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    Yo! God damn, I've done so many of these! So, my name is Lauren Leal, I go by Lo or Tony. I'm a HUGE FPS gamer (PUBG, COD, TF2, CS:GO, ect.) I also do enjoy MMO's but preferably ones that let you play for membership (EVE and RS3 i think), my current one is Skyforge, might get my Guild Wars 2 account back. I am a Veteran, I was in the USN for 4 years because I knew it would mean a lot to my step-father to see a 4th generation Navy. My lucky ass made IT AND got orders to Japan, Yummy. I had way too much fun, I'm a drinker. I'm a damn Sailor. Anywho, I loved Japan, everything about it. The food, people, architecture, and even how they pitch sales lol. My favorite things were Mt. Fuji snowboard trips and Ageha (look it up and be jealous). Naw I loved the exploring too! About me, I'm still a baby, just turned 23. I'm mostly just a gamer, and on occasion I write poetry (fuck with me now), but if any are interested into getting to see my life from a different perspective I'll post the link if I'm allowed. (Some forums are fuckers). Anywho that's all I got for you bastards!
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    Operation Supply Drop has been selected to participate in the American Heroes Charity Challenge hosted at Crowdrise! Crowdrise, supported by the Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund, will be giving away bonus dollars to select charities throughout the event if they can meet the various challenges outlined in their bonus challenges section. There is $50,000 worth of bonus cash available for the various organizations to receive. As the gaming community branch of OSD, our hundreds of member can make a significant impact on this competition! Registration is simple! Create an account at Crowdfire.com and join the Operation Supply Drop team and start fundraising! Through simple fundraisers like this we can positively impact hundreds of veterans across the globe!
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    Thanks so much for all of the support and everything! I will shoot you a follow so I can make sure I drop by and say hi when you are streaming!
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    Welcome to the community Madd_Jakk. Look forward to speaking with you and working with you in the future. Feel free to ass me on Steam at MisterE911 or Twitch at the same name.
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