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    Eventide 2 : Sorcerer's Mirror

    TG AceoHearts

      If you have been following my reviews for a while you will have noticed that I have a fondness for hidden object / puzzle games.  These titles allow me to slow down, focus on all the minute details of gameplay and story.  They also remind me of the hours I would spend with those paper puzzle books before the release of the Atari.  Artifex Mundi is the leading publisher of hidden object games and they have just released another title from their catalog to the XB1.  Eventide 2 : Sorcerer’s Mirror continues to follow the adventures of botanist Mary as she explores the Slavic countryside.


      The game starts out with Mary rock climbing with her niece Jenny, and everything seems well.  But soon you encounter an evil sorcerer who kidnaps Jenny and plunges you into another adventure.  It is up to you to save your niece, discover the sorcerers plan, and save the country.  This is done by solving puzzle mini games, using magic potions, and uncovering the secrets of the past.


      Gameplay is very similar to other games from the publisher.  One new feature is a moral system.  Throughout the game there are a total of 5 choices that you must make that will affect how the game plays out.  The choices have a minimal effect on your playthrough, but you will have a few different conversations because of what you pick.  If you want to get all the achievements, you must playthrough at least twice, so you will get a chance to see how everything plays out.


      The title also includes a fair amount of inventory crafting.  This means that you will find a group of items and then need to assemble them in the inventory bar.  This brings a little more thought into the game as you must figure out what is needed to craft the different items.  The game also brings back collectables.  There are 2 separate types of collectables that you have to search out while playing – cards with Imps on them and gleaming mirrors.  While these are only required for achievements, it still adds a bit to the game play.  Don’t worry if you don’t  find them all on your 1st playthrough, when you play through again the items you have found will already be collected, so you just need to grab the few you missed.


      Graphics in the game are great as usual.  The areas you visit are beautifully rendered, and the hidden object puzzles are challenging.  The soundtrack helps create the tone for the game, be it a peaceful waterfall or sneaking around the sorcerer’s castle.  The music and sound effects help to immerse you into this world of magic, where things are not always as they seem.


      Eventide 2 : Sorcerer’s Mirror is out now for the Xbox One.  You can pick it up for around $10 or you can grab the bundle that includes both Eventide titles for $15.  If you are a casual gamer that is looking for an interesting story I would recommend this title for you.  There are some fun puzzles to solve and the game will keep you entertained for several hours.  And if you are an achievement hunter, this is a title for you as well.



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