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    Lost Grimoires 2 : Shard of Mystery

    TG AceoHearts

      Just in time for the end of the year Artifex Mundi has released another hidden object game for consoles.  Lost Grimoires 2 : Shard of Mystery is the latest port from PC from the company – and a great sequel to the original.


      You play as the medic to the King of House Griffins.  The kingdom has just ended a 4 year war with Drosera, an evil witch, and her crystal army.  With the help of several alchemists, the King was able to trap her in the Chasm Mirror.  The mirror cracked, and a small shard became lost.  Even with peace in the kingdom, the war has taken its toll on the aged King and he falls ill as Drosera threatens her revenge, and soon passes away.  12 years pass and the young prince is about to be crowned the new King.


      But before the coronation ceremony, the Prince decides to show the Chasm Mirror to Rose, his girlfriend that he has been keeping a secret from the rest of the kingdom.  While they are looking at the mirror Rose places the missing shard back into the mirror and tries to free Drosera.  It is up to you to save the Kingdom from the evil witch, her crystal army and maintain the fragile peace.


      Game play is identical to the first game.  You must complete hidden object games and mini games to find items needed to solve other puzzles and complete the story.  As the medic, you must also complete different potions throughout the game.  These require you to collect 3 ingredients then play a match 3 type game to gather enough elements to complete the process.  While this adds another dimension of gameplay – it tends to get a bit boring.  The game only has the main story, which can be played in casual or expert modes, but the lack of an extra chapter, or alternate to the hidden object puzzles does decrease the amount of play time for the title.


      Graphics are beautiful as always.  The details in both the regular environments and the hidden object scenes are very precise.  The objects are well drawn, and they are varied from the previous games.  This is nice because if you have played the other games from this designer, you won’t see the same anchor or rose sprite used.  The music is appropriate for the story and the scenes and never over shadows the spoken dialogue.  The voice acting is good – but does get a bit repetitive during the final battle.


      Lost Grimoires 2 : Shard of Mystery is now available for the Xbox One for $9.99.  If you haven’t played the 1st installment in the Lost Grimoires series you can pick up a package that has both games in it for $14.99 – which is a great value.



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