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  1. Awesome review Thor! Thanks for posting it.
  2. .Thanks for the comment Jax. This doesn't apply to all games or franchisees but it does seem to be happening more frequently with new IPs as of late. It is really disappointing because there is a need for fresh, new, and engaging stories and characters. While I love a good franchise I feel the need for newness in my life.
  3. When it comes to advertisement the video game industry seems to be leading in terms of garnering hype for certain AAA titles that are undeserving. In the last few years though there has been a trend where the hype train is so powerful that you are convinced that this game being advertised is the greatest game that has ever been made. I know what you're thinking, how could that be a bad thing? How many times have you gotten that game and played it and felt utterly disappointed? There are a few games that stand out that I won't name *cough* No Man's Sky *cough* that has all the makings of a standout hit. An outstanding reveal at a major video game conference, the backing of a major publisher, stunning visuals (in the demo), and a story that seems to be expertly written. What happens when the game comes out and you play it for the first time? The honeymoon phase is something that we have all experienced when it comes to a hyped game. You get it and you start playing and your excitement for the game overshadows any bugs or problems you initially encounter. You are convinced though everything that you have read about the game that it is the best game you have ever played. Once that wears off you start to nitpick certain things about the game then you come to the realization that this is not what was promised. This is not what was advertised and more importantly you realize that you have been fooled. The problem is that the marketing is so well done, the conference presentations so perfect that we all rush to pre order and line up for midnight releases with the thought that we will get our hands on something incredible. By the time we realize what has happened we have already spent our money and the developers have turned a profit. Sure there have been class action lawsuits in the past but this trend doesn't seem to be slowing down or stopping. Have developers and publishers let us down in order to make money on false promises? Is this something that they willing and intentionally do?
  4. until
    GTA V Online - Make money or die trying
  5. Hey gamers! August 2016 is a little light on releases this month but that doesn't mean you won't have anything to do! There are some really great games coming out this month and here is the list: August 9 - No Man's Sky August 16 - Valentino Rossi: The Game August 23 - Madden NFL 17 August 23 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided August 30 - World of Warcraft: Legion
  6. Hey gang! Are you interested in writing for Front Towards Gamer? Want to get in on the early release of games and write about it? Going to any cons this year and want to report live from the shindig? Always wanted to be a games writer but never knew where to start? Well now is your chance! Send me an email at scott@fronttowardsgamer.com and tell me the following: Name Affiliation (Military, Civilian Supporter) why you want to write what platforms you currently play a sample of your writing (if you don't have anything, write me 250 words on a game you like and why you like it) That's all there is to it!
  7. Awesome sauce! Lot happened this week.
  8. Fredericksburg, Va. — The Gaming and Entertainment Experience Convention (GEXCon) was held this past weekend in Northern Virginia and it was an overwhelming success. When we arrived at the venue on Saturday morning the excitement was palpable. That old familiar feeling of setting up a booth at another Con. The passionate conversation from those who would bask in the warm glow of old CRT TVs rescued from some second hand discount store to play classic consoles. The wonderment of those who would be attending their first con, not knowing what adventures await. All of this is what makes a great convention and GEXCon was full to the brim with it. One of the things about GEXCon that really had me excited was the fact that once the doors opened it would be an all night party. From the time everything started on Saturday to when it all closed down on Sunday night it was non stop gaming awesomeness with arcade cabinets, consoles and LAN space as far as the eye could see. There was always something to do and great people to talk to at all hours of the night. Unfortunately I suffer from being old and broken so I was not able to stay up all night and keep up. However it was great to see people passed out on couches when we came back in the morning. I should have brought a sleeping bag or something! LauraLania, who was the host for the event, was a great personality that helped us with our streaming portion of the event as well as helped hype up the crowds and educate some folks about the OSD mission. The event organizers were also very keen on making sure that everyone made their way towards our booth. So next year, if you are looking for a great convention to go to where you can hook up your computing machine and go ham all night long, GEXCon is where the party is at.
  9. Batman: Arkham Underworld, developed by Warner Bros., is now available on the iOS app store. Become the criminal mastermind you always wanted to be. Recruit some of Gotham's most vile scum such as the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and others. Build the ultimate lair and rule the criminal underground Don't like what someone else is doing? Are they infringing on your turf? Raid their hideout in PvP battles! Complete the story missions within Gotham City and earn your place as the ultimate villain Batman: Arkham Underworld is a free to play app, however there are in game items for purchase.
  10. Good News Everyone! This weekend if you download Elite: Dangerous Arena from Steam or the Frontier store you can get it for free! The best part? Once you download it, its yours forever! This version of Elite: Dangerous features just the CQC Arena portion of the game where you test your skills against other Commanders in space combat. Four agile, combat-honed space ships. Choose from the fast and aggressive Federal and Imperial Fighters, the damage-dealing Eagle or the heavyweight Sidewinder. Multiple tactical options with custom loadouts unlocked by ranking up. Four Arenas: Elevate’s towering view, Cluster Compound’s mining facility, Asteria Point’s cavernous space station and Ice Field’s frozen asteroid belt. Eight-player Free for All, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes. Realistic, agile starship handling powered by Elite Dangerous’ advanced simulation technology.
  11. Red Dead Redemption will be released as part of Microsoft’s Xbox One Backward Compatibility program this coming Friday, July 8. Starting on Friday, every Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 owner will be able to play the game directly on their Xbox One, regardless of which version of the game they own (Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare, and Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition). And for those who have yet to experience it, the game will be available to purchase on Friday from the Games Store on Xbox One.
  12. There are so many great games this past week at E3 in Los Angeles that for some it may be difficult to pinpoint a moment that stands out beyond all others. For me it was our time with Battlefield 1. Once we were inside the holding area for our 20 vs. 20 on Xbox One we received a briefing with some great information about the game. For beginners to the series this was a great way to get accustomed to the game. We got a glimpse of the tactics that are needed for a successful game of Conquest, how the classes work in the game, and how the Behemoth (read: Zeppelins) work. All of these, with the exception of the Behemoth, are not new to the series. The Behemoth, from my understanding, comes to the aid of the team that is losing the fight. It is capable of using player operated anti-aircaft to take out enemy aircraft as well as the ability to drop artillery on troops below. We were told that destroying this new target should be the focus of our team at that point. It can have a devastating and ultimately game-changing effect if unchallenged. Once we were ushered into the next area where we stood before our consoles we read our information cards to learn about the controls. Watching the timer go down on the screen until our match began I started to think about the first Battlefield game I ever played. Which reminded me that Battlefield 1942 was the first online multiplayer game I ever played. To think that all this time later I would be in LA, one of the first to play this game, hit me like a ton of bricks and I started to get excited beyond words. The timer reached zero. Thrusted into a small village, in the heat of battle in the Great War, I spawned inside of a aircraft. I was ready to defend our crew as the gunner to my last dying breath. In absolute classic Battlefield style our pilot immediately crashed into a tree. I laughed it off and spawned as an assault class troop and started to capture the objectives with my squad. The first thing that I noticed out of the gate was how much this game did not feel like some of the recent Battlefield games. It honestly felt a lot like Battlefield 1942. It felt like that first time I played that game online sitting in my room as a teenager. It has such a wonderful feeling of newness that I felt had been lost on the franchise recently. I was pleasantly surprised at how far EA DICE has come with this new title. Going against the norm and going to an era not generally covered in the video game world. In a market where everything is new and shiny--futurism incarnate. After that 15 minute match was over and our first Battlefield 1 match a victory all I could say where two things. "Wow" and "I need more". Battlefield 1 will be available October 26, 2016 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.
  13. Attention Rocket League Players! Psyonix has announced that two classic vehicles from the original Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Cars are coming to Rocket League as DLC on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam PC. Aftershock and Marauder will be available as a timed exclusive if you purchase the Rocket League Collector's Edition which will release on June 24 in Europe and July 5 in North America. Both vehicles will have their original look but with updated graphics and will also come with six decals. They will be released for everyone else on July 18. Both cars can be purchased individually for $1.99 USD after that time.
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