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    Slayaway Camp : Butchers Cut

    TG AceoHearts

      There are tons of puzzle games coming out for consoles.  Blue Wizard Digital created a mix of a puzzle game and ‘80’s slashers flick in Slayaway Camp – Butchers Cut.  Originally released on Steam, Digerati Distribution has brought it to XB1 and PS4.


      The object of the game is simple – kill all the innocent people then escape.  This is done by sliding around the board until you run into them.  You will have to use the walls and objects in the environment to block your movement, or else you might end up missing a victim.  As the levels progress you will also have environmental hazards to help you off your victims – holes, fires, electric fences.  But beware, these hazards can also kill you if you are not careful.  But sometimes you have to sidle up next to a victim to scare them into a better position so that you can complete the level.


      When you first start up the game you will get to choose between the PG and R rated versions of the game.  They both play the same, but they sport different music and the PG version has 0 blood, the victims are just knocked out, and the victims in the mini game are replaced with targets.  This means that the game can be played by any aged member of the family.  The game is divided into 13 “movies” each with at least 10 levels with over 200 total for the title.  Once you complete each movie it will unlock deleted scenes and NC-17 levels.  There is also a movie that is just a mini game that tests yours reflexes to see how many kills you can get in a row.  The more you kill, the more skull coins you can earn.


      Skull coins are used to unlock more gruesome kills, and can help you in case you get stuck.  If there is a level you are having trouble working out, you can buy a hint for 25 coins or a full video walkthrough for another 100 coins.  On some of the later levels you may have to watch the video a few times – but luckily you only have to pay once.  You can also use the coins to buy extra killers from the mystery box to complete your collection.


      The graphics in Slayaway Camp are a bit blocky, but work well with the game.  When you play you can pick between either a ¾ top down view, which will allow you to better see the victims and environment or a straight top down view.  Both work well, so it comes down to personal preference.  If you play with full gore, you won’t be disappointed, as blood splatters everywhere, and skulls roll when you slide back over them.  The soundtrack, especially in the R rated game play, is totally addictive.  Think ‘80’s hard rock that would have inhabited the slasher movies that the game parodies.


      Slayaway Camp : Butchers Cut is out now on XB1 and PS4.  You can get the original game on Steam or purchase a bundle with all the extra levels.  There is even a version you can grab for your phone if you want to try your hand at mobile homicide.



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