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    Grim Legends 2 - Song of the Dark Swan

    TG AceoHearts

      Every few months Artifex Mundi ports one of it’s PC point and click adventures to consoles.  The most recent one to get this treatment is the 2nd installment of the Grim Legends saga – Song of the Dark Swan.  Even though it is the 2nd in the series, if you haven’t played the first game, you won’t be behind in the story.


      You play the part of a healer, who has been summoned to a distant kingdom by the King to help save his Queen.  Once you arrive, you are greeting by the Royal family and notice that the Queen is a bit out of sorts.  Soon you are embroiled in a story of dark magic, revenge, and the storied history of other nearby kingdoms.  It is up to you to untangle the story and fight back against the evil forces at work.


      Game play is similar to the previous games from this developer.  You must complete hidden object puzzles and mini games to advance the story.  If you get stuck on one of the mini games, you are able to skip them.  You can also ask for hints if you are having trouble finding any of the hidden objects.  This won’t affect your game, but if you skip a mini game, or use hints it will negate your chance of earning a few achievements for that play through. 


      Song of the Dark Swan has several things that add to the length of game play that some of the recent hidden object games have been lacking.  Besides the casual and expert modes of the game, there is also a prologue that will add to the story and the challenges.  Also throughout the main story you will have to find over 2 dozen hidden Healer Sigils.  This means that there is a hidden picture game inside a hidden picture game.  Luckily if you miss 1 or 2, you can pick them up when you play the other difficulty.


      The graphics in the game are top notch as always.  The static scenes are beautifully rendered. Each area that you explore is rich with color and texture.  The music and sound effects blend perfectly with the settings to help set the mood – be it ominous or slightly wistful. 


      Grim Legends 2 : Song of the Dark Swan is now out on the Xbox One, and you can pick it up for $9.99.  There is also a bundle available that contains both Grim Legends games for $19.99.  This way you can add both games to your collection.  Whether you are a fan of hidden object games, or easy gamer score – this is a title to add to your collection.



    Edited by TG AceoHearts

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