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  • 20 Questions with BattlenonSense, Battlefield Content Creator

    xPray 4 Deathx


    Welcome back gamers, veterans, supporters and readers! Thanks for stopping in and reading the new 20 Questions here at Front Towards Gamer!

    This round of 20 Questions will be with Chris aka Battle(non)sense [BN] @BattleNonSense Battlefield News, Design Concepts, and Easy Explanations of complex game mechanics.

    My name is Chris, I am 35. I am happily married for the last 10 years and we have 2 kids.
    For the last 17 years I have been working full time as an electrical engineer. My area of expertise is home and facility automation, project planing and project management as well as designing solutions that fix problems that our customers need to have resolved, or improve existing work flows.

    1) What was your first video game? And online one?

    [BN] My first contact with Video games was with the C64 which still used a tape drive. The first system that I owned was the NES followed by the Amiga 500 and the Amiga 1200 before I got my first PC in 1995 which was a Intel Pentium running at amazing 133MHz. The first video game that I played was Super Mario Bros on the original NES in 1986. I am not sure about what my first online game was. We played a lot of DOOM, Quake and UT on the LAN back at school. The first online game I remember playing was Operation Flash-point in 2001


    2) Playing Rainbow 6 Three changed gaming forever for me, how did (first online video game) change you?

    [BN] Playing Operation Flashpoint online brought an entirely new scale of gaming to me. It was incredible to feel that you are part of a bigger team, And how working together decided if you would win or loose.

    3) What was that first experience on (first video game) like to you?

    [BN] Addictive

    4) If you were a Star Trek® or Star Wars® character, which one would it be?

    [BN] Easy one. Captain James Tiberius Kirk


    5) If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?

    [BN] Eagle

    6) Over the years what is the one vehicle thats your go to when its time to mob with a group online?

    [BN] Attack Helicopters

    7) Mash up map, if you could merge two BF maps which two would you merge?

    [BN] Hmm.... I can't think of any of the old Battlefield maps that I would like to merge, so I will choose two BF3 maps. Take Metro, expand the subway part with a LOT more corridors, and hidden paths so that you can actually flank properly and not have those silly choke points. On top of that you place Seine Crossing which should be make about 2 times of the current size with a lot more alternative routes that you can take + multiple entry points for the subway.

    xpray4deathx Metro and Damavand Peak, B on top of B.

    ZehGreek That’s a very cool question.. I’d say; Oasis and Final Ignition. Please DICE. Make it happen.

    dan_mitre Oh, that’s a good one. Propaganda on top with a subterranean Operation Locker.

    ThisIsactionman Tricky one – Damavand Peak from Battlefield 3, I love the jump off the edge of the cliff, a great use of the parachutes. At the bottom of the cliff I would put Valparaiso from Battlefield Bad Company 2, for an epic Rush battle.

    Unitool I’d jam Karkand (BF2 version) onto Wake Island (BF3 version) and see how that works. Or maybe Karkand and Return to Karkand, in order to create Super Karkand: Epic Edition – Now with More Karkand Than Ever Before.

    WDA_Punisher Hmm, Hard question. One that popped into my head was Strike at Karkand and Arica Harbor. Both were epic infantry maps.

    UPSLynx Hainan resort and Zavod 311, they’re my two favorite vanilla maps!

    Driezzz Valparaiso from Bad Company 2 and Suez Canal from Battlefield 2142, don’t forget those Titans!



    8) What has been your favorite video game Easter egg over the years?

    [BN] The elevator rave in Crysis 2

    9) What is the weirdest item I find in your refrigerator right now?

    [BN] There are no weird items in there.

    10) What do you see as the biggest drawback in BF4 was?

    [BN] Oh boy. That could result in a short novel. But if I would have to boil it down to 2 things then this would be the legacy code that is still present there, which is holding back the game and causes a lot of the issues that we see today (especially the netcode), and that the game is designed with a too strong focus on casuals and this waters down the gameplay a lot.

    11) Did you see BF4 as an improvement over BF3 or other way around and why?

    [BN] A few things BF4 is doing better, others it does worse.Overall both games are disappointing because you clearly see the lack of time and thought that has been put into these.

    12) You are going to be stranded on an island, only have a few seconds, name the three items you will bring?

    [BN] toothbrush knife cloth


    13) What do you think about the HoloLens and its possible in video games?

    [BN] A lot is possible, but I see its application to be more valuable in other industries.

    14) Robert Bowling Jason West and Vince Zampella have done fantastic jobs listening to the community and applying it to a game/system for use with its users, should other companies be studying/applying this to their projects?

    [BN] I think that DICE LA is also doing a great job these days when it comes to listening to the community. Even DICE Stockholm did a good job there back in the days of Battlefield 2. But for about 7 years they did an absolutely horrible job at communication and listening to their customers - just like EA.So I am curious to see how this will develop.

    15) What is your favorite old school video game map to play online? (pre COD/BF)

    [BN] Quake 3 The Longest Yard

    16) What are your thoughts on BF Hardline?

    [BN] Hardline has a lot of potential, but is still hold back by the baggage for the Battelfield 4 code as it sadly just copied a lot of the existing functions instead of overhauling and improving them.


    17) We have came a long way in the last 15 years, tell us something surprising about the next 15 years?

    [BN] Consoles as we know them today will cease to exist.

    18) Name the weirdest item within arms reach right now?

    [BN] Lipgloss my coworker left on my desk

    19) Best BF to date is _____

    [BN] Hands down Battlefield 2. Despite its issues it provided the best overall Battlefield game and experience so far.

    20) What changed FPS forever?

    [BN] 3d FX VooDoo which brought us 3D acceleration.


    Thanks for reading, It has been great chatting with Chris in this round of 20 Questions, Cant wait to see your next project! If you could be any animal what would it be? Share with us in the comments section below.



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