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    Abyss : The Wraiths of Eden

    TG AceoHearts

      Artifex Mundi has opened up its catalogue and has released another one of their point and click games to consoles.  Abyss : The Wraiths of Eden is a standalone adventure that is a nice intro to the genre if you have never played this type of game.


      You play as a woman looking for her husband, Robert, who disappeared scuba diving during a bad storm.  You decide to go looking for him, and discover an underwater city named Eden.  The city appears to be deserted, but was once a model of Utopian society.  Among the rubble there are signs that Robert has been there, but he is now being held by the Legates – an almost spectral figure that seems to enforce the rules in Eden.


      It’s up to you to solve the mysteries of Eden, find Robert, and rescue anyone that might still be alive in the underwater city.  This is done by searching the station, solving puzzles, and playing mini games.  The further you get into the station, the more will be revealed about the History of Eden, the people that lived there, and the creatures patrolling the streets.


      Game play is similar to most of the other games from the developer.  It is a standard point and click adventure.  There are hidden object games in which you will have to find important inventory objects that you will have to use throughout the game.  If you are not up to finding hidden objects, you can switch over to a domino game in which you will have to cover at least 1 of the 4 squares of the Eden logo for each of the objects.  There are also mini games for you to conquer.  These range from fairly easy to difficult.  With enough manipulation, even the more difficult puzzles will work themselves out.


      Graphics in the game are as exceptional as ever.  The artists excel at fine detail, especially in the hidden object scenes.  The soundtrack is good and adds to the creepy vibe of the title.  There are a few issues with the basic sound effects though.  One that really stands out is when you use a hand drill but the sound is for a power drill.  But this is a minor thing.


        Abyss : The Wraiths of Eden is out now on XB1, PS4 and Steam.  It is a good addition to the collection – as it has a bit of everything in it.  Action, suspense, comedy, horror and drama.  This is also a good way to introduce casual gamers to console gaming. 



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