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      VETober® is the time of year when we say that one day is not enough.  One day to celebrate Veterans and support them isn't enough.  So, we ask you, our community, to step up and help us in helping Veterans by getting donations for OSD during the entire month of October.
      Your first step?  Making a Tiltify page. If you did this in May, then this will be super easy to do- all you have to do is increase your goal, or make a brand new fundraising page.  If you weren't with us in May, it's still SUPER EASY to do.  
      We are challenging you to raise $150.  Sure, some of you will kill that before we even start, but it's a good goal based on what you all did in May.  
      "But Option, why does the company need money?"
      Simple answer- because things cost money.  While we are proud of our partnerships, and thankful for each and every donation, there are some things that just cost money.  A warehouse, shipping, more current games, and sometimes systems.  To use some simple math here, if 10 people meet their goal, that's one "crate" of stuff we can send out.  (We usually send more than one)
      If 20 of you crush it, That's a complete drop!  When we get the first 20 of you to reach your goal, you will be able to send something along to whoever we are sending the drop to.  If you're Navy, and it is being sent to an Army FOB, then you could write "GO NAVY," and we'd be ok with that! 
      40 of you?  That's 2 drops.  Your math should be kicking in now and you should be seeing what is going on here.  We want you to help us!  Stream on your channel!  Stream on your friends channel! Get people to stream FOR you and collect donations!  

      GEXCon Backdrop for Operation Supply Drop Veterans Outreach in Fredericksburg, Virginia
      Gaming is reaching new fans as the industry grows – fans who want to connect with each other not only virtually but in real life. Breaking the stereotype of the introverted gamer, gaming conventions offer a new platform for gamers to participate in events like live competitions, cosplay, and meet and greet sessions with their favorite writers, voice actors, and artists. Read more here!
      Operation Supply Drop Seattle Makes a Big Splash for Veteran Families
      It was all fun and games when Operation Supply Drop’s Seattle Team was on hand to help out at the Ft. Lewis WTB Family Cookout this summer. Set amid the trees and water of the Pacific Northwest, OSD Seattle members helped set up the events for the soldiers and their families.Read more here!
      Show your American Pride!

      Want some cool swag? How about a shirt that screams FREEDOM? Help us support Veterans by purchasing a T-Shirt today!

      Mandatory Fun at Tempe Airsoft and Paintball
      Tempe Airsoft and Paintball has teamed up with Operation Supply Drop to host a monthly Mandatory Fun event. Tempe Airsoft and Paintball has 2 fantastic indoor fields, huge lobby, pool table, TVs, projectors for Sports games, and much more. Read more here!
      The Problem with Game Marketing
      When it comes to advertisement the video game industry seems to be leading in terms of garnering hype for certain AAA titles that are undeserving. In the last few years though there has been a trend where the hype train is so powerful that you are convinced that this game being advertised is the greatest game that has ever been made. Read more here!
      Ensure you continue to support RipIt for their support of Veterans by using hashtag #RipIt4Vets- show them the love! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook , or even REDDIT, to make sure you are in the know!  
      Thank you ALL for being awesome.  I know that with your help, we can get some much needed aid to the troops, and have some fun while doing it!
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