage. Since you are hacking your way through the invading forces, you are also able to pick up the severed limbs of your enemies and use them as throwable weapons as well. The in-game graphics are stylish and beautiful. Not only do levels take you on a tour of Britannia, but there are also video and photo logs of many of the actual locations. These logs are complete with modern and historical information that will intrigue and educate you in between levels, or after you complete the game. There is also an index of weapons and folk lore for you to read as well. The music in the game rivals that of big screen movies. The sound designers have even made sure that the sounds of arrows and slicing swords are not lost in the din of battle. Wulverblade is out now for XB1, PS4, and Steam. If you are a fan of hack and slash games, it is definitely one to pick up. With a price tag of $14.99 there is more than enough game for your dollar, and when you include the history included with the title, you get a really good bonus. 9/10
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