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  • Decay - The Mare

    Anything can be transformed into a horror game, because if you think about it someone, somewhere is afraid of everything on the planet.  But you would be creating a niche game if you made one about arachibutyrophobia.  Let’s be honest, how many people would be scared by a game that focuses on the fear of having peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth?  Games with wider appeal would have to deal with more general fears, or something more relatable.  Shining Gate Software has hit on one of those in their latest release Decay – The Mare.

      You play as Sam, a young man that is trying to get his life back on track.  You have checked into a drug rehab facility, Reaching Dreams, to finally kick your addiction.  But, you wake up in the middle of your first night, and something is off.  Are you hallucinating?  Are you on a bad trip?  This this a bad dream?  Or have you stumbled into a real paranormal mystery?  No matter what, there is something strange going on. And the only way to get it to stop is to get to the bottom of it.

      The game is divided into 3 episodes, each one delving deeper into the story.  You will have to wander through facility solving puzzles to gain access to more parts of the building.  Your powers of observation and memory will be tested as you try to decrypt some of the more interesting conundrums.  All of the answers lie within the walls of Reaching Dreams, you may just have to take a few notes along the way.

      Decay – The Mare, gains most of it’s suspense from the dark environment and the uncertainty of what is going on.  It was released in 2015 on PC, so the graphics are a little dated, but the grainy look does work for the most part.  The only time it becomes an issue is when you have to find some of the in-game items.  There are a few instances where the colors tend to blend together and you only realize they are there when your cursor changes.  The soundtrack is subtle, macabre, and ominous.  If you have the ability to play while listening through headphones – I recommend it, as this will increase the scare factor 10 fold.

      Decay – The Mare is out now on XB1 and Steam.  You can add it to your collection for $9.99, which is less than the price of a horror flick, and will easily provide you with as many scares.

    Zombie Party

     There have been a lot of twin stick shooters popping up recently.  Many follow the same formula, run around and shoot everything that moves.  Black Shell Media has released Zombie Party by Peach Pie Productions – a twin stick shooter that has a side scrolling mode, a pet sanctuary, and more enemies that aren’t zombies than are.

      Zombie Party is an RPG with rogue like elements in pure retro rampage form.  The game features 4 actual game modes for you to choose from – Adventure, Dungeon, Arcade and Death Match.  Adventure sees you facing wave after wave of enemies interspersed with bosses until you die.  Dungeon lets you explore an area, kill enemies and descend into the dungeon and kill the bosses.  Arcade is the side scroller which sets you against zombie hordes.  Death Match pits you against AI players or other local players to the end.  Actually, all the modes are better with friends – unfortunately, you can only play local multiplayer.

      One of the cool things about the title is the sheer amount of weaponry that you can find and use.  There is a wide range of melee weapons, firearms, grenades, bombs, runes, potions, and artifacts.  You can even find and rescue pets that will help you in your fight against your enemies.  Some will gather supplies for you while others will attack in your stead.

      The graphics are pure retro gold.  Enemy design is fun and playful.  Colors very depending on the area you are in, but are mostly bright.  Things light up even more when you start firing weapons like the rainbow gun.  The music is a chip tune concert for the heart.  You will find yourself tapping your feet as you lay out your foes.

      Zombie Party is out now on XB1 and Steam.  You can pick it up for $9.99 and get started slaying right away.  As much fun as it is to play solo, grab a friend or three, gather around the tv and just blast away.



      The longer you play games, the more titles you will see with sequels.  Direct, indirect, spiritual, in name only and otherwise.  10 tons LTD has released JYDGE, a top down, twin stick shooter that takes place in the same city from Neon Chrome.
      JYDGE sets you up as a cybernetic law man in the mega city of Edenberg.  It is up to you to wipe out the ever rampant crime problem.  Crime comes in all forms, and you will find multiple ways to deal with it.  Your only weapon, beside yourself that is, is your Gavel – a multiple fire mode gun, that is also customizable.

      The story consists of 4 acts, each with 5 missions.  Each mission has 3 medals that you can earn for completing a specific objective.  You need to earn these medals to unlock new missions and acts.  If you don’t unlock 3 medals in each mission don’t fear, there are 4 different difficulty levels, and each has it’s own set of objectives and medals.

      This is not a twin stick shooter where you can just go around firing arbitrarily.  Some missions require you to rescue hostages, so you have to be careful not to tag any civilians with stray bullets.  You get to customize your jydge and gavel, and some of these will actually help keep the general public a bit safer.  But others will blow up everything in your path, or just protect you from the destruction. 

      The game sports a similar color palette to Neon Chrome.  Dark streets with bright, vivid set pieces.  Enemies with neon hair that sticks out from the bleak avenues and rooms.  The wide range of colors becomes a feast for the eyes.  The soundtrack is filled with thumping beats that will carry you through all the difficulty levels, no matter if you are trying to be precise with your shots or just blowing up the block.

        JYDGE is out now on XB1, PS4 and Steam.  You can add it to your collection for $14.99, but some platforms will have it on sale for the first week of release, so check it out.  If you are a fan on twin stick shooters or are looking for something that will challenge you to rethink the way you complete each level – 4 times.

    Silicon Zeroes

    At heart, I’m a programmer.  I love to write code, I enjoy the challenge of trying to take many small actions and intertwine them to accomplish a larger goal.  That’s why when I heard about Silicon Zeroes, a new game by PleasingFungus Games, I just had to check it out.  This is a puzzle where you take simple modules and connect them together to perform more complex tasks.
    This game does a great job of easing you into the concepts.  The first few puzzles teach you have to use the basic modules, and then have you combine them into something you’ll use in future puzzles.  The first set of puzzles are not bad, the difficulty ramps up into the second set, and by the third set, I’m starting to pull my hair out trying to figure it out.
    There is a ‘story’ to each puzzle, as you are working for a company in the 1960s, trying to build a CPU.  The story isn’t really engaging, as it’s just a bit of text before and after the puzzles.  The charm of the game is in the challenging puzzles.  I don’t care for some of the parts restrictions that are imposed on the puzzles.  Certainly makes the puzzles a lot more difficult.
    This game is not for everyone.  If you like logic puzzles and doing trial and error testing to complete a task, you’ll find this game a good conceptualization of that.  If the idea of that gets your frustrated thinking about it, you may want to steer clear of this title.

    Maldita Castilla EX - Cursed Castile

    Maldita Castilla is a game created by Juan Antonio Becerra, also know as Locomalito, released in December 2012 for Windows.  Maldita Castilla EX is created by the same developer, but with two more chapters, some extra weapons, and enemies.  These games take inspiration from the arcade games from the 80s and other console classics like Super Ghosts and Goblins.  There is very little randomness in the game, enemies spawn in the same location each time, and bosses are all about learning the patterns.
    However, that does not make the game ‘easy’.  There is still plenty of challenge to the game in learning the spawns and patterns, and being able to execute your moves to defeat them.  There is no time limit to completing levels, but the estimated time for completing a speedrun of the game in under 40 minutes.  There are secrets and a hidden final chapter that can only be unlocked by finding Moura tears in the levels.
    The audio and visuals of the game nearly perfectly replicate the feel of an 80s arcade, including the scan lines.  It’s customizable, so you don’t have to play with the scan lines, but it’s a nice feature to include.  A lot of feelings of nostalgia were brought out by this game, and I’m very pleased with how well done the game is.
    For achievements, they are certainly going to keep me playing this game.  Many of the achievements are for finding the different secrets throughout the game, but the most challenging ones are to complete the game in under 40 minutes, and for finishing the game equipped with the fire sword, which is found in the third level, so you need to complete more than half the game without dying and losing the power-up.  This is not an easy 1,000 GS (or Platinum Trophy), but will feel very rewarding when you accomplish it.
    In summary, Maldita Castilla EX is a very well done game.  It’s a great play, and if you remember those days of the arcades and NES classics, this is sure to bring back fond memories.  It can be challenging and frustrating, but in the end I found it rewarding and I hope you do too.
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    • Hello everyone. my name is Duoneo. Been in the military for about 10 years now and been streaming for about 4. Treasure Hunter Tom introduced me to you all and I was amazed. I work @ BAMC currently and will be retiring soon due to Medical issues. I would love to be apart of this group and continue to help out the service cause it has done nothing but help me through these past 10 years
    • Hey guys,  UK streamer here, Love what you're doing here; looked for an equivalent in the UK, but there's none so I figured OSD hell yeah.  Great to meet you all. Wake
    • Thanks for Joinin' us man! Hope to game with you some time!
    • Welcome! Come hang out with us in Discord dude! 
    • Hello ladies and gent,  My name is Ryan aka Doc I served 7 years as a hospital corpsman.  I spent the majority of those years with various units across 1st mar div.  After a few deployments I decided that it was time to separate and take advantage of the gi bill.  Now that I have a little extra time and a love for gaming I've started streaming, I play a little bit of everything but focus on arma 3, pubg, and fortnite.  I'm very active in the local vet community as well as team RWB, I'm looking forward to getting involved here and gaming with you all.  Let the shenanigans begin!
    • I live life with my head held high and as positive as possible. I love to stream games and push being friendly and interactive as possible all wile providing a positive environment for all friends to join. I served in the army for 7 years and 4 tours and now stream full time on twitch. Mad love to you all and happy grinding
    • Hello everyone, Names is keith, 33 year old veteran. I go by mizfitwolf on most consoles and my streaming channel. I served little over 11 years before I was medical discharged and retired after receiving injuries on my last tour of duty.  Have to say I struggled to find somewhere I could fit in and work or even do things to keep my sanity.  After long struggles both mental and physical finally came back to gaming as a way to cope.  Due to my disabilities gaming been my way of reconnecting with people, and so I found streaming, which became a great outlet and alot of fun which started a long and fun as a streamer and part of larger communities.  I came across this group after doing some work with another community and seeing the OSD group.  Im hoping to meet some of you around the community and getting to know you all, maybe even playing with some of you.
    • I've only seen videos from scrubs playing the new Beta for Destiny 2.  Need to get some feedback from fellow vets and see what the consensus is.  So anyone have any thoughts or opinions on the new game? Worth buying? Avoiding? Buying on sale a year from now?
    • Finding Your Next Mission! Our corporate sponsors and other business relationships make us keenly aware of the high demand for veterans in the marketplace. Our mission for the ACT program is to capitalize on the leadership, principles, and mission accomplishment mentality that every veteran possesses and help them translate that into continued success in the civilian sector. Our taxpayers have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into training these elite men and women and at HCC we provide the additional training, coaching, and mentoring to ensure that investment produces a tremendous return for the veteran, the employer, and our economy. A few things our veterans receive: ·         Training and counseling from HR Professionals and our corporate partners ·         Network development and assessment for career advancement ·         Targeted job search/resume techniques and potential employer research strategies ·         Social media guidance ·         Assessments and Strengths evaluation ·         Connections with vast HCC network of businesses and employers ·         Interview/elevator speech prep     This is a free, five day, in-house training at HCC’s Veteran Business Center located in Farmers Branch, Texas Apply online at http://www.hccvet.org/act-program/     Respectfully, William J. Miller Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. ACT/Fellows Program Manager (214) 431-3834 william.miller@hccvet.org
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