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  1. Dust Off Heli Rescue 2

    What was once old is now new again seems to be the catch phrase for a lot of industries these days. Movies are being rebooted, music is being re-sampled, and games are being updated and reimagined. Invictus Games LTD has put their own spin on the chopper shooter with Dust Off Heli Rescue 2. This game places you in the role of a helicopter pilot flying several dozen missions. Your missions include transporting downed soldiers, assaulting the enemy, transporting cargo, escort missions and more. You earn up to 3 stars per mission based on completing the objective, surviving, and by completing the mission within the set time. As you progress, you will unlock new helicopters and weapons. Once unlocked, you will have to buy them in order to actually use them. You earn coins by destroying enemies and completing missions. You can build up your bank account by replaying missions, but you will only earn a fraction of what you did when you 1st played it. Coins become important because you will have to purchase ammo and repairs mid-mission as you progress further in the campaign in order to complete them. But you can use older choppers for a while, and you can even use transport helicopters in assault missions. Game controls are super simple. Press both bumpers to lift off, then hold the bumper for the direction you wish to travel. You can either use the one of the control sticks, or the D-pad to point the nose of your chopper. There is no need to figure out how to shoot your guns, because they fire automatically. Landing is just making sure you don’t hit the ground to hard. Game play is well varied. The missions alternate often enough so you don’t get saddled doing to many of the same type of objectives in a row. And even though you play in the same area for multiple missions, the terrain and weather change. Wind and flying through caves will affect your lift and you will have to adjust your flying techniques. There are also 5 dog tags hidden in each mission for you to discover for an extra challenge. In the close ups of the game, it looks almost like is was designed in Minecraft. I personally love the blocky style as it reminds me of the old Activision game Chopper Command – just on steroids. The helicopter designs are interesting, varied and the paint jobs are nice and colorful. The music fits very well into the game and the sound effects are great. From the whirring of the rotors, the rat-a-tat of the guns, or the click click click when you run out of ammo. Dust Off Heli Rescue 2 is out now on XB1 and has a price tag of $14.99. The title offers a lot of fun, replay value, and a moderate difficulty level. A fun game that will allow you to just play for 5 minutes or an hour or so. 8/10
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