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    Sublevel Zero Redux

    TG AceoHearts


      Indie game developer SigTrap Games has released a new flying shooter along with game publisher Merge Games LTD.  Sublevel Zero Redux puts you in the shoes of the last pilot standing as you take control of a lone gunship and try to save the world.58c9a09eb5db1_image(1).thumb.jpg.8afc31099014b4ba394eb68045646e5a.jpg

      As you take over the last gunship, you will pilot your way through procedurally generated levels.  The pressure is on for you to destroy the enemies, collect parts and nanites to craft more powerful weapons, and of course destroy the reactor at the end of each level and move on.  Which guns, missles and hull will you pair together to make your ultimate death machine?58c9a09f8422f_image(2).thumb.jpg.392769b9ba60cc7f046a3adcc95b4a5c.jpg

      The object of the game is fairly simple - destroy your enemies while you fly through tunnels of a large spaceship.  The execution is  where the game stands out from the other games in the genre.  Not only are you able to fly forward, backwards, left and right, but using the d-pad will allow you to increase or decrease you altitude.  Tap left or right on the pad and you will roll 45 degrees in that direction.58c9a0a049115_image(3).thumb.jpg.28e1c75e85042b65da617cdec68b49a5.jpg

       You have full range of motion in this shooter and you will need it.  Dodging fast charging enemies will require you to learn how to deftly move your ship.  And since the weapons you start with are not the most accurate, you will have to try and get in close to make sure your bullets find their mark.  Having 6 degrees of freedom also means that you will be using almost every button and trigger on your controller to make the most of the control scheme.58c9a0a10ded8_image(4).thumb.jpg.5f340edb7e2132b2762425fa9dee3598.jpg

      The graphics in the game may seem a bit simple at first, but as you progress through the levels the simple tunnels you are flying through give way to beautiful caverns.  Since the game is procedurally generated, there are no save points or extra lives, each play through is very unique. It also gives the game a high replay value.  Don't think if you complete the 4 levels that you see listed that you are done, that is just the start of this adventure.58c9a0a205a47_image(5).thumb.jpg.5b764722560e7ce4db90174fc212be1a.jpg

      Sublevel Zero Redux is out now on XB1, PS4 and Steam for $19.99.  There is also a limited edition physical copy available on PS4 if you like to have the disc in your collection.


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