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  1. ARMA 3 - TRC Server Stream!

    Come join us on the OSD Twitch as we stream to raise money for Operation Supply Drop! We will be playing some Patrol Ops on Arma 3 courtesy of http://www.tacticalrabbits.org/
  2. Brawlhalla Summer Championship

    Mighty vikings, stealthy ninjas and fighting game fans from around the world are invited to join the epic battles sure to take place at the Brawlhalla Summer Championship Series, an online Brawlhalla tournament occurring July 29-30. More than 1,300 circuit points and $10,000 USD in cash prizes are on the line in the last seasonal Brawlhalla championship event before the $100k World Championship taking place in Atlanta this November. Players can register to participate via the Brawlhalla Circuit Schedule. https://smash.gg/brawlhalla-circuit/schedule Brawlhalla $10k Summer Championship Series Takes Place July 29-30 Last Online Event Before $100k World Championship ATLANTA, GA - June 26, 2017 - Blue Mammoth Games invites warriors from around the world to test their mettle in the Brawlhalla Summer Championship Series, an online Brawlhalla tournament taking place Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30, 2017 on the Brawlhalla Twitch channel. More than 1,300 circuit points and $10,000 USD in cash prizes are on the line in the Brawlhalla Summer Championship, the last seasonal Brawlhalla championship before the ultimate Brawlhalla event, the $100k World Championship, taking place in Atlanta this November. The Brawlhalla Summer Championship will be divided into four divisions, NA 1v1, EU 1v1, NA 2v2, and EU 2v2, with $2,500 in cash prizes for each division. The 1v1 competitions will take place on July 29 and the 2v2 competitions will take place on July 30. The daily schedule will be as follows: 12:00pm EDT - Start time (Europe) 2:00 pm EDT - Finals (Europe) 3:00pm EDT - Start time (North America) 5:00pm EDT - Finals (North America) Players can register for the Brawlhalla Summer Championship via the Brawlhalla Circuit Schedule. For more information, please visit the Brawlhalla esports website or check out the full tournament rules. Paul "FunkyP" Ngyuen, veteran of EVO, CEO and Dreamhack streaming, is producing the Brawlhalla Summer Championship stream. Blue Mammoth developers David "Foda" Kisich and Eric "TWK" Devlin will be commentating. "The format hasn't changed, but for the last online championship of the season the stakes will be even higher as everyone battles for circuit points and a chance to qualify for the World Championship," says Kisich, Director of Esports, Blue Mammoth Games. "We can't wait to see who will come out on top and compete in November."
  3. Tactical Rabbits http://www.tacticalrabbits.org/ We are happy to announce that one of the most popular and active ARMA Communities has partnered with www.FrontTowardsGamer.com to support us in our dedication to Operation Supply Drop's Mission! Please read the following article for more information on this amazing community! If you want to play with them or on their servers, check out the link above for more info! TRC or Tactical Rabbit Coalition was founded at the beginning 2017 with roots in the Arma community. Our founding staff members encountered each other on other community servers and decided none of those servers provided a stable environment conducive to the players’ needs. In February, TRC was founded on three key principles: 1) Stable, reliable content, 2) Frequent and active administration, 3) Providing an environment where gamers are listened to and their suggestions are heard and implemented.Our name comes from playing on Arma. Arma, which is a high-end mil-sim game, has two indigenous fauna; snakes and rabbits. Everything in Arma is tactical, tactical guns, tactical gear, as well as tactical rabbits. One of our founding staff suggested it as a joke and the name stuck. Our first server, Arma 3 Patrol Operations, went live on the 7th of February 2017, and has today has become the number one Patrol Ops server in the world. In the short time since our creation, we have launched servers for Arma Modded Patrol Ops, Blackwake, Minecraft, Rust, and Squad, as well as recently creating an Xbox One division which currently centers around Siege, Overwatch, Halo, Battlefield, and Call of Duty.Today, our community is very diverse and has members and staff from many different regions of the globe contributing to make us better every day. We embrace people from every walk of life from students to military and CEOs to fast food workers. Everyone has a voice in our community and is urged to voice their opinions on our forums and our Discord. With over 400 people active on our various servers and more than 250 registered members on our website we are growing quickly. In the very near future our community is launching servers for Ark and Arma 3 Exile as well as implementing many hardware upgrades to keep up with our rate of growth. We hope to continue this growth and one day provide a welcoming environment for gamers on all major gaming platforms available.
  4. RobocoxTV PUBG Customs!

    Let's get 5 more subs for the night! New EMOTE if we do! Come join us in the most popular #1 NA CUSTOM Server!

  6. The Crow's Eye!

    THE CROW'S EYE Set against a backdrop of psychological terror, The Crow’s Eye is a first-person puzzle adventure in which you will use your wits to escape the abandoned Medical University of Crowswood, while investigating the mysterious disappearances of students and faculty 20 years earlier. Developer: 3D2 Entertainment Publisher: Nkidu Games So while the wife and kid were taking a nap, I decided it was time to try out this horror game that I picked up the other day! At first glance I expected a game that was going to make me wake up the family with my childlike screaming and heavy breathing through dark and damp hallways. While this was the case in a few instances, overall the game did not have that scare factor that I had expected. (This is noted on the description of the game, that if you are looking for the surprise jumps and scares, you may be in the wrong place) I believe that I had roughly 2 instances of being actually startled by something in the game. One was when I was nonchalantly grabbing a key and a work jumped on my screen(in game of course) and the other when an ominous tone came into my speakers randomly. Unfortunately this game, while interesting and somewhat addictive (until you get too frustrated to continue) does leave something to be desired. The storyline is a bit hard to follow with the addition of multiple characters over time, and the random creepy guy who seems like he is from the past, but is talking to me as I am playing. I would have loved at least a few scary things around some of the vents and corners, but I can't ask for that if that is not what they intended. The quest line, while somewhat linear, does bring into play a bit of guesswork, and not in a good way. This guesswork created a very frustrating 10-15 minutes of sitting there wondering what I missed and where I have been on my very basic map. Overall, I would recommend this game to someone who enjoys mysteries, doesn't harp too much on the quality of graphics, and the person who wants to play a horror game without really being terrified. The Crow's Eye is available as a Steam Download! Check it out here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/449510/
  7. Downward Spiral: Prologue Downward Spiral is a VR Specific Game which can be purchased from Steam and found at http://store.steampowered.com/app/574940/ Developed and Published by 3rd Eye Studios Oy LTD. ABOUT THIS GAME (Direct information from Steam Game Link) Downward Spiral: Prologue is inspired by 70’s sci-fi movies and modern TV series; it’s the most immersive journey in VR, has distinct style, intense deathmatch, gunpowder smelling action in zero gravity and mystery you have never experienced before. It’s the first game released using new innovative way of moving freely in VR space without players suffering from motion sickness. Built by award winning industry veterans. Features: -3 game modes: Solo, Co-Op and Deathmatch -Intense Deathmatch in zero gravity for up to 8 players -15-30 minutes long Journey mode, the most immersive journey ever, especially in online in co-op -New Innovative way to move freely in VR without suffering motion sickness -Play with or without room-scale -Music by lead singer and composer of HIM, Ville Valo. Downward Spiral: Prologue is the first installment of very ambitious Downward Spiral Anthology Series. Every game will have different main characters, story and setting but are knitted together with the unsettling backstory which will open episode after episode. Initial Thoughts From RealHorsePlay! Downward Spiral: Prologue is an anti-gravity VR experience. This game does a great job at making you feel like you're in space with both it's design, and the way you have to get around. It's different having to control yourself by pushing off of walls/rails around you, but I enjoy it. Being able to explore an abandoned space station, finding very little here and there, left me curious. I wanted to keep playing and to discover what it was that had happened. Overall, I had a great time with what I was able to play and would go deeper into the game if I could! My only personal issue is that my body is not used to the movement that you have to do in this game. When your brain knows it's standing, but the eyes make it think that it's moving, can feel a little weird at first. I think this is a great game! Check out RealHorsePlay on Social Media YT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwryqmZtOCVHDXjTidBYYw Twitter - https://twitter.com/RealHorsePlay Once again - You can find this awesome game over at http://store.steampowered.com/app/574940/ If you have a VR Set - We recommend this game as one you should own! Be sure to check out the developer's website over at http://www.3rdeyestudios.fi/ for any up dates or new releases!
  8. Robo - CSGO Madness

    Streaming some CS:GO in support of OSD's Military Appreciation Month!
  9. FTG Announces April Giveaway

    WELCOME! As you all know, we LOVE to give back to our amazing community that gives so much to us! Our FTG April Giveaway has officially begun! Our Giveaway winner will be chosen at random using the Gleam Giveaway program VISIT THE FOLLOWING LINK TO ENTER: https://gleam.io/7LwMK/front-towards-gamer-april-giveaway This month we are giving away a game of your choice ($60 Value) and we wish you all the best of luck! This giveaway will go from April 3rd - May 1st! Hint- Submitting a video of yourself via YouTube with the FTG Logo will give you the most chance of winning! Good luck to everyone! Be sure to stay tuned for more challenges, giveaways, and community events!
  10. 6 Things About Gaming Your Parents Don't Want You to Know 1. Gaming can Actually Improve Vision and Attention Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Daphne Bavelier studies have shown that Video Games actually affect perception, attention, and cognition. Studies have also shown that video gaming enhances low level vision and attention by increasing the ability to monitor multiple objects at one time. Because of the large amount of activity that gaming puts on the brain and eyes, playing video games after eye surgery or receiving glasses can speed up the process of recovery. So next time your parents say you will go blind staring at that screen, remind them that it may actually help. 2. Gaming can Physically Change your Brain for the Better! Scientists in Berlin conducted a study using a Video Gaming Group (23 Members) and a Control Group that did not play video games. They were asked to play Super Mario 64 (Takin’ it back!) for 30 Minutes a day. Both groups were then given an MRI and the Gaming group showed increases of Gray Matter in the brain, prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum. For those, like myself, that are not neurosurgeons, those are the areas for planning, hand motor skills and memory formation (among others). (Trust me, I had to Google! it) 3. Gaming can make you YOUNG AGAIN! Ok, maybe not physically Research from the University of Iowa has shown from a study of 681 healthy individuals, ages 50 and older (This one is for you, mom and dad), that 19 Hours of strategy and mind teaser games delayed a range of cognitive skills up to 6 years for some individuals, with a minimum improvement of 1.5 years. So, for all of you who don’t have the ability to run and gun in Call of Duty and the likes, just play some brain teaser video games and if you play enough, you might be able to hop back into the FPS world! 4. Gaming makes you more social! With nearly 50% of teens able to say that they played some type of video game “yesterday”. It is easy to say that most didn’t play alone. As a matter of fact, 65% of teens play video games with people in the same room as them, and 27% play with their friends online! This doesn’t mean they always play together, but with the ease of access to online play these days, kids are far more likely to become more social, or at least horrible trolls who know more about my mother than I do. 5. Sports games make you better at sports, or at least try harder. Ok, this may be a stretch, but who are we to argue with the science? Studies by Cheryl Olson of Parents.com led her to believe that players (mainly boys) learn and attempt new moves/sports from things they have tried on video games. This increased interest in improving online has leaked into the real world. I wish I could have said the same about my times playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater, I think i had a good 20 minute manual down. No chance. 6. Video Games can help with Depression. When people play video games, brain scans show the most active parts of the brain are the rewards pathway system, which is associated with motivation and goal orientation, and the hippocampus, which is associated with learning and memory. These are the two main parts of the brain that don’t activate when people are suffering from depression. So long story short! Get on those chairs and play some games! They are good for your health! That is a really biased opinion on my part since I LOVE playing video games, but I hope that I have provided you with enough ammunition to defend your right to slay dragons, and defeat your sworn enemies in the digital world, without being bothered! Thank you all for reading, be sure to sign up as a member on our website and check out our monthly community events that focus around gaming! You can also join us on Discord on our extremely active channel which can be found here: https://discord.gg/0WgmmHOcoEmHGmua and you can find us on Twitch.tv at www.Twitch.tv/OperationSupplyDrop RobO FTG Community Director www.Twitter.com/RobocoxTV References 8 Reasons Video Games Can Improve Your Child. (2017). Parents. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://www.parents.com/kids/development/benefits-of-video-games/?slideId=37208 15 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games. (2017). Mentalfloss.com. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://mentalfloss.com/article/65008/15-surprising-benefits-playing-video-games Lenhart, A., Kahne, J., Middaugh, E., Macgill, A., Evans, C., & Vitak, J. (2017). Teens, Video Games and Civics. Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://www.pewinternet.org/2008/09/16/teens-video-games-and-civics/ Science, L. (2017). Brain Teaser Games May Slow Aging Mind. Live Science. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://www.livescience.com/29246-brain-games-slow-mental-decline.html TEDxCHUV - Daphne Bavelier - Your brains on action games :: News :: University of Rochester. (2017). Rochester.edu. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from https://www.rochester.edu/news/video/bavelier-tedx-2012/ Video Games Improve Vision, Study Says. (2017). News.nationalgeographic.com. Retrieved 26 March 2017, from http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/03/090329-video-game-vision.html Why Playing Video Games Can Actually Be Good for Your Health. (2017). Time.com. Retrieved 27 March 2017, from http://time.com/4051113/why-playing-video-games-can-actually-be-good-for-your-health/
  11. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Map Completion


    Gettem Partnah
  12. *Important Meeting*

    Congratulations! - you have found the FTG WEB HUNT SECRET IMAGE!
  13. Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Alarik, the CEO of Grunt Style! (www.GruntStyle.com)! During this interview we were able to ask him some questions about his time in service, his transition into grunt style, and the struggles of getting his company where it is today! We discussed various things throughout our conversation but the one thing you learned quickly about Daniel, he is humble. Daniel has this presence, even through the phone, of someone who does what it takes to achieve their goal and he has a way of projecting that motivation to other people as well. It was honestly a great learning experience for all of us, and we hope that it can assist others transitioning out of the military also! First we just want to give a huge shout out to Grunt Style, Daniel Alarik and Christine for their support along the way and making this happen! It is awesome to be able to provide some insight into the mind of a CEO especially one that transitioned from the military like many of our readers and community members! (The following are the Questions and Answers from our discussion with Daniel Alarik. For the article purposes, RC : Rob Cox - FTG Community Director, DA: Daniel Alarik - CEO, Grunt Style) RC: So what I did was, I asked the community what questions they would like to ask you, and I just got like, a bunch of responses, so I guess I will just go through them, if that’s cool? DA: Alright, Let’s get weird (Laughs) RC: This one is from DBLDeathDealer, he would like to know where you grew up? DA: Alright so originally I was born in Anaheim California but I grew up in right outside the Chicago area suburbs it was still Suburban but had plenty of outdoor area so it was fun. I got to play in the pond as a kid so I used to catch tadpoles when I was a little kid growing up and go fishing down there when I was younger. RC: He also wants to know when and why did you join the military DA: It was 2000 so I just graduated from high school, I didn't want to go to college, my grades sucked, I was a very average student. I think I graduated exactly at 2.5GPA. I just didn't care about school at all I didn't want to go to college specifically because you went to college and you had to go get a job then you have to go to work the next 40-50 years your life for something that didn't really matter. I wanted to go do something that mattered, something that I felt was important, I wanted to do something bigger than myself, and the Army just made sense. RC: Did you transition directly into Grunt Style when you got out or was this something you planned for you were getting out, basically how did Grunt Style become a thing? DA: So I was a drill sergeant out of Fort Benning, Georgia. Brand new wife, brand new baby, I hadn't seen them in nearly two years, my baby probably like nine months. So my wife's like “hey you need to start thinking about getting out” so I'm like okay great. What does an infantry drill sergeant do when he gets home? Probably like Paul Blart Mall Cop or something. I didn't want to leave and I was transitioning in the National Guard in Illinois so I thought how do I take it with me and better yet can I share it with others? The best way to show off your pride is to wear it on your back, so I started making some T-shirts and slept it in my car selling around the country for about two years and now we're here with over 200 employees, we design, produce, and ship our own product! RC: So is there a moment when you were selling things out of your car and stuff and it suddenly took off and you realized that you made it? DA: Not while I was selling out of my car, those years sucked! So what I would do is I would do those and stretches so it wasn't like the entire 3 years living in my car, I would do like scheduled trips and we go to different posts and I would do a route and it would take like 1 to 3 weeks of doing that then I would head back home and work maybe one or two other jobs during that time or something like that so it's very sporadic put it was working the entire time the problem was I really didn't know what I was doing I literally Googled what is business cuz I had no idea what I was doing. But there was a moment in January 2012 that really was the turning point for us and it was down in Las Vegas it was our first trade show and I say us because it was me and my wife she would help me with the work she was like hey it's not working we've been doing this for a few years you need to start thinking about shutting it down and I said well okay I guess you're right we're spinning our Wheels not really doing a whole lot for us and we're just burning money and again I started the whole company for 1200 bucks. We didn't have a lot of money at this point, we were broke but we weren't poor if you understand the difference, so we had our first trade show in Las Vegas and I'm like listen we're going to do this trade show I can't make 6 grand at this one trade show then we're going to shut down our doors for good. So we hop on the plane, we take the free shuttle back to the hotel we walk a mile and half to the grocery store,we buy a jar peanut butter and a loaf of bread and that's all we have for the next two and a half 3 days, My Wife had one Groupon, so we had a hamburger on one night. We would hustle this entire show telling everybody about this great product, what Grunt Style means, what it means to us, what it means to others etc etc, and by the end of the show we hopped back on the plane and we were just exhausted and as I'm tallying up all the receipts and it comes to $6,200, just enough to be depressed about staying in business and I thought damn why is this so hard? So I pulled out a yellow legal pad and drew a line down the middle and on the left side I wrote down everybody that I believed was doing business better than myself and what they were doing better, and I thought to myself okay what can I do that the winners are doing how can I use them to mentor me cause I didn't know them personally, I didn't know anyone that was successful in business, my family didn't have any money, so I didn't know anybody. I started watching them on social media, watching how they operate their stores and slowly but surely I started to pick up a few things! We realized if you can humble yourself enough to realize there are people who are much better than you and if you are able to watch what the winners do you can be successful as well. RC: Could you tell us more about your Beer Guarantee? I just recently used it, and it’s amazing! DA: So, when you're first starting out you don't have a name for yourself people don't know if they're going to take a risk on you right? With our stuff you may be paying a little more than your 3 pack of shirts at Walmart but you're getting the guarantee that it's good for life and that does two things. One, it gives you the confidence that you're getting a great product and two, it forces US to have great products, because I can't afford to have a bajillion returns, I have to keep it under a certain number and we will honor every single one no matter what, we don't quibble, we don't ask questions. When we get these returns, we know this one's coming back because this piece washed out or this thread is messed up and it allows us to identify the problems and fix them and put out better and better products in the future. RC: I can attest to that! I recently used it when I ordered 3 shirts one size too small, and I didn’t have ANY issues getting credit back from Grunt Style and getting my stuff back within 1 week! DA: Well I am glad to hear that it is working! RC: Has there ever been a shirt that you guys had made that just flopped that, just didn't work, wasn't good and just wasn't selling? DA: All the time, all the time. The rule in business is, and this is something I learned the hard way, promote the winners and you kill the losers, so if your team is the average sum of everybody on it and you have laggers or people who can't pass their PT test or they can't shoot BRM. well they still make up the sum of your team. So the faster you can rotate those things out or enhance them, the faster your whole crew will become more effective, and it’s the same thing in the product world as well. I'm not going to try to promote the losers, I'm not going to try to make them better, I'm going to kill it, it's done, get it out. People vote with their wallets, there is no marketing strategy or campaign that's going to significantly help it, all you're doing is throwing good money after bad. The same thing with the team member and I don't mean if you have someone on your team that sucks you should kill them, but the attitude that person really is what makes the most impact so if people want them on the team and they improve the team then yes they're adding value. RC: So just one final question, do you have any words of wisdom to other veterans who are thinking of starting their own business after getting out of the Military? DA: Absolutely! BE HUMBLE! Find someone that is doing better than you and find out what they're doing right. If you're starting a business, you have to spend 80% of your energy in some form of sales, you have to sell your product that's the fastest way to know if you have something that's going to work or not and just because you fail on this product or this business doesn't mean you're going to fail permanently. Business is all about how fast you can fail, if you think about it, it's like Land Nav, you know whats on the map and it made sense to go from here to here, but you happen to just run into some deep gulch or some wait a minute vines that you didn’t see on the map, so now you can change your course and circumvent them and still get to your goal. Once Again we just want to say a huge Thanks! To the Grunt Style Team for giving us this opportunity and we ask that if you haven’t already, head over to www.GruntStyle.com and check out their website and their products! Robert Cox @RobocoxTV Community Director, FrontTowardsGamer.com
  14. 20 Questions with BattlenonSense, Battlefield Content Creator

    Awesome! I love this - Thank you!
  15. Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Thoughts

    Ughhhhh This game looks so sick! I am def gonna get this! @DBLDeathDealerWhat platform you getting it on?
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