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    Pressure Overdrive

    TG AceoHearts

      Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try to defeat an evil water stealing mastermind while piloting a steam punk bath tub?  I mean, honestly, who hasn’t?  Well you don’t have to wonder any longer because Chasing Carrots has released Pressure Overdrive where you can do just that.


      You play as Morgan, a young, carefree soul that lives on the edge of a lake.  One morning as you go for your morning dip you realize that all the water is gone.  You quickly notice signs for a new spa and understand what has happened.  Your lake, and all the water in the surrounding area, has been syphoned off to create this luxury get away and it is up to you to fix things.  So you decide to build a steam powered bath tub of doom straight out of Mad Max to liberate the wet stuff and foil the evil mastermind.


      To beat him you must traverse 30 different levels and beat 3 separate bosses.  You can either do this solo, or with a friend in local co-op.  No matter how you decide to play, there are 3 different skill levels to choose from.  You can have multiple saves going at once, so you can try out different combinations to see what works, or just play with different friends.  If the campaign isn’t your style you can always play Endless mode, where you battle wave after wave till you succumb to the enemy.


      One of the coolest things about this game is your bath tub.  Because you are not going to bring an ordinary tub into battle, you are going to bring the big guns.  As you destroy enemies you collect gold which can be used to upgrade your tub.  Add a bigger gun, more armor, side grinders, rear electric bolts and more.  Customize your ride to suit the way you play, but beware everything is steam powered, so if you run low on steam, you will slow down and your fire rate will drop.


        As you delve deeper into the spa you get a look at a wide variety of locations and enemies.  The graphics are bright, colorful, and maintain their integrity as you are zipping through the levels.  Each boss has an interesting design that will excite you when you see them and challenge you while you are battling them.  You also get a rocking soundtrack to accompany you on your journey.


      Pressure Overdrive is out now.  You can pick it up for XB1, PS4, or Steam.  



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