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    Life is Strange: Before the Storm


    I will be the first to admit that I am not the typical person you would see playing Life is Strange. I had originally went into my Gamescom press briefing knowing that I wanted to write a review about Before the Storm, but didn’t have a deep personal interest to request a key and play it. My mind quickly changed when during the game-play presentation when I found myself wanting to ask non-editorial questions, laughing with the game dialogue, and wanting to explore beyond the purpose I was there for.


    The presenter made the point upfront and several times that their goal was to make the game about having meaningful relationships between the characters and not wash it out with non-contributing features. It quickly showed off just how in-depth some of these relationships were and how the numerous choices a player could make would contribute to different experiences. It was also pointed out that unlike the last game, there is now no rewind power. This means that the player is presented with choices that have a lasting and permanent effects on the character. For instance, if a player choose to get into some shady dealings, they may come back to haunt you later on.


    Personally, I enjoyed every minute of the game and will be playing the entire Life is Strange series after the next two chapters come out. I recommend to check this one out if you are even remotely interested in it!



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