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    There were a few issues I had that hope they work with, like the unlocking of the weapons. I feel like if you pick up an enemy weapon you should be able to modify it. Plus, when you fast travel you lose any looted weapon. I loved the Drone, it was a pretty neat feature with the ability to tag enemies and plan out attacks. I'll probably be playing it when I get back from PAX east
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    it took longer to do than i would like to admit....
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    My reason to smile today! Both my Overwatch team and my Vainglory teams won first place in their tournaments today!
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    @RobocoxTV in what medium is the interview going to take place? I am super interested to hear what he has to say. I'd throw a question up but Ray and Cactus took all the best ones!
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    Hello! I am new to the team and wanted to take time out and introduce myself. I am an Army Vet. Served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I got out in 2010 and now spend my time streaming on my twitch channel twitch.tv/idunnyx. I play a variety of games and thrive on chat interaction. Follow stop by and say hi! Well thanks for taking the time out and reading this
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    What percentage of Grunt Style employees are veterans? Any plans to branch out from apparel and include other projects under the Grunt Style brand? Who has the most epic beard in Grunt Style? Best memory with the Grunt Style crew so far? Favorite conceal carry weapon? Ever make an Operation Supply Drop shirt? (Rhetorical) Would you want to?
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    Here are some great questions to ask him: - Where did he grow up? - When and why did he join the military? - What is the funniest story he has about his military service? - How did his transition go from military service? - Did he transition directly into Gruntstyle? - How did Gruntstyle become a thing? - What are the inspirations of the shirts they create? - Is there a shirt that he likes more than any of the others? - Is there a shirt he wishes they never had made? It just flopped? - Any words of wisdom to other Veterans who want to start their own business? - Does team and him game at all? - Did he game while deployed? if so, what games? - If he has time, not games does he play?
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    Hi everyone. I hope the holiday season was great for all of you. I was gone for a few months, lots of things happened. I was involved in a work accident (construction) that resulted in my left middle finger being crushed and ripped off my hand. I have been through Dr visits and casts and surgeries, etc. It was reattached, but it's still in very bad shape, and still has a chance of needing formal amputation. I am no longer in a cast, and I am teaching myself to type without that finger (not doing to bad either!). I unfortunately still have a hard time holding my Xbox controller, so gaming is no bueno for now. But exciting news: I was accepted into the Electrical Apprenticeship in Tampa, FL, so I left Las Vegas and arrived in Tampa 9 days ago. So maybe I'm closer to some of ya'll. I will try to be more active on here now that I'm settled and I can type again. I hope 2017 is great for all of you! Despite some stress, I am optimistic about this year! <3
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    Hey everyone, I have posted a new video on my youtube channel reviewing the new Vivid Helix game, Semispheres. Be gentle on the comments, this is my first review for FTG, and I wanted to keep it as close to professional as I could, since FTG was the one asked to review it.
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    Introductions... Man it feels like school all over again! I go by Jonny Roadblock, I am a Navy veteran with 5 years of active duty service, 2002-2007, where I was a cryptologist. I am an avid PS4 gamer, primarily shooter games like Rainbow Six: Siege and getting into Battlefield 1. I am on the Operator Gaming team where I serve as a council member and I assist with the web development and social media team. My work experience is in both IT risk and corporate security, and I live in Texas, as if my title didn't give that away. I was a blogger for many years after getting out the of the Nav, where I wrote for two personal blogs (they are no longer active), theprivacydude.com and SMRT.com, where my focus was on personal privacy and security. I have just recently, yesterday actually, started back writing, but this time it is about gaming. I look forward to becoming more involved with this community, and getting to know you folks. If you are PS4 gamer and looking for someone to play RB6 or BF1 with, hit me up, Roadblock1983. I will provide an early warning, I do cuss like a sailor...
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    I play PC Ps4 and Xbone. Right now I am addicted to Nioh but my favorite game I go back to time and time again is Super Mario Bros. 3.
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    I also don't know anything about football lol
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    i wish there was a face palm emoji for this exact moment lol
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    That's cause I was Camo-ooooo-flauged SGT-MAJOR
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    After spending as much time as I could playing Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands, I am proud to say I cant wait for March 7th to get my own full copy. We know all the facts about the game, and if you dont here is a quick recap.. There are 21 regions each with their own civilian populations 11 eco systems with different climates, plants and animals 26 bosses that you can if you want, track down and elimate Single player, Coop 4 player online or offline with AI Set in 2019 Bolivia Out March 7th The Good- The functional ability that you have over you player in game and out is the best I have seen in a very long time. All games adapt something from other games as we progress down the timeline of game history. When choosing your features for your player you get to pick from options that cover a wide range and offer so many variants that it gives you a great feeling of a personalized player. It took me a half an hour to get the guy right and I wanted to make another. Good thing you have 5 presets to do that with. Joining friends and inviting, teaming up is easy and fluid. Menus are not buggy and give you a clear indication of the use and its functions are crisp and not laggy. Loading times are fairly quick and the wait screen has a set of 90 tips and tricks you can scroll thru while you are waiting. Lets hope games start to put in mini games at wait screens (the patent that was stopping that came up last year) or maybe we are at the point in time that load screens are a thing of yesterday. Does anyone remember the load time for Gran Turismo? Wow. In game I found the views from the peaks to be intoxicating and graphics fantastic. It was a thrill to travel around in the air, the ground and on a boat. Teaming up with some friends, we finished the missions fairly quick on standard and had to bump up the difficulty. Oh man with that, you cant COD it, this is a tactical game that has to be played as such. Well you dont have to, but get use to that load screen, as you will see it allot if you try and to run and gun. Right now we know of over 40 guns, Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns. Scouring the game world for new weapons and items is a great way find these items. Gunsmithing will allow you to paint your weapon as over time it will get nicked up and worn down. The best part of Gunsmithing is its selection of attachments. The game offers more than 100 attachments (scopes, magazines, stocks, barrels, and more) that you can use to equip your weapon, allowing you to make YOUR weapon. Over 10,000 combinations are possible. The Bad- The car damage model was not accurate and feels like cars from games of 5 years ago Barrel roll for your player should be an option, your guy only barrel rolls when dropping from or falling from a height, and does it automatically. All and All I can not wait to get my copy of Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands on March 7th.
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    I feel like it's gears of war meets dynasty warriors. The attacks feel heavy on all classes and forms. I think this game will die out like a lot of other games that are similar to this. Only to be played by a specific audience.
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    Ughhhhh This game looks so sick! I am def gonna get this! @DBLDeathDealerWhat platform you getting it on?
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    lol, my point exactly
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    Dropping by to introduce myself, online I go by either Morpserie or Chaos Six. I stream regularly on twitch @ twitch.tv/morpserie. I'm an Army Veteran, I got out in 2011. I found out about Mil-Spec Stream Team from streamer oooricky. I stream a bunch of different things but for right now it has been mostly King of the Kill. I'm looking forward to being a part of this awesome community!
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    hello all my name is Chris (AKA: ambrosious_x). I am a 26 year old USMC vet after serving a wonderful 5 years in one of this great nations military services. I have been apart of OSD for a little over a year and a half now. I have graciously assumed the position as one of our community developers as to which i will do my best to fulfill the position to the best of my abilities. I currently play on PC the majority of the time but i do also have PS4 and XBOX1. If you have any questions, needs, party up for a game, or just need to talk to someone feel free to ask. well think that's it if i missed anything I'm an open book just ask away... Ill leave yall with a quote that's been stuck in my head for a while (don't remember who mentioned it to me) "Keep charging and never give up, things will always come back around full circle for the better".
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    Finally have time to make a post. Just a laid back Veteran who likes to stream and play games. Would love to become a full time streamer. Currently going to college for programming and game design.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Jonithan "JSkr3wB1a" Subia. I am an Army Veteran that is really into gaming and getting more into streaming. I currently go to the University of Houston were I am the CS:GO Coordinator for our club. Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. If you have any question feel free to ask.
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    Lets do this, but wait thats three words, lets just keep typing these words so this post can count too. There that should do. Thanks.
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    I will be in Bolivia for sure. Pre-ordered and ready to roll.
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    Oh Shaw-SHANK. Such a good movie that I can still watch today. Godfather was a close second.
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    Conclave is the much-awaited expansion for Crusader Kings 2, adding a variety of council mechanics and the dreaded coalition feature from Europa Universalis IV that attempts to curb the growth map-painting players. The big thing about Conclave, the ever-feared coalition changes, was… controversial, to say the least. This is understandable, as very suddenly nations large and small would unite to curb stomp the player for daring to expand. The strangest thing I discovered when testing out coalitions was finding Muslim powers uniting with Christian powers, which seems… Odd, to say the least. Considering the historical period in which CK2 takes place, to have these kinds of anachronistic partnerships irked a many players. They are currently working on altering the mechanics to forbid the possibility of cross-religion coalitions in a future patch, but one does hope that this kind of inevitable problem could be seen in advance by the testing team? Therein lays the usual complaint with Paradox Interactive titles and expansions; why on earth wasn’t this tested? Obviously, not everything can be tested in comparison to the tens of thousands of man hours that are played on release day, but sometimes mechanics that will so obviously be broken on release… Why aren’t they just changed? Complaints about coalitions and their absurd immensity notwithstanding, Conclave is an immense expansion to CK2. Previously, vassals served as a minor annoyance for your conquering; maybe they’d rebel, maybe they want some choice Dukedom that you have – it never really mattered, you could likely crush them with ease. With the Council mechanics, however, vassals actually matter. Now, your most powerful vassals will expect a seat on your council, giving them the right to vote on basically any action you want to take. I found the fact that my vassals could dictate when I could declare war incredibly irritating, but once I grew used to it I recognized how much it changed my style of play. Now, I needed to properly manage my vassal relations; I need to curry favour, ensure my friends and family members are powerful enough to back me up and, above all, stockpile cash to buy favours. However, the depth of these mechanics feels somewhat lacking. It is certainly very cool and interesting to have to care about your vassal’s opinions and votes but the extent to which you can control them is essentially just “buy favours”. It also feels as though the reason for the vassal AI’s choices is rather arbitrary; there are simply quite a lot of times where I find myself wondering why on earth this vassal thinks this, or why I can’t get a favour from them. Why doesn’t it explicitly say? It would appear that the main problem Conclave suffers from is a significant lack of depth and clarity. Lots of things happen in the game that didn’t before, but there are a lot of times when I simply don’t know why they happen, or how to stop them. I appreciate the mechanical changes and think that they will absolutely create a whole new level of play for CK2, but more clarity and depth in future patches will be needed before I would consider it something wholly positive. I do have faith in Paradox Interactive as a company though; they can usually be counted on to amend any issues their expansions create and end up with a player-friendly result. Also, you can make the entire world ruled by Horses if you have the inclination, so it certainly has that going for it.
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    Headup Games has released a new adventure, puzzle, platformer that will have you chasing after bad guys and searching for your friends. Toby - The Secret Mine tells the story of young Toby, one of the last remaining residents of his village. He must venture out into the dark, unforgiving world and rescue his 26 friends. You set out across the bleak landscape in search of your friends trapped in cages. Along the way you will have to solve puzzles to alter the landscape to allow you to pass and disarm deadly traps. But not all of your friends are sitting out in the open. You will have to poke into the darkness to try and see in the enemies have hidden any of the village residents there. The puzzles will make you rely on most of your senses. Besides the typical reflexes, you will have to have a keen eye to spy triggers for deadly traps, and be listening for strange creaking noises that might mean a loose floor board that can be broken. As you progress through the levels you will have to build on the the skills you have learned to solve more complex problems. Game graphics are, for the most part, dark and eerie. They convey the sense that you are on an overwhelming quest, that you are under prepared for in trying to save the village residents. Tihe stark palette really helps set the tone. The 1st half of the game most of the foreground is all black, so you get very accustomed to it, but suddenly you get thrust into a snow world that is blindingly white and it takes a little bit to adjust. The game music helps add to the spooky atmosphere. This game is a puzzle platformer at heart. For the most it is not really difficult, it will just take some trial and error. And those errors, while frustrating, will rack up a pretty impressive death count for most players. To be honest I wandered into several traps just to watch poor Toby bite the dust. But then again, Toby went into the beyond many times just because of my lack of skills at times. Death has little impact on your game progress. If you die you are transported back to the start of the last puzzle you have not completed. This makes it easier to push through the puzzles until you finally figure them out. Toby - The Secret Mine is out now on XB1, PS4, Wii U and Steam for $9.99. You can even grab it on Android or iOS.
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    You need to have a valid certificate of training and steady eyes. So, the answer is not yet. @echo5rom3o
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    A Reddit leak has popped up revealing a batch of new info on the upcoming Destiny sequel or has it? Here are some interesting highlights from the post: It will be called Destiny 2: Forge of Hope The story will focus on the Cabal race. They attack the city and players will need to take it back. The game will be built on a new engine that is built to handle frequent updates and faster load times. Sadly this means that players will not be able to transfer their old characters. On the plus side the sequel will offer more robust character customization options. Expected release date to be sometime between November 4th to 18th. Will be out for PS4 (Pro), Xbox One (Scorpio), and PC (finally!). Expect to see more details emerge closer to E3. Do you think this leak is real and what are you hoping the new Destiny title contains?
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    #clickbait lol They went from forging iron to forging hope that destiny 2 isn't going to be just another dlc
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    ya know, believe it or not people have done it.... they send them to my twitter.... part of me is always like i should reaallly delete is. and the rest of me is like hell nah!
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    One of my favorite things about streaming is being able to express myself through my overlay! i can make it dark and gloomy if im having a bad day, or it can be Bright pink and covered in RAINBOWS (although Id have to be PREEETTTY sick for you to see pink and rainbows on my page, because......ew) My point is, overlays arent just there for you to show your recent follower, or what brand is sponsoring you (although those are GREAT things to show off!) But use it to show who YOU are! Dont follow the norm and have a basic overlay, the kind everyone expects. Let it tell a story! ♥ Mine has a virtual plant that grows the more people who watch not only is it adorable, but it makes me happy because i love plants! What have you done to yours to make it stand out?
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    excuuuuuuse me! pokemon is amazing. lol i was talking about WC3. also i loove diablo
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    Damn it, I vowed to not look up leaked info but these deets are SO JUICY
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    If you count Italy as a deployment, then yes. Africa in a month or so, also yes.
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    Interestinnngggggg Haven't played Destiny in forever though
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    OOGA BOOGA! do i have your attention now? awesome! HELLO EVERYONE! The Names Krizzi, (or kristi if your not a fan of the letter Z) and i like Bullet points >:D ☺Im 25 years old ☺Army Vet - HOOAH ☺OSD Member ☺ Team Synergy Owner (eSports Org) ☺ Fan of the color Orange ☺ Terrified of Ferris Wheels ☺ Coloring book master There is more but you'll learn it as you go I'm also one of the new Community Events Managers here at FTG I have a strange personality, some of you will LOVE me, while others will HATE but i promise ill grow on ya ;P
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    looks like a knock off of LIMBO, I enjoyed that game. I might have to check this out
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    Pocket Kingdom is a charmingly retro puzzle-platformer that creates a deep and mystical world concerning sky habitats and slumbering gods, then fills that intriguing world with a variety of frustrating puzzles and lasers. Thanks a lot, slumbering Gods. In any retro-style game, the music is an absolute essential and needs to be considered first. It is obviously in the 8-bit, nostalgia fueled style of so many other games of its kind, but the overall tone is not one of easy-going adventure, but perhaps instead a dark, somewhat confusing journey. There are upbeat moments, crescendos that build towards relief, yet are then quickly replaced by the slightly claustrophobic tones that seem to subtly tell the player that he is trapped. And trapped he is; you are completely shipwrecked on a mysterious island created by a slumbering God. Others have crashed here and given up, seemingly making whatever life for themselves they can. The importance of the people other than as tutorial advice or guides is insignificant at best, but their presence helps to curtail the feeling of loneliness; without them, it’d be you, a strange Mario-man with a bunch of tools and a ubiquitous Wizard who seems to always get to a level before you. The puzzles are inventive; obviously, any game of this genre that wishes to stand out needs to possess this quality. However, they are a cut above other platformer puzzle games I’ve experienced. There’s the standard mechanic of using blocks to block lasers that inhibit your passage, but there’s also a surprising mechanic of using inverted gravity. In one puzzle, I had to reverse my gravity and then the gravity of one of a multitude of boxes, no less than 5 times to be able to solve the puzzle. The main character also possesses a Rocket Launcher to shove blocks and a Hookshot to… hook blocks. This allows you to manipulate the blocks and do some really interesting solutions to the puzzles. The entire experience feels this way, innovative and very interesting, but the limited application of these cool ideas starts to frustrate the player. That’s the key problem with Pocket Kingdom - it is incredibly frustrating. The puzzles are fun and they are engaging but, when the difficulty ramps up, it’s just too hard. I repeated one level about 40 times before I figured out the solution – there was very little satisfaction, only a crushing realization of the last hour wasted. Too many times I would finally discover the solution, yet be left with an incredibly disappointing feeling that the solution I found wasn’t right. It honestly felt like I had broken the game somehow; my solving the puzzle didn’t seem tied to a systematic application of learned knowledge and skills, but more a random variety of actions attempted in desperation until, finally, one of them solves the puzzle and I can get that damn key. The path of the game is also slightly confusing – it is clear that there is an end goal in mind, but the map that allows you to explore and go to each puzzle is quite open – it at first seems as though there are innumerable options and ways to win the game, but time and time again I kept coming up against an arbitrary barrier. “Oh, you need THIS tool to pass, check a few rooms west” or, after working my way through 3 rooms and finding a giant red demon who seems will help me, he says I need to buy him a key. He opens a portal to… the shop… that just has the key lying there. I go to buy it, turns out I need 3 coins. “Coins? What Coins? There’s currency?” I say to myself in confusion. Yup, guess I need to go to the rooms on my map that look… kind of like coins? Oh yeah, look, I did it, I get a coin! Guess I do this two more times until the red demon will open my arbitrary barrier. While I understand the desire to deviate from the ever-present linear puzzle path - solving one puzzle, then on to the next until finally the ending - but this somewhat pseudo-open worldness just seems half-baked. While Pocket Kingdom is absolutely gorgeous, sounds amazing and utilizes some really interesting mechanics, at the end of the day I am left feeling frustrated and confused. + Beautiful sound design and retro feel. + Innovative and interesting game mechanics designed to challenge the player. - Too much frustration, rather than real challenge. - The non-linear world feels forced and confusing.
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