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    Your Toy

    TG AceoHearts

      What if toys had souls?  It’s a deep question, that can have some troubling consequences if it is true.  Think back to all those army men you melted, Barbie’s you beheaded, and those other toys you abused.  The new game Your Toy by Viva Games explores what can happen when your once loved toy becomes abused and tossed away.


      You wake up in a locked bathroom stall with nothing but your cellphone.  You receive a mysterious message that makes you realize that someone is after you.  Your first priority is to get your bearings, collect what you can, and figure out how to escape from the stall.  Your powers of observation and problem solving will be put to the test – time and again.


      The game is comprised of several areas, each with multiple puzzles to solve, and dangers to avoid.  All of the answers can be found around you, but with something stalking you – will you be able to concentrate?  The puzzles are randomly generated – which means each playthrough will be a bit different.  The main puzzles remain the same, but the solutions change – so you will still have to search out the answers every time.  This will make speed runs a bit difficult.


       This game is a psychological thriller to the core.  From the thunder and lightning outside to the creepy interiors.  Even though you have a cellphone, it only receives incoming calls and messages.  And the incoming calls are far from reassuring.  The visual style of the graphics plays right into the horror genre.  Lights flicker, there is a grainy texture to some of the scenes, and random artifacts fly across the screen – making you wonder what you just saw.


      Sound design is important in any game, but it seems to stand out more in the horror genre.  Bad effects can snap you out of the moment quicker than anything.  The music and sound in Your Toy is the exact opposite.  You are drawn into the nightmare and held hostage until you beat the game or decide to stop playing.


      Your Toy is available as a limited time exclusive on Xbox One.  You can add it to your collection for $14.99.  It will be available on other platforms, but no firm date has been set.


    ** I must say that I hand write all of my reviews first, then type them up the next day or when the embargo is lifted.  I wrote this review then got sick, so it has sat for a few days.  In the interim, I replayed the game to collect the last few achievements that I needed.  In 3 of my 4 runs (that many are not normally needed) I encountered a glitch in one of the final areas.  One of the items required to complete a puzzle failed to spawn.  After a quick look on the internet – this was not an isolated issue.  A glitch like this really effects game play and the overall rating. **




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