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  1. Stellaris: Humanoid Species Pack DLC

    Stellaris has recently had a brand new species pack, allowing players to access brand new portraits for all the different kinds of humanity. Everyone likes playing Humans. They’re squishy and adorable and just make you feel safe. No one wants to be some sort of grotesque alien thing. However, if you want to play something familiar you basically have to pick the monkeys. There are no other options. Until that is, the Humanoid Species Pack. As per previous species packs, you get access to new portraits for the relevant theme, as well as new ship modes and new voice packs, not to mention some in-game music. For starters, the brand new portraits – ultimately, they’re a collection of a variety of humanoid-type creatures. Special attention needs to be given to the ugly half – halfing (quarterling?) half – orc that just wants to sell you some great Persian music CDs. As well as this lovely chap, you have the fantasy tropes - an actual dwarf, complete with beard and tribal tattoos and his sworn enemy, 4th edition DnD Orcs (not to be confused with Lord of the Rings Orcs, who are way uglier.) In the DLC, alongside the portraits you get some lovely new voice packs: the Soldier, Diplomat and Technocrat. It’s pretty clear that these guys are meant to be – Soldier is FemShep from Mass Effect, Diplomat is every Elf ever and Technocrat is the Generic evil guy. When did Paradox get so anti-science? Finally, you get new ship designs for your humanoids that are likely supposed to be specific for human purposes. A big problem with the ships is that they look like different sci-fi genres smashed together. Some look clearly Star Wars inspired, but then still others look like they just got back from battling the Klingons. They feel somewhat muddled, plus sometimes just a bit special looking. However, it is nice to finally have some different variety for ships, rather than just being forced to use the Mammalian designs when playing something human-like. Stellaris: Humanoids is a species pack, so it’s going to contain a lot less than any normal expansion, just something to beef out the roleplaying capability for those that want it. There’s not a huge amount to say about it other than the ability to have prettier portraits and new ship types. Check out Stellaris: Humanoid Species Pack for yourself here on Steam:
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