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    Don't Knock Twice

    TG AceoHearts

      There is a pretty long history of video games based on movies being pretty horrid.  All one has to do is look up E.T. for the 2600 and they will see the beginnings.  Games either have little to do with their celluloid partners, or they pale in comparison to all the hype.  Often they seem like they have been rushed to market just to add a few extra dollars to the studios pockets.  But every once in a while there is a game that holds its own.


      Don’t Knock Twice is a horror film in which a mother trying to re-connect with her daughter attracts the attention of a demonic witch.  The game follows a similar plot line to the film.  I must say that I have not seen the movie at this time, but the game does stand on its own merits, and doesn’t require any knowledge of the movie.


      You play as Jess, a woman that gave up her daughter at a young age, but it now trying to make amends.  You begin the game in a darkened room, lit only by the fire in the fire place.  Your cell phone rings and it is a text from your daughter, trying to figure out what is going on.  You must investigate your house to piece together what is going on, as well as your history with your daughter.  All the answers you seek can be found in your eerie home.


      Don’t Knock Twice does an amazing job at creating a very ominous atmosphere that you are stuck in.  The graphics are fairly realistic, and the only light comes from the candle you are carrying, or your cell phone screen.  There are a few scattered bolts of lightning that will also brighten your view, but they pass too quickly for you to really use their light.  The sound effects are next level creepy.  I grew up in an old Victorian house and spent hours wondering if the house was settling, the wind was blowing under the shutters, or if someone was walking across the creaky wide board wood floors.  All of those sounds are perfectly replicated and slid into the soundtrack.


      There are really only 2 draw backs to this title.  The first is the length of the game.  It will only take you about an hour or so to complete your 1st playthrough.  The game requires at least 2 playthroughs in order to grab all of the achievements.  But this brings up the 2nd short fall, once you have played through the game once, you know what is going to happen and the tension is all but lost.  There are enough little details to warrant 2 plays, but after that you can zip through the game too quick to be scared.


      Don’t Knock Twice is out now on XB1, PS4, PC and is even available on multiple VR platforms.  If you are a fan of horror / suspense games, this game is definitely worth a look see.  Ii would just recommend you leave the lights on.



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