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  1. I personally got bored with it. I do still have it preordered, but I think the hype around the game and what was in the demo really has me thinking about the dismay that was The Division. I think Ghost Recon is better played in solo mode or with a squad that is at the same point in the game as you are. I had a buddy that was in the squad that had already completed half of the available missions, and when we went to replay some of the missions he had already done, he knew where everything was, and completed the missions really fast, taking a lot of the joy of figuring out where things were and how to plan out the attack. Just my two cents, but I may cancel my preorder and wait for the price to come down a bit more... Haven't quite made the decision if that is what I will do or not. I am really considering going with For Honor as that was a really cool beta.
  2. So, I posted this originally in the forums, before I knew I was supposed to post it in here (Oops, my bad ). So here is the link to the video review I did for Vivid Helix's Semispheres. I went the video route for two reasons 1: Nobody likes to read reviews of video games when they can listen to the audio 2: Video provides a medium that allows for people to see some gameplay So, here is the link to my video review of Semispheres, I hope you like it. Please remember, I did this review on behalf of FTG, so I wanted to keep it professional in nature and not tarnish our community.
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