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    The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk

    TG AceoHearts

    Earlier this year Headup Games brought the Studio Fizbin game – The Inner World to consoles from PC.  This was done to prepare everyone for the release of the sequel – The Inner World : The Last Wind Monk.  The wait is over, the game is now out and it returns to Asposia and follows the adventures of the original characters.


      The Last Wind Monk picks up about 3 years after the events in the 1st game.  The world of Asposia is not as rosy as we might have wished.  Robert, the rightful King, is missing and Laura has been captured by Emil.  Emil is a Conroyalist that believes the flute noses summoned the Basylians, turned Conroy to stone, and are to blame for all the worlds woes.  He has made it his mission to round them all up and throw them into the wind fountain.


      This dark tone emanates through most of the game.  Citizens live in fear they will be discovered as flute noses while others blindly hunt them.  Robert almost wallows in self-doubt, due to his upbringing by Conroy, and this taints his normally cheerful demeanor.  Much of the fun and light heartedness of the 1st game is lost in the shadows of this new Dystopian World, but there are a few pillars of light to be found.


      As with the 1st title, this is a point and click adventure.  You will have to talk to everyone you meet to get the clues needed to solve the puzzles for each chapter.  It’s then up to you to collect the items needed, in some cases combine them, and complete the task at hand.  Just like the previous game, the puzzles range from fairly simple to running in circles frustrating.  There are a few puzzles that even when you get all the clues, you will be left guessing at the correct answers.  There is one, which I would almost classify as a mini game, called Knock Knock, that seems to rely more on luck than anything.


      The music in the game works very well to capture the mood of the scenes.  It easily transitions from the heavier story moments to some of the light-hearted moments.  The voice acting is good, but occasionally you will notice that Laura has an accent that comes and goes.  The graphics are just as crisp as inn the original.  It is nice to see that they have brought back many of the supporting characters from the original, and that the quality is just as good.


      The Inner World : The Last Wind Monk is out now on XB1, PS4, and Steam.  The puzzles are harder than the 1st installment, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The game is worth checking out – but I would recommend playing the 1st game so you can play through the entire story arc.



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